Texas Firefighter Test: Hiring Process and Written Exam
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How Hard is the TCFP Exam?

Each department may choose which test they require candidates to take to become a firefighter. However, all fire departments in Texas are required to work with the Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP) to ensure compliance with training and certification standards.

Collaboration between fire departments and the TCFP ensures that firefighters are adequately trained and certified, which helps to maintain a high level of professionalism within the fire service in Texas.

Written exams for the TCFP, as well as other Texas firefighter exams, can be difficult since they cover a wide range of topics related to firefighting, emergency response, and a few cognitive abilities and behaviors. The complexity of the content can vary, with some questions requiring in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

Each exam may be provided by an assessment company. Find out which exam your department requires you to take and practice with an accurate TCFP practice test and be one step closer to becoming a firefighter in Texas.


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Austin Fire Department

The Austin Fire Department (AFD) is one of the 20 largest departments in the country, with 52 fire stations throughout the city and over 1,200 employees. This position includes calls for medical assistance, fires, hazardous conditions, rescues, and safety inspections.

To become a firefighter in Austin you will have to complete the following steps:

  • Background Check.
  • Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT).
  • Psychological Assessment.
  • Medical Assessment.
  • Structured Oral Assessment Process (SOP): professional interview where applicants must answer questions about hypothetical scenarios related to the job.
  • Entry Level Abilities and Behaviors Written Exam.

Austin FD Written Exam

The AFD Entry Level Abilities and Behaviors Written Exam is a 230 multiple-choice questions test administered by Morris McDaniel. It consists of two sections: Entry Level Abilities and Behaviors Exam.

You will be given a Pretest Study Period where you will be presented with the Pre-Test Study Booklet to read, study, and remember the material. You will be allowed a set period to study and memorize this material. You may write in this booklet, however, you must turn in the booklet at the end of the pretest study period.

The Entry Level Abilities section includes questions on the following cognitive abilities.

  • Memorization: Being able to remember details from the pre-Test Study Booklet. It is the first section of the exam.
  • Mathematical Reasoning and Numeric Facility: The ability to perform basic mathematical skills and then apply them to solve questions involving charts and tables.
  • Mechanical Reasoning: Measures your familiarity with specific objects, tools, and devices - their function and appearance.
  • Reading Comprehension: Your ability to read passages and answer questions from the passage.
  • Flexibility of Closure: Measures your ability to identify patterns hidden in other distracting material.
  • Spatial Orientation: The ability to determine your location in relation to the environment or to know where certain objects are in relation to you.
  • Risk Assessment: The ability to foresee consequences and select the best series of steps from all possible options.

Firefighter Sample Question - Mathematical Reasoning 
Kathy went shopping and bought a dress that was originally $130 for 40% off, what was Kathy's final savings?

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

If Kathy bought a dress for 40% off, that means that she saved 40% of the original price, which in this question is $130. To calculate 40% of 130 we multiply 0.40×130, which is the same as,






Note that the question asked for Kathy's savings, therefore 52 is the correct answer. However, had the question asked how much money Kathy spent, we would need to subtract her savings (52) from the original price (130), and we would have received 78.

On the other hand, the Behavioral questions aim to know about yourself, your life experiences, and attitudes. In this multiple-choice format you will have to choose one response that fits you best, answering honestly is the right way to do it.

They will assess attributes such as:

  • Work Ethic.
  • Accountability.
  • Teamwork.
  • Service Orientation.
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El Paso Fire Department

The El Paso Fire Department responds to approximately 76,000 calls for service each year. It is a full-service fire department that responds to calls involving fires, medical emergencies, and hazardous materials. The department also provides aid to Fort Bliss Military Base, conducts annual inspections for fire hazards to all businesses, and trains specialized teams that respond to different technical issues.

The application process to become a firefighter in El Paso is very competitive, therefore we recommend that you study and prepare for the different steps you must complete.

  • Background Check and Medical Examination.
  • Physical Ability Test.
  • Oral Interview.
  • Fire TEAM Exam.

Fire TEAM Exam

To join the El Paso fire department, you need to take the FireTEAM Exam provided by ErgoMetrics. The written exam is a multiple-choice, video-based test specifically designed for firefighters. You need a passing score of 70% or better.

The Fire TEAM Exam is two hours long and includes four sections that cover performance dimensions related to firefighting.

  • Teamwork and Human Relations: This section includes scenario-based questions and situational judgment skills questions.
  • Mathematical Skills: Questions about essential arithmetic functions. Calculators are not allowed.
  • Reading Skills: This section i s not a reading comprehension test. Instead, you will be asked to choose a word that best fits a certain blank spot of a given sentence.
  • Mechanical Skills: Video-based, multiple-choice questions that involve tools, equipment, and mechanical principles related to the job.
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Fort Worth Fire Dept. Recruiting

The Fort Worth FD provides fire protection and prevention, arson investigation, and first responder emergency medical services to the city of Fort Worth, Texas. The Fort Worth Fire Dept recruiting process requires you to take IO Solutions NFSI, along with a medical examination and background check.

IO Solutions NFSI

The exam will last for 2 hours, and 30 minutes and it will assess your abilities in different skills related to the position. You will need a score of 70% or higher to pass. This exam is divided into two sections: Cognitive and Personality.

The Cognitive sections include 105 questions spread out over 8 sections:

  • Verbal Comprehension: You will be given a job-related passage followed by questions that can be answered entirely from the material provided.
  • Verbal Expression: These questions will test your knowledge in capitalization, vocabulary, punctuation, grammar, spelling, and English usage.
  • Problem Sensitivity.
  • Deductive Reasoning.
  • Inductive Reasoning.
  • Information Ordering: You will be provided with rules or procedures that you will then need to apply correctly to answer the question.
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Number Facility Items.

Firefighter Sample Question - Information Ordering 

Read the following statements
1. Social workers interact with a wide range of populations.
2. These patients can be seen in their homes, schools, hospitals, or drug rehabilitation centers.
3. Their patients may include families of physically and mentally handicapped, children at risk or the elderly.
4. The demand for social workers is very high, unfortunately, because of budget cuts, many positions for social workers are not being filled at this time.
Select the answer choice that represents the most appropriate and effective ordering of the sentences above.

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

D – Represents the best-organized paragraph. Looking at the options, you can determine that your introduction sentence is either 1 or 3. Sentence 1 is very general – it presents a subject, not yet discussing it. Sentence 3 has a lot of information, it is a support sentence. Once you determine that sentence 1 is a better introduction you can eliminate options A and C, leaving you with options B and D. In this situation, when you have already identified the introduction sentence, it is sometimes to easier to try to find the closing sentence next. Remember the closing sentence should not be introducing new ideas or supporting new ideas, it should only be summarizing what was stated in the paragraph. In this case, the only two options you have closing sentence is 2 and 4. If you read sentence 2 and 4 closely, you can see that sentence 2 gives additional information while sentence 4 is a conclusion, summarizing what was stated in the previous sentences. Remember a great paragraph introduces the idea (introduction sentences) then has 2-3 supporting the idea (supporting sentences) and then summarizes the information given (closing sentence).

Arranged correctly it should read:
Social workers interact with a wide range of populations. Their patients may include families of physically and mentally handicapped, children at risk or the elderly. These patients can be seen in their homes, schools, hospitals or drug rehabilitation centers. The demand for social worker is very high, unfortunately because of budget cuts, many positions for social workers are not being filled at this time.

The Personality section is a job-related personality attributes test, which includes 50 items, consisting of:

  • Stress Tolerance.
  • Team Orientation.
  • Motivation/attitude.

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Mesquite Fire Department

The Mesquite Fire Rescue Department covers 32 square miles and serves approximately 25,000 residents. The Department also offers mutual aid to Arizona and Clark Country. Mesquite FD currently employs 230 sworn personnel.

To join the Mesquite Fire Department there are a few education and medical requirements, as well as completing a Physical Ability Test and the National Fire Select Test by FPSI.

National Fire Select Test

The National Fire Select Test is administered by FPSI. It is a timed, multiple-choice test and the score is based solely on the number of correct answers. The entry-level firefighter written test consists of two sections: a general aptitude test and a personality inventory.

The General Aptitude Test measures skills in:

  • Reading Ability.
  • Mathematical Reasoning.
  • Map Reading.
  • Writing Ability.
  • Human Relations: Interpersonal skills, teamwork, commitment, honesty, integrity, and emotional stability.
  • Reasoning Skills: Reasoning, vocabulary, mechanical aptitude, and spatial rotation.

Firefighter Sample Question - Human Relations 

Read the following paragraph and decide what the most acceptable behavior is:

You are sitting around the dining table at the station when you hear a fellow firefighter complain about the cleanliness of the plates and cutlery. "Whoever washed these dishes must be blind," he exclaims. You washed the dishes last, and you are certain you cleaned them thoroughly. After all, no one else has complained.
What should you do?

A. Tell the firefighter that you washed the dishes, but won't be offended if he wants to rewash the ones he plans to use.
B. Tell the firefighter that the problem must lie with him as no one else seems to have any complains.
C. Ask your team to be relieved of this duty in the future.
D. Tell him that he can wash his own dishes from now on as he obviously has higher standards than everyone else. 
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is A. Response A is the only non-defensive response, and it is the only one that demonstrates your ability to get along with others in a communal living situation. Firefighters share accommodation, and therefore they need to be able to live together and solve any interpersonal problems that may occur.

Response B is not a good response as in it you shift blame onto your team member. This could cause the situation to escalate or cause friction in your relationship later on. This firefighter is not a temporary roommate; it is best to overlook his comment rather than jeopardize your relationship with him.

Response C is not recommended. By asking to be relieved of this duty, you are being unfair to the rest of your team members. This response also indicates that you easily take things out of proportion, especially as only one person has made a complaint about the way you clean dishes. This response also shows a lack of problem-solving skills.

Response D is a very negative response as you are singling out this team member. This response is most likely to lead to an escalation of the situation.

Preparing for the test increases speed and accuracy as you become familiar with the types of questions and the format of the exam. Get started with JobTestPrep’s comprehensive NFST preparation package that includes National Fire Select Test guide as well as an FPSI practice test.

Houston Fire Department

The Houston Fire Department is responsible for preserving life and property for a population of more than 2 million. The department has the largest employee base in Texas with over 4,000 firefighters. This makes the application process highly competitive when taking the written exam which is the Firefighter Selection Tool (FST).

Firefighter Selection Tool Test

To join the Houston Fire Department you will need to take the Firefighter Selection Tool (FST) administered by I/O Solutions. The exam will assess the essential cognitive skills and behavioral characteristics required for the position. Prior knowledge and experience are not needed to complete the exam.

The FST is divided into two parts: Non-Cognitive Traits and Cognitive Abilities.

For the Non-Cognitive Traits section, you will be given 30 minutes to answer 120 scale questions. The scale goes from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree. It will include questions about personality and biographical data.

The Cognitive Abilities section will measure eight distinct abilities throughout 80 multiple-choice questions that must be answered in less than 2 hours:

  • Deductive Reasoning.
  • Inductive Reasoning.
  • Information Ordering.
  • Mathematical Reasoning.
  • Spatial Orientation.
  • Visualization.
  • Written Expression.
  • Written Comprehension.

Firefighter Sample Question - Spatial Orientation 

Use the map below to answer the question

police exam spatial orientation sample

A few reports came in about a suspicious-looking van parked outside of a public playground. Upon arriving at the scene you discover that the van has moved and a passerby lets you know that “it was heading eastbound, and then turned right and I saw it turning left over there at the intersection”.
What should you report on your radio?

“The suspicious van is heading..”

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is C.

If the van was heading east and then turned right it means it was first going south, but then the second turn to the left had him facing east again.

San Antonio Fire Department

To join the San Antonio Fire Department, you must successfully complete the San Antonio Entry-Level Firefighter Test (SAELFE), provided by I/O Solutions. The exam is broken down into two sections Cognitive Ability and Behavioral-Orientation.

The Cognitive Ability section of the exam includes a total of 100 multiple choice questions spread out through the three sections:

  • Language Skills: Communication: your ability to communicate with others through speech and writing and to understand written material.
  • Visualization Skills: Spatial Orientation, Flexibility of Closure, Selective Attention, and Visualization/Memorization.
  • Reasoning Skills: Problem Sensitivity, Deductive Reasoning, Inductive Reasoning, and Information Gathering.

Firefighter Sample Question - Deductive Reasoning 

Embezzlement occurs when a person illegally takes assets that have been entrusted to that person’s care. In order to be charged with embezzlement, a person must have a legal or ethical relationship with the party who owns the asset and must have intentionally gained possession and acquired ownership through the said relationship with intent to permanently deprive its owner.
According to the definition given, which of the following is the best example of embezzlement?

A. Dave, who works at the register of a grocery store, takes $5.00 from the register.
B. The protocol at the restaurant Amy works at is for waiters and waitresses to give 20% of their tips to the busboy or busgirl on duty. Amy receives a tip of $10.00 and keeps all of it.
C. While shopping at a clothing store a store employee urges Rachel to go to the dressing room and try on some of the clothes she was looking at. Rachel goes to the dressing room, puts on a shirt, and walks out of the store without paying for it.
D. Howard, the manager of a car rental service, takes one of the cares for a week.
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Dave, who works at the register, was entrusted with all of the money in the register. Dave and the owner of the store have a legal, employee – employer relationship. Since Dave gained access to the register through his employee status and intentionally took the money with intent to keep it, he is guilty of embezzlement.

The Behavioral-Orientation part of the exam contains 150 multiple choice questions that use a five-point scale from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree. You will have 3 hours and 15 minutes to complete the exam.

Dallas Fire-Rescue

The Dallas Fire-Rescue Department is one of the largest fire departments in the state of Texas. It is a dedicated team of highly trained professionals that employs both career firefighters and emergency medical technicians. The Dallas Fire-Rescue also works in collaboration with other local, state, and federal agencies to ensure coordinated response to emergencies.

To become a Fire & Rescue Officer Trainee (FROT) of the Dallas Fire-Rescue, you must successfully complete the Fire Rescue Officer Training Exam. The exam is 2.5 hours long and it covers the following topics:

  • Math Skills.
  • Reading Comprehension.
  • Ability to Read and Interpret Maps.
  • Spelling.
  • Mechanical Aptitude.
  • Attention to Detail.

Firefighter Sample Question - Map Interpretation

If a firetruck is heading Northeast and then turns right, left, right, and right again, in which direction is it then headed?

A. Northeast
B. South
C. Southeast
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is D.

The application process also includes completing a Candidate Physical Ability Test, an interview and background check.

Fort Wayne

The Fort Wayne Fire Department protects over 255,000 citizens, providing 24-hour fire protection to residential and businesses in Fort Wayne. They operate 18 stations located throughout the city.

The process to become a firefighter in Fort Wayne is a long one. From the time of application acceptance to the appointment at the Fire Academy, the process can be 6-10 months. Applicants must successfully pass each phase to move to the next one in the process.

The key step is to successfully complete the Institute for Public Safety Personnel (IPSP) pre-employment aptitude test for entry-level fire service. You must receive 70% or higher to pass the exam. The exam will evaluate your ability to:

  • Define and solve problems.
  • Recall and understand written material.
  • Recall and understand visual and mechanical materials.
  • Observe and accurately describe events.
  • Solve work-related arithmetic problems.

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