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All firefighter candidates in every municipality with over 7,000 residents are required to take a Louisiana fire department civil service test administered by the State Examiner’s Office.

After submitting your application to the Civil Service Board in the jurisdiction where you choose to take your exam, you will be scheduled to participate in the Entrance Firefighter Test. Passing this entry-level test opens the door to employment eligibility. Local fire departments fill their vacancies with candidates who have passed the Louisiana Firefighter civil service test.

Firefighter Exam Format

This Louisiana Firefighter Civil Service Written Test is given in a multiple-choice, paper & pencil format. The exam contains 100 questions, to be completed within a 2 hour, 10 minute timeframe.

No prior knowledge of firefighting is necessary to pass the exam. The test assesses the knowledge, skills and abilities essential in order to learn how to be an effective firefighter.

Louisiana Fire Department Civil Service Test Content

The Louisiana firefighter test is comprised of two parts:

Oral Directions – Taped for uniformity of structure, this portion of the test carries a time-frame of 30 minutes. Be sure to arrive early as there is no admittance after the commencement of the taped instructions.

Written Exam – There are eight competencies covered within the multiple-choice written test:

  1. Lecture Notes – Taking accurate and thorough notes on taped lectures; this section starts when the Oral Directions portion is completed; use your notes to answer questions in the Lecture Notes section of the written exam.
  2. Ability to Learn and Memorize Information – Presented with pictures, codes and/or symbols for seven minutes; answer questions pertaining to the detail and information in the material that was viewed.
  3. Reading Comprehension – Paragraph, written procedures, codes; answer questions that require an analysis, conclusion or reiteration of details based on the information presented in the written material.
  4. Prioritizing/Problem Solving – Job-related situations; select the top priority; select the best initial action to take.
  5. Human Relations – Work settings; problematic scenario; select the best way to alleviate the problem.
  6. Math – Basic arithmetic functions and accurate calculations; decimals; word problems; percentages.
  7. Mechanical Aptitude – use of equipment, tools, machinery and principles of building construction; basic mechanical and structural concepts.
  8. Maps/Diagrams/Spatial Relations – Finding locations and the shortest route to the locations without breaking any traffic laws; spatial relations involves the identification of your location in relation to specific objects, building layout, street map.

Louisiana Firefighter Civil Service Test Scores

The passing threshold for the firefighter test is 75. Oral Directions and written exam results are combined into one final score. The local Fire & Police Civil Service Board will notify you of your test score.

Names of all candidates who pass the test are placed on an employment list at the time that a vacancy occurs. The list is not ranked; however, only those who pass the firefighter exam are eligible for employment.

Prepare for the Louisiana Firefighters Exam

JobTestPrep cab help you secure a firefighting job with one of Louisiana’s fire departments by preparing online. Our Practice resources include practice tests, study guides, and detailed explanations in order to help you learn the subject matter relevant to the exam. Start practicing for the Louisiana Fire Department civil service test with JobTestPrep!

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