Ohio Firefighter Tests

Each fire department may choose with exam they require candidates to take. The written exam is either provided by civil service commission or an assessment company. Familiarizing yourself with the test will get you one step closer to becoming a firefighter.


To join the Cleveland fire department you must take a written exam. The exam measures your reading and math skills and the ability to recall factual materials and make judgments based on reasoning skills. You must receive a passing score of 70% or higher to pass.


To become a firefighter in Columbus you will need to take an Entry-Level Firefighter Examination. The exam is comprised of three phases.

Phase I - Multiple-Choice Exam: This exam consists of 5 subtests: Information Gathering; Mathematics, Logic and Reasoning; Mechanical Aptitude; Map Reading and Following Directions; and Reading Comprehension.

Phase II - Firefighter Mile: In this phase you will have to complete 10 different physical events such as: Stair Climb, Paced Walk, Hose Advance, Equipment Haul, Paced Walk, Blind Crawl, Forcible Entry/Tire Strike, Paced Walk, Victim Rescue, and CPR.

Phase III - The Firefighter Oral Assessment Mechanism (FOAM): This phase is a video-based examination that tests your problem solving and interpersonal relations skills. You will watch six scenes and at the conclusion of each scene respond verbally as if you were a firefighter or medic in that situation. The scenarios are set in a fire environment, meaning they take place in locations involving firefighters and fire situations.

Preparing for Ohio Firefighter Exams

JobTestPrep provides you with test information to familiarize you with the exam. Preparing for the test will help you successfully pass the exam. Our practice tests are designed to prepare you for the exam.

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