Morris and McDaniel Firefighter Test Practice

Our Entry-Level Fire Test PrepPack™

S.H.I.E.L.D. was designed to help employers select the most capable entry-level firefighters. This test battery is used to measure the specific skills and cognitive abilities you will need in order to be a successful firefighter. JobTestPrep offers exclusive Morris and McDaniel practice test practice for the entry-level fire test (ELF), which measures your memorization, numeracy, spatial, mechanical, and reading comprehension aptitude.

Although we do not include the "flexibility of closure" section, our excellent comprehensive practice consists of every type of question that may appear on the actual test. 


Morris & McDaniel Inc. S.H.I.E.L.D. for Firefighters

The framework of the Morris $ McDaniel S.H.I.E.L.D. for firefighters is similar to S.H.I.E.L.D. for Police, though the subject matter of each component mirrors the tasks and situations encountered by firefighters. Those components include:

  • Reading Test for Fire (RTF): Assesses candidates' reading level which is required to perform well during the training process.
  • Candidate Self-Report for Fire (CSR-F): Evaluates test-takers' integrity, service orientation, and desirable work ethic.
  • Entry-Level Fire Test (ELF): Measures a variety of abilities and skills needed for an entry-level firefighter career.
  • Structured Oral Presentation (SOP): Measures important performance dimensions which are needed to be a successful firefighter.

The Entry-Level Fire Test Sections

At JobTestPrep, we offer most of the Morris & McDaniel performance-based assessment test sections to help you measure your abilities and practice before taking the real entry-level exam. These sections include: 

Memorization: In this section, you will be asked to memorize, and later answer questions about, the written information, pictures, and diagrams you will be provided with. You will need to remember details of what you have seen, heard, and read.

Numerical skills: In this section, you will be asked to answer questions which involve mathematical reasoning to understand and figure out mathematical problems.

Spatial aptitude: In this section, you may be given maps which are followed by questions on how to get from one point to another, or what is the shortest or longest route. This section assesses your ability to be oriented in relation to your surrounding environment.

Reading comprehension: In this section, your basic English language, reading, and speed reading skills are all evaluated to assess whether you are in the desired level for the position. 

Mechanical skills: In this section, you will be asked questions about general physical and mechanical principles. These questions could involve pulleys, gears, energy and power, motion, equilibrium, resistance, and fluidity. 

Prepare for the Morris & McDaniel Entry-Level Test

When you are aiming to succeed and acquire your dream job during the S.H.I.E.L.D hiring process, JobTestPrep has all of the practice materials that you need. Our study guides, score reports, answer explanations, and simulated entry-level fire test (ELF), helps you through every step of the way. Start practicing with us today! 

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