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The format for all sections of the CWH firefighter test is multiple choice. The exam is timed and geared to the skills, abilities and personality traits that are the essential ingredients of an effective firefighter. No prior firefighting experience is needed to answer any of the test questions.

Various fire departments throughout the U.S. have opted to use the CWH exam as a pre-employment screening device such as; Alexandria, VA; Corona, CA; and Henrico County, VA. The International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) works with the research department of CWH in its quest for an industry-wide increase in diversity and hiring standardization across the globe.

CWH Fire Test Content

Three basic exam areas are covered by the CWH firefighter test questions are:

  • Cognitive Skills includes mechanical, writing, reading comprehension and mathematical skills
  • Situational Questions assessing your approach to life’s daily scenarios
  • Personal Questionnaire that seek to identify the candidates whose personality traits are best suited for success as a firefighter

Cognitive Skills

The cognitive skills tests four different skills. These skills may not be divided into sections, instead they will be presented in an unorganized array of questions without a clear indication of the skill being assessed. However becoming familiar with these skills will help you on the exam. The skills are:

Mechanical Aptitude

The Mechanical Aptitude section of the test deals with mechanical aptitude questions that assess your ability to understand and learn physical and mechanical concepts that pertain to firefighting.

As to shapes and symbols that are to be interpreted in reaching your answers, you may encounter maps, building layouts, geometric shapes, graphs, tables, pictures and photographs.

All cognitive aptitudes tested in the CWH exam fall within the framework of job-related tasks.

Writing Skills

You can expect to encounter grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization and English usage in questions dealing with this particular cognitive aptitude. Various types of items are presented, such as:

  • Identify the type of writing error found within a given sentence.
  • Select the best sentence in terms of usage, spelling, punctuation, grammar and capitalization.
  • Fill in the blank with the alternative that correctly completes a given sentence.

Reading Comprehension

In this section a passage is presented. The task is to select the alternative containing the correct information or conclusion, ascertained entirely from the information provided within the passage.

Mathematical Skills

The CWH firefighter exam includes basic math functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, fraction conversion to decimal/decimal to fraction and calculations based on formulas that are provided.

Situational Questions

Problem solving, decision making and good judgment are three of the abilities covered within situational questions. You will find real life scenarios that include specific problems. Three types of items comprise Situational Questions:

  • How would you respond to the given situation?
  • What do you think about the situation?
  • What should the situational person do to alleviate the problem?

Personal Questionnaire

Interpersonal skills, emotional outlook, motivation, reasoning, attitudes, teamwork, honesty, dependability, compassion and interest in public service are some of the personality traits and behaviors that are addressed in the personal questionnaire. Many of these same elements are highlighted through situational questions. The assessment concerns the way that you would deal with job-related issues.

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