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What's Included

  • Over 900 practice questions & answers
  • All common types of questions seen on the real test
  • Work styles questionnaire
  • Written comprehension and written expression drills
  • Reasoning skills drills including - deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning and information ordering
  • Original study guides
  • A complete breakdown of the ideal Firefighter profile
  • Comprehensive explanations and solving tips for all questions
  • Money back guarantee - see terms and conditions


The EB Jacobs entry-level firefighter exam is comprised of three distinct parts:

The FSAB exam is timed, taking between three to four hours depending upon which Fire Dept. administers the EB Jacobs Fire Service Assessment Battery. All of the questions are job-related. The goal of the FSAB is to highlight the candidates who are most willing and able to effectively perform the tasks required by the position.

Test of Cognitive Abilities

You will find a multiple-choice exam containing 75 – 80 questions. This test is comprised of six competency areas interspersed within the Firefighter Service Assessment Battery.

  • Written Comprehension – The written comprehension portion of the FSAB requires you to read a passage that is approximately one-half to one page in length. You will answer questions that require you to recall information, analyze material or draw conclusions based solely on the facts and statements contained within the passage.
  • Written Expression – Measuring your use of written language to communicate, this cognitive ability section includes grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation and English usage. There are two types of questions that you will encounter: select the sentence that best reflects a given statement and, sequencing of sentences by logic requires the selection of the alternative that contains the correct sentence sequence.
  • Information Ordering – Apply given rules/procedures to properly sequence sentences. The two types of questions dealing with Information Ordering are: sequence sentences in accordance with time or importance, and the correct order of procedures/rules are presented, followed by a question that includes a set of events. The task is to identify the next step.
  • Problem Sensitivity – This skill involves both the recognition that a problem exists and the ability to identify that problem. The two question types consist of: a presentation of a set of rules/procedures is followed by a faulty scenario. The task is to identify the problem or most serious problem in the handling of the situation and witness statements where you will need to select the witness that has made a problematic statement.
  • Deductive Reasoning – The deductive reasoning section of the EB Jacobs entry level firefighter exam requires you to apply rules to particular situations. The FSAB includes three types of questions dealing with Deductive Reasoning which are; directly apply a rule to a given set of circumstances, apply the information found in a table or chart to a particular situation, and assigning a given case to one of several presented categories.
  • Inductive Reasoning – This competency assesses the ability to identify a rule or connecting link from a series of events or objects. Two question types are presented in regard to Inductive Reasoning which are: derive a rule/principle from a set of objects or events and identify the similarity between the various items in a series.

Work Styles Questionnaire (WSQ)

On the WSQ portion of the Fire Service Assessment Battery, which is a personality test, you will encounter over 200 questions. Expect to see short statements, each followed by a five-point rating scale, from “Strongly Disagree” to “Strongly Agree.” The fire department you want to join is seeking those applicants whose work methods, preferences, initiative, attitudes and values are a solid fit with those of the department’s team of firefighters.

Life Experience Survey (LES)

The Life Experience Survey section contains 80-100 multiple-choice questions. The LES covers a wide range of topics concerning job-related character traits as seen through your prior experiences. Select the alternative that best describes yourself and your personal and work history.

JobTestPrep Advantage

As is true for all exams, preparation is the key to success. Through repetition and practice, you can increase your testing speed and accuracy. Review of a FSAB study guide will allow you to have a clear view of the underlying focus of questions and expected answers. JobTestPrep offers an affordable and complete preparation program for the Fire Service Assessment Battery.

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