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This page will help you prepare for the EB Jacob Assessments. It includes a full guide that will explain in detail the different components of the test.


What is the EB Jacobs Assessment?

EB Jacobs has devised a test battery that involves cognitive abilities, personality traits, and the portrait of past experience. The EB Jacobs Entry-Level Exams are generally sectioned into the following assessments: 1. Cognitive Ability Test. 2. Work Styles Questionnaire. 3. Life Experience Survey.

This group of tests was developed with an eye toward ensuring that candidates who are hired possess a high degree of requisite skills.

Questions and exam passages address aspects of the particular public safety field being tested. Each position title carries its own number of questions and exam duration.

For example, the Work Styles Questionnaire in the Law Enforcement Aptitude Battery (LEAB) is comprised of 74 items with a time limit of 15 minutes, whereas the Questionnaire in the Fire Service Assessment Battery (FSAB) presents 224 items with a time frame of 45 minutes.

EB Jacobs, Public Safety Tests, are used in the hiring of the following positions:

  • Law Enforcement Aptitude Battery (LEAB).
  • Fire Service Assessment Battery (FSAB).
  • Bus Operator Selection System (BOSS).
  • Various Government Positions.

EB Jacobs is part of PSI, the leading workforce credentialing and testing services company with over 30 million assessments delivered annually in 50 plus languages.

Key Test Sections in the EB Jacobs Assessments

Life Experience Survey

Past experiences and how you handled them are good predictors of job performance. The goal is to select the alternative that best represents your work history and personal history.

Work Styles Questionnaire

This section of the EB Jacobs exams is focused on assessing your personality; How well do your work preferences, attitudes, behaviors, teamwork skills, and interpersonal relations fit with the specific job? Expect a five-point agreement scale from strongly disagree to strongly agree.

EB Jacobs Cognitive Ability Test Content

There are six basic aptitudes assessed in the cognitive portion of the EB Jacobs test battery.

  1. Written Comprehension – A passage is presented, followed by questions requiring info recall, analysis, summary, or conclusion based solely on the information contained in the passage.
  2. Written Expression – Assessing your ability to communicate in writing, the Written Expression portion of the exam focuses on grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, English usage, and vocabulary.
  3. Information Ordering – This skill involves the application of rules for the purpose of correctly sequencing statements.
  4. Problem Sensitivity – The exam presents a set of rules followed by either a problematic scenario or a series of witness statements. The task is to identify the most serious problem in the scenario or the witness whose statement differs from that of the other witnesses.
  5. Deductive Reasoning – You will be applying rules to a set of circumstances. Expect tables and charts, as well as the assignment of criminal cases to specific categories.
  6. Inductive Reasoning – A set of events, people, or objects is given. The task is to determine the rule or connecting link that is present in all of the elements of the set.


Prepare for EB Jacobs Exams with JobTestPrep

Working on EB Jacobs practice tests provides a review of the subject matters assessed. You gain a clear understanding of the aptitudes that need further study. Practicing on EB Jacobs sample tests also gives you the confidence that comes from knowing what to expect before you sit down to take the test. This familiarity with the types of questions and exam format will increase your speed and accuracy. Reading an EB Jacobs test battery study guide for your field, along with a Q & A analysis, yield a clear understanding of the focus behind the questions and expected answers. Instant accessibility and complete EB Jacobs exam preparation tools are provided at JobTestPrep.

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