Sacramento Civil Service Exam Preparation

Applying for Sacramento Civil Service Jobs

When looking for a civil service job in Sacramento, you need to know where to apply. You can either apply for a job through Sacramento County or Sacramento City. You can also apply to one of the other 6 cities found within Sacramento County. Each site holds positions that are available in various departments.

Keep in mind that most of the open positions available will be found on the County site, and more localized positions will be found on the city sites. However, almost all of the jobs that you apply to will have some sort of an exam to measure skills that are required for the job. Regardless of your location, job-specific exams will appear similar.

If you know which department you are interested in working with, for example, the Police Department or Fire Department, you can apply for a position either through the County or City sites or through the department site.

Sacramento County Civil Service Exams

To become an employee of Sacramento County you must first search for the job you are interested in, then fill out and submit an application. Once you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed for minimum qualifications, if you meet the qualifications then you will move on to the examination phase. You will receive a letter or notification stating what exam you will need to take.

The exam can be one or more of the following types of tests: evaluation of training and experience on a Supplemental Questionnaire, a written examination (multiple choice), oral examination, performance examination, or a physical agility test.

Types of Sacramento Civil Service Exams

Becoming familiar with the types of tests you may encounter when applying for a civil service position will help you prepare for the exam. Each of the exams is developed in order to establish an eligible list. The standardized exam process is separate and distinct from the selection or hiring interview process. Items such as resumes and letters of reference are not factors considered during the standardized exam process.

Formula Rate (Training and Experience Evaluation): An evaluation of your education, training, and experience in response to the supplemental questionnaire. Responses to supplemental questions are rated according to structured guidelines prepared by the exam development analyst and Subject Matter Experts.

Written (Job Knowledge): The written test, measures for both basic and technical knowledge required for the position and other job-related characteristics, such as reading comprehension, spelling, punctuation, grammar, mathematical abilities. Written exams can be multiple choice, true-false and/or fill-in-the blank questions that are designed to measure knowledge and abilities related to the class.

Structured Oral Interview Exam: This exam will be a face to face interview, where a panel of members will ask questions and rate the responses. The interview typically consist of 9 to 15 structured questions, and may include an advanced written exercise, oral presentation, role play, etc. This is not a job interview, rather, it is an examination to test your knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Performance: You will be required to perform some aspect of the job. Examples of a performance exam include: a typing test, a driving test, identifying different types of plants, etc.

Sacramento Co. Cities Civil Service Exams

Within Sacramento County there are 7 cities. Each city has their own job site. When applying for a job through any of the cities you will need to first meet the minimum requirements. Some cities may have you fill out Supplemental Questions. Once you have completed and submitted your application it will be up for review.

If you are selected for testing or an interview, you will be notified. Some of the tests may include, but are not limited to, a written test, oral performance, physical agility, education, and experience.

Prepare for Sacramento Civil Service Exams

JobTestPrep provides custom made practice packs geared for specific civil service written exams. We created practice tests to prepare you for job-specific written exam and to give you a glimpse of the types of questions that can be found on the exam.

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