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New York State Jobs

The NYS Department of Civil Service administers a job specific or job-classification specific exam to all state government employment applicants.

New York State civil service tests determine your eligibility to obtain your desired position. This pre-employment exam is more than a screening tool, as your score will establish your rank on the eligible list. When a position becomes available, it is the top-ranking candidates who will be considered for the job.

NYS Courts Civil Service Exam Schedule

                      Position Date
Court Clerk May 21, 2016
Senior Court Clerk May 21, 2016
Law Librarian Fall 2016
Senior Law Librarian Fall 2016
Surrogate's Court Clerk Nov. 2016
Senior Surrogate's Court Clerk Nov. 2016
Court Assistant Spring 2017
Supervising Court Office Assistant

Spring 2017

New York State Court Officer-Trainee Exam

The Court Officer-Trainee (COT) test presents a multiple-choice format with a strict time limit. You need to score 70% and above. However, to be seriously considered for the position, you want to aim for the highest score possible.

There are five cognitive ability areas covered in the exam, including:

Memorization – You will have five minutes to read a job-related scenario. After the passage is removed, questions are presented concerning the information contained in the scenario.

Record Keeping – The ability to synthesize information from various sources is assessed through the presentation of several types of tables. Among the information included in the tables are numbers, codes and names. You are tasked to re-arrange the data in accordance with the parameters of each question.

Deductive Reasoning – In principle, deductive reasoning is the application of a given rule to specific situations. The COT exam presents a paragraph that includes regulations, procedures or policies. You are to apply the information contained in the paragraph to a particular set of circumstances.

Reading Comprehension –Two distinct types of questions are used to assess your reading skills: A) Short passages are presented, each followed by questions involving an analysis, summary or conclusion based solely on the information in the passage; and B) Words are omitted from a paragraph, requiring the selection of the alternative containing the word that best completes the given paragraph in terms of English usage, meaning, spelling, and grammar.

Clerical Checking – The ability to spot errors in data is assessed through the presentation of three sets containing an almost identical series of letters, numbers, codes and/or names. The task is to identify the minute differences between the sets.

Preparing for the NYS Courts Pre-Employment Test

As is true for all exams, if you take the time and make the effort to prepare for the NYS courts civil service exam, you can significantly improve your test result. A thorough exam preparation includes practice tests, study guide, question & answer analysis and helpful test strategies. Check out the easily accessible and user-friendly preparation packs at JobTestPrep with our NYS court practice packs.

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