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LA County Firefighter Test

The Los Angeles County Fire Department written test is a multiple-choice and true or false test that takes one full day to complete. However, it may take place over two days. The test is administered by PSI Services. There are five main areas where candidates should focus their study.

  • Work Orientation – This section of the test is a personality test that is geared for the firefighting career. LACoFD gauges whether you can handle stress and work under pressure, if you possess teamwork skills, and if you are trustworthy. Without these personality traits, it would be extremely difficult to serve as a good, professional firefighter.
  • Mechanical Comprehension – Firefighting frequently uses the principles of mechanics. This can be seen in how to set up a ladder and make it stable, as well as in the levers and gears firefighters have to use.
  • Report Interpretation – To do well on this section, you must know how to read and understand data, whether it’s presented in a written paragraph or in bars and pie charts. 
  • Reading Comprehension – Firefighters must be able to understand written passages and interpret them correctly, for instance the LACoFD procedures. Reading comprehension also plays a role in understanding how to maintain equipment correctly.
  • Language Skills – One of the most important things a firefighter does is instill confidence in the community. Thus, firefighters are expected to be well-educated and to have proper grammar and the right vocabulary for the job.
  • Mathematics – Math is involved in every aspect of firefighting. You must be able to pick the correct length of hose to get to the scene, choose the correct size ladder, and figure out how much water is left in the tank.

About Los Angeles County Fire Department

The Los Angeles County Fire Department was founded in 1920 and employs over 4,500 firefighters. The LACoFD is the 6th busiest fire departments in the U.S. behind the New York City Fire Department, the Chicago Fire Department, the Houston Fire Department, the Los Angeles City Fire Department, and the Dallas Fire Department.

Prepare for the Los Angeles County Firefighter Exam

Firefighter candidates are constantly being evaluated. This is particularly true for applicants to the LaCoFD. Firefighter exams in California require training and preparedness to pass. JobTestPrep ensures you are ready and prepared to take on the firefighter test. Try our LACoFD PrepPack™ to ensure you rise to the top of the candidates list.


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