LAFD Firefighter Candidate Assessment Preparation

PSI offers two kinds of Firefighter Tests. The Firefighter Multimedia Assessment (FMA) and the Firefighter Selection Test (FST). Both tests measures basic skills that are required for firefighters. Both the FDNY and the LAFD use PSI Exams.

LA Fire Department Test

To become a firefighter in LA, you must take the Firefighter Candidate Assessment (FCA). The FCA is provided by PSI. It is a computer-based exam with both video and audio components. The exam includes five portions, and you have a total of four hours to complete it. However, each portion of the FCA firefighter test is also individually timed. Once your time is up, you will be notified, and you will not be able to answer the remaining questions in that section.

The first three portions of the exam consist of video followed by questions based on that video. You also receive a training guide during the first three portions, which you may keep throughout the exam. After reviewing the training guide, you are presented with a video during which you are allowed to take notes. You may watch the video twice during the assessment. After the video, various types of questions will follow. The questions may be multiple-choice (with one or more answer options), audio, or matching.

The fourth portion of the LAFD exam requires you to read information and then answer questions based on that information. This section may include math questions.

The fifth portion of the exam is a background information survey. You will answer questions based on your personal and work experiences.

About the Los Angeles Fire Department

The Los Angeles Fire Department was founded in 1886 and employs around 3,500 firefighters. It is third in size only to the New York and Chicago fire departments, respectively. Due to the Los Angeles urban topography, firefighters there combat everything from wildfires, structural fires, and boat fires. 

Prepare for the Los Angeles Firefighter Exam

Firefighter candidates are constantly being evaluated. This is particularly true for applicants to the LAFD. Firefighter exams in California require training and preparedness to pass. JobTestPrep is working on creating a PrepPack™ so that you can rise to the top of the candidates list.

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