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California Merit System Services

There are a total of 58 counties in California. If applying for a government position you will need to take a California civil service exam. A primary function of MSS is to establish a recruitment and selection process that is standardized and based solely on ability, experience, education and job performance potential.

The remaining 29 California counties have Interagency Merit Systems that work closely with MSS in providing requisite services to the residents within their borders.

One of the main MSS screening tools involves cognitive exams. When applying for a county position in California, you can expect to take a written exam that is both qualifying and ranking.

Eligibility List

The list of eligible applicants includes the name of every candidate that passes the MSS exam. While all individuals placed on this list are eligible for the open positions that are the subject of their application, the county hiring department is required to select applicants that are ranked in the top 10 pursuant to test scores.

It is to your benefit to thoroughly prepare for the MSS Written Exam. Practicing on MSS practice tests provides a familiarity with the types of questions and exam format that you will find when you take the actual Merit System Services test. Knowing what to expect and reviewing the cognitive areas covered in the MSS exam, yields an increase in test speed and accuracy.


Test-taking anxiety is damaging to your exam result. Working through the MSS pre-employment test with the confidence that accompanies exam preparation significantly reduces that anxiety.

Cognitive Abilities Assessed on MSS Tests

Each job classification carries its own set of aptitude subtests. Here are some examples for common exams:

Entry-Level Accounting Clerk – Data & information entry and analysis; numerical skills; reading comprehension; mathematics; spelling & vocabulary; written communication; basic accounting & bookkeeping.

Advanced-Level Accounting Clerk – Bookkeeping & office practices and procedures; following directions; teamwork; accounting problems.

Accounting Technician – Principles, problems and practices of accounting & auditing; analytical skills; written communication; interpersonal skills.

Entry-Level Clerical – Alphabetize, file and code information; spelling, punctuation & grammar; vocabulary; reading and understanding written information; numerical skills.

Advanced-Level Clerical – Spelling, punctuation & grammar; vocabulary.

Secretary – English usage; reports & written communication; reading comprehension; correspondence skills; interpersonal relations.

Integrated Caseworker I – Reading comprehension; interviewing; customer service principles, written communication; benefits calculation.

Social Worker I & II – Principles of interviewing; analytical skills; interpersonal skills; written communication.

California Merit System Services Exam Preparation

Comprehensive test preparation includes MSS study guide, practice tests, Q & A analysis and exam strategies. The more thoroughly you understand the focus behind written exam questions and expected answers, the greater your potential for a successful test experience. JobTestPrep has developed a comprehensive California MSS exam prep program geared to optimize your test result.

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