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What Is On The Police Communications Technician Exam?

The NYC 911 Operator (New York Police Department Police Communications Technician) exam assesses seven cognitive aptitudes:

  • Written Comprehension – On the test, you will have to analyze, summarize, and draw conclusions based solely upon the information provided. This pre-employment test measures the depth of your ability to understand the provided content.
  • Written Expression – The exam assesses your ability to express yourself in writing. Specifically, the test aims to measure the clarity, grammatical proficiency, and accuracy in your written communication.
  • Memorization – Your memory will be tested through the use of pictures, numbers, words, and procedures.
  • Problem Sensitivity – To assess this skill, tasks will include the identification of problems in addition to determining the elements created or included in the problems.
  • Deductive Reasoning – This aptitude involves the application of a given rule to specific situations. The focus is on logical solutions to questions by using the rules and procedures presented.
  • Inductive Reasoning – Your task is to find the rule or link between items in a set. Look for the reason that the objects, people, or events are included within the series presented.
  • Information Ordering – You will be asked to correctly sequence sentences, words, numbers, letters, pictures, or mathematical operations using the given rules or procedures provided. Some items require a logic-based sequencing of information.

NYC 911 Operator Exam Info

The Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) administers the NYPD Police Communications Technician test, which is used for 911 operators and dispatchers, at the New York City Computer-based Testing and Application Center. The exam is computer-based and utilizes a multiple-choice format. The pass threshold is 70%.

Your score on this test determines your rank on the eligibility list. If you pass all conditions and qualifications for the 911 operator position, you will be considered for employment when your list number is reached. You will be notified of your test results via mail.

Prepare for the NYPD 911 Operator Exam

We provide a unique and customized NYPD PCT (Police Communications Technician) Preparation Pack.

It covers the various content found on the exam, along with a personality profiling component. Our goal is to help prepare you for the exam in the best way we can.

With our PrepPack™- you can make sure you'll ace your test- practice every subject and of course try our full and exclusive simulations- which is the best way to get ready.

The following is an example for a question type you'll likely face on the real NYC 911 Operator Exam. Give it a go:

Police Communications Technician Exam Sample Question

When a gas pipe blew up downtown, both police forces and the fire department were called to the scene. Which of the following individuals is likely to be the MOST seriously injured?




Have you noticed how long it took you to answer this? Because on the real test, you'll be very short on time.

The best way to improve your solving speed and accuracy is by practicing. The more you practice answering question types that appear on the real test, the more you get used to working accurately under time pressure.

Within the complete Police Communications Technician PrepPack™, you'll find plenty of practice opportunities using 100's of realistic practice questions with full solutions.

Police Communications Technician Job Description

The NYPD PCT title is also known by other names, such as 911 operator or dispatcher, emergency dispatcher, and public safety telecommunicator.

Regardless of the specific job title, this position performs a duality of roles: 911 call-taking and radio dispatching. As the key emergency resource for all five boroughs of New York City, the PCT position entails many diverse tasks.

911 operators work on state-of-the-art equipment that can handle 50,000 calls per hour. The average number of calls per year is in excess of 11 million.

One of the primary skills associated with this communications job is listening carefully to all callers in order to initiate appropriate emergency responses. Sometimes, to serve those in need, emergency dispatchers provide emergency response services and share interagency information with NYPD and FDNY operators and emergency medical dispatchers.

Life and death are literally in the hands of emergency dispatchers; therefore, excellent reasoning ability and sound judgment are essential characteristics of all who are hired as NYC Police Communications Technicians. The NYPD PCT exam assesses job-related criteria and explores the aptitudes needed for effective job performance.


How do you become a NYPD dispatcher?

Before being hired as a 911 dispatcher, you'll need to complete training through the New York State Public Service Commission. The training includes at least 200 hours and 40 of which are in a classroom. Before the training itself, you'll need to take the NYC 911 Dispatcher test.

How much does a NYC 911 operator make?

Usually the salary for 911 operators in New York is around $45,800 - about $5,000 higher than the national average. The top 10% of them earn $66,460.

What is on the 911 operator test?

The NYC 911 Operator (New York Police Department Police Communications Technician) exam assesses seven cognitive aptitudes:

  • Written Comprehension
  • Written Expression.
  • Memorization
  • Problem Sensitivity
  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Information Ordering
  • Inductive Reasoning
How to apply for 911 operator position?

1. First you need to contact your local dispatch center and ask about job openings. This number can be found through the local police station or sheriff's office.
2. Ask for the dispatch supervisor or senior dispatcher.
3. Apply to become a 911 operator.
4. Go through the aptitude testing - The PCT Test
5. Attend the training.

How long is the Police Communications Technician Exam?

The test is two hours and 45 minutes to compete. It is 85 questions long.

What is a Police Communication Technician?

A PCT is another name for a Dispatcher/Operator. They get  emergency calls, decide what to do with them and act accordingly. They are the front-line of emergencies services.

Passing the test doesn't have to be mission impossible

Our PrepPacks Has Been Shown to Improve Chances for Success on Test Day by 73%!



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