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What is the Gledhill Shaw Firefighter Test?

The Gledhill Shaw OS firefighter test is formatted as a multiple-choice exam and generally feature around 100 questions (unless your local fire department has customized the exam). There are many firefighter tests, but we will focus on the the Gledhill/Shaw OS Firefighter Test.

The PrepPack™ offered mimics the actual test and is customized in a way that provides excellent comprehensive practice for every type of question that may appear on the test. Using our practice resources and study guides will significantly improve your chances of acing the test and securing your place at the top of the eligibility list! 

The Gledhill Shaw Written Assessment Test

The Gledhill Shaw Written Assessment Test assesses your knowledge, skills, and aptitudes necessary to succeed as a firefighter in today’s environment. The test is a series of questions, divided into sections to gauge your understanding of written and oral information, arithmetic reasoning, maps, diagrams, and mechanical drawings. The Written Aptitude Test has a time limit. The test consists of 100 multiple-choice questions. A passing score of 70 or higher is usually required. The sections found on the test are:

  • Listen-to passage – 20 questions
  • Mathematics – 20 questions
  • Mechanical aptitude – 20 questions
  • Reading comprehension – 25 questions
  • Dealing with people – 15 questions


Free Gledhill Shaw Practice Test Questions

Mathematics Sample Question

Dan walked at a pace of 5 mph for 3 hours and then ran at a pace of 8 mph for half the time.

What was the total distance in miles that he covered?

A. 5
B. 8
C. 16
D. 24
E. 27
F. None of these
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is (E) - 27.

Velocity * time = distance

First part of the trip: 5 * 3 = 15 miles
Second part of the trip: time = 3/2=1.5h
8 * 1.5 = 12 miles
Total distance: 12 + 15 = 27 miles


Mechanical Aptitude Sample Question

A shop sells drinks of cold juice in two different shapes of glasses: a cylinder and a ball. Assuming both are made from the same material and that both glasses contain the same volume, which glass will keep the juice cold longer?

A. A cylinder
B. A ball
C. No difference
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is B.

The answer to this question depends on in which glass the volume to surface area ratio is higher. Both glasses have the same volume of cold juice, but the surface area of glass 1 is higher. Therefore, the volume to surface area ratio for this glass is smaller, and it will keep the juice colder for less time than glass 2.


Reading Comprehension Sample Question

Take boat safety on board

When fire occurs on a boat its impact can be devastating, often leading to the vessel being destroyed. Follow our simple top tips to keep your boat and those on board safe.
Smoke alarms

  • Optical sensor alarms with hush buttons and ‘sealed for life’ batteries are best for boats.
  • Fit alarms in places you will hear them clearly if they sound.
  • Consider installing linked alarms that will go off at the same time.
  • Test the alarm each time you board and never disconnect it or remove the batteries.

Heating your cabin

  • Check the flues of coal or wood burning stoves for signs of leaks or blockages.
  • Only use the fuel recommended by the stoves manufacturer as other types may burn too hot.
  • Dispose of embers carefully. If they are still warm they could cause a fire or a build-up of CO (carbon monoxide).

Gas safety

  • Ensure gas appliances are installed and maintained routinely by trained engineers.
  • Never restrict airflow by blocking vents or air gaps.
  • Make sure gas cylinders are secure after they’ve been changed. Test for leaks with detection fluid.
  • Whenever possible, turn gas valves off before you go to bed or leave the boat.
  • Replace gas hoses showing signs of cracking, brittleness or discoloration.
  • Store gas cylinders outside, in a self-draining and fire resistant locker. Keep them upright and secure from moving.

Which of the following statements is true?

A. It is better to store gas cylinders outside than inside.
B. Even if you are tired, do not leave the gas valves unattended.
C. You only need to check the flues once a year.
D. There is no such thing as lifelong batteries.
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is A.

Even though the text states other things that should be done to them as well, (in a self-draining and fire resistant locker, upright and secure from moving), it is still clearly better to have them outside than inside.


Dealing With People/SJT Sample Question

You have finished replacing the fire alarm system in an elderly person's house. You need to explain to her what you have done and ensure that she knows how to operate the new system. The woman keeps interrupting you, asking you to repeat yourself and clarify what you have said. This task is taking twice as long as it would usually take you.
What would you do?

A. Speak louder and slower. Make sure she is following and fully understands.
B. Leave her with the operational manual and ask her to carefully read it later in her own time.
C. Politely ask her not to interrupt and to pay closer attention to what you are saying. Tell her she can ask questions when you finish your explanation.
D. Explain the information to a member of her family or a neighbor so that they can take the time to explain everything so she underestands.
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is A.

Competencies/practices: Interpersonal skills (service orientation).
Explanation: In this scenario, you are required to deliver fire safety information to someone who is struggling to understand. You are asked to decide how best to proceed.

Response A is the best response. As a firefighter, you are expected to spend a lot of time out in the community delivering fire prevention advice and other safety messages. It is crucial that all these messages are understood by the members of the community. In this response, you adjust yourself to the elderly individual's needs. This response demonstrates that you are able to communicate effectively and shows that you are a patient individual —both important skills for a firefighter to possess.

Response B may sound like a good response as you are leaving this woman with the manual for the new system. By doing so, you are able to proceed to your next apartment while ensuring she has the relevant information. Nevertheless, this is not the best response. You have no guarantee that this woman will read the guide in her own time or that she will understand it.

Response C is not a good response. It shows a lack of patience toward the elderly lady and it does not show good communication skills. Asking her to pay attention to what you are saying implies that it is her fault for not understanding you.

Response D may sound like a good response as you are using someone who is related or in close proximity to this lady to explain the information to her. However, this is not their responsibility; rather, it is yours. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that someone else will do a better job explaining this information to her. It is your job as a firefighter to ensure that she fully understands the fire safety information provided.


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 Physical Agility Test

You are required to successfully pass both the Written Aptitude Test and Written Assessment Test in order to be considered further in the recruitment process. Once you have passed both the written aptitude and assessment tests you will be eligible to participate in the Physical Agility Test. The Physical Test may include: Stair Climb, Hose Drag, Equipment Carry, Ladder Raise and Extension, Forcible Entry, Search and Rescue, and Ceiling Breach and Pull. 

Prepare for the Gledhill/Shaw Tests

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