Canadian Fire Departments

To become a firefighter in Canada will most likely encounter a written test. The test measures skills and abilities that are required to be a successful firefighter. Each fire department may choose which exam they require you to take. There are various firefighter exams that a department may choose from.

Below is a list of just some of the exams that you may encounter when applying to be a firefighter in Canada:

Canadian Forces

The Canadian Forces has a firefighter unit, which covers the areas in which other fire departments to not. Although they are members of the Air Force, they may work to support Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army or Royal Canadian Air Force operations. The Firefighters provide 24 hour fire protection. In order to become a firefighter in the Canadian Forces you will need to take the CFAT. Learn more about CFAT.

Sample Questions

We provide sample questions in common areas found on firefighter exams to prepare you for the exam. Try practicing for the exam with our free sample questions.

Prepare for Canada Firefighter Exams

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