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Firefighter Mechanical Reasoning Test

The firefighter mechanical reasoning test assesses your abilities to identify firefighter tools & machinery and understand how they work. The types of questions you will be asked will contain diagrams of various mechanical devices, requiring you to know how such devices work and how they will perform under specific circumstances. The questions on the mechanical aptitude test are generally multiple-choice format with 4 or 5 answer choices. While the questions will not likely require specific calculations, they do require the use of common sense and knowledge of basic physical and mechanical principles such as:

  • Gears
  • Motion
  • Pulleys
  • Resistance
  • Equilibrium
  • Energy & power
  • Fluidity

Why do Firefighters Need It?

Mechanical equipment and devices are used routinely by firefighters therefore, an elementary understanding of mechanical concepts is extremely important for anyone interested in the position. In addition to regular hand tools, such as axes and wrenches, firefighters are required to know how to properly use more complex equipment, such as pumps and internal combustion engines.

Prepare for the Firefighter Mechanical Test

Understanding the basic mechanical functions, test format and question types are essential for success on the exam--a feat that can be accomplished only through practice. JobTestPrep offers a firefighter practice test-pack, complete with firefighter mechanical practice tests to give you the skills and confidence you need for the score you want.

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