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What You'll Get

99 Practice tests, 1500+ Q&A, including:

  • Personality assessment preparation
  • 24 Mathematical reasoning tests which cover all question types (basic math, word problems, graphs)
  • 17 "Reasoning skills" tests including: information ordering, inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, and problem sensitivity
  • 15 Written communication tests
  • 13 Reading comprehension tests
  • 12 Observation & memory tests
  • 9 Mechanical reasoning tests
  • 4 Spatial orientation tests
  • 3 Tools tests
  • 2 Evaluating conclusions in light of known facts tests
  • A complete breakdown of the ideal Firefighter profile
  • Situational judgement drills
  • Fully detailed explanations + 5 study guides
  • Immediate access, practice 24/7 
  • Secured payment
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep



State & Local Firefighter Aptitude Testing

Although a majority of firefighter written exams are very similar, there is no single uniform firefighter aptitude test for all fire departments. Each fire department differs in its demands and manages its own recruiting process according to the state or municipality. Please make sure you apply to each fire department you are interested in working for separately.

Firefighter Written Test Format

The test is a firefighter aptitude test battery, generally containing between 100–150 questions and comprised of 6–9 sections (see below). The test takes between 2–2.5 hours to complete (this varies by district). While questions are usually in the multiple-choice format, the test may also include true/false questions. Depending on the fire department to which you are applying, the firefighter test format may vary. You can find the information you need by contacting the department of interest (probably your local department).

Firefighter Written Test Sections

The firefighter entrance exam covers an extensive range of skills important to the firefighter position, including cognitive skills, speed, and accuracy. Most fire departments administer firefighter aptitude tests that contain the following sections:

Test Sections Details Additional Information

Mathematical Reasoning

This section includes graph reading, basic math problems (i.e., time-distance), and basic numeracy.

Mathematical Reasoning Test

Mechanical Reasoning

This section assesses your ability to identify firefighter tools and equipment & their respective functions in the daily routine.

Mechanical Aptitude Test

Reading Comprehension

This section assesses how well the you can understand and draw conclusions from written material.

Reading Comprehension

Spatial Orientation

This section generally portrays a picture of a map followed by questions regarding navigation techniques. 

Spatial Orientation

Situational Judgement

This section assesses your decision-making abilities when faced with a dilemma.

Situational Judgment Test

Observation & Memory

This section includes images that you are required to study and memorize, followed by multiple-choice questions.

Observation and Memory


This section tries to determine if you possess the appropriate characteristics necessary to become a firefighter.

Personality Test

Firefighter Test Practice

With the right amount of dedication and preparation, you can pass the firefighter written exam and be on your way to becoming a firefighter. Where do you start? JobTestPrep offers a firefighter entrance exam practice pack that includes both the written test and the personality test. Our pack also includes detailed answer explanations to help you better understand the test and improve your scores.

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