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Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test (FACT) Breakdown

Below you can find a detailed breakdown of the Firefighter Exam sections and question types to study with the most accurate and complete Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test Practice.

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Mathematical Reasoning:­

The Mathematical Reasoning section includes 15 math questions related to fire. Here are some of the characteristics of fire-related math questions you may encounter in the Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test:

  • Graphs: After reviewing the graph, you will be asked straightforward questions about the mix of materials most responsible for fires in commercial buildings. The initial question will be followed by a series of statements, with only one being true or false. 
  • Expenses: These questions relate to the purchase of team equipment within the budget allocated for the firehouse. This is a practical skill, as unit members are ultimately responsible for ensuring they have all the equipment necessary to fight fires and save lives.
  • Weight: These questions will use math to see how effectively and quickly you can calculate weight issues, which can mean the difference between life and death. You may be asked to calculate the weight of the number of people stuck in an elevator. Or the equipment on your back plus an injured party that you need to carry to safety. 
  • Statistics: Questions on statistics may also be thrown into the mix, which might relate to types of burn or road accident victims. As part of your job, and depending on the position you ultimately rise to, interpreting statistics and data can be instrumental in helping the organization to save more lives.

Writing Ability Section:

Like so many other professions, the ability to write well is an important part of a firefighter's job. For instance, every incident has to be reported and documented (forms can take up to 30 minutes to complete). Additionally, all issues with equipment must also be properly recorded. Thus, the ability to write correctly is instrumental to the job. Let's take a look at some of the types of questions you might see in this section of the Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test:

  • Complete the sentence: You will be provided with a broken sentence missing two words. Next, you will choose the right matching words from a multiple-choice list. Be careful, as many of the words will look similar even though they hold different meanings.
  • Grammar and Punctuation: These question types will come in the form of several multiple-choice options. Choose the most well-constructed sentence by looking at grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Alternatively, you might be provided one sentence and be asked to choose the problem from a multiple-choice list (spelling, grammar, punctuation, or no issue.)
  • Synonyms: You will be provided with a single sentence with one word underlined. You will have to find the Synonym for the underlined word from among a list of multiple-choice options.

Map Reading Section:

A map reading question might involve a street map, a residential or commercial floor plan, or a water distribution map. You'll be asked to determine the most efficient route between two points, follow directions indicating a particular route or locate an object in relation to another, or find the fastest route to reach your destination. This will assess your map reading firefighter aptitude abilities. 

Reading Ability Section: 

The Reading Ability section in the Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test includes fire-related passages that you must read and answer questions in multiple-choice format. The goal of this section is to test your capacity to read and process large amounts of text within a limited time frame.

For free firefighter aptitude and character test practice questions, see our general Firefighter practice test questions and answers page or press the get started now button for accurate test-like firefighter aptitude and character test practice questions.

Personal Characteristics Section:

The last section is comprised of eight paragraphs with different moralistic scenarios both on and off the job. After reading each scenario, you will (1) choose your response from a multiple-choice list; and (2) choose which of the answer choices is the most or least appropriate response. It must be understood that values, human dignity, and trust are a significant part of the job. Fire companies want to ensure that the people they choose are of the highest caliber possible. 

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Ontario Fire Administration Inc. (OFAI) Hiring Process

Now that you have a basic understanding of what you will see on the Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test, let's take a brief tour of the hiring process. 

OFAI Stage 1 & OFAI Stage 2: CV and Questionnaire

The OFAI will first review your Cover Letter and CV as the first step in the screening process at Ontario fire departments. The second stage will require you will take a questionnaire, which will help the administration assess how serious and committed you are. 

Stage 3: Registration, Testing Process, and OFAI FPAT Exam

Once you are pre-assessed and approved, you will go through a six-stage assessment process:

A. Firefighter Aptitude and Character Test (FACT)

See above.

B. Hearing Assessment

Hearing loss greater than 40 decibels (500 Hz/DB, 1000 Hz/DB, 2000 Hz/DB, and 3000 Hz/DB) in either ear is a fail

C. Vision Assessment 

This is not conducted at the OFAI; you must see your private optometrist and return a form to the agency.

D. Encapsulated Treadmill Test 

You will undergo a pre-screening by a doctor and an Aerobic Fitness Evaluation-Encapsulated Treadmill Protocol.

E. Firefighter Physical Aptitude Job-Related Tests (FPAT)

These are six individual tests that must all be passed to continue.

  • Equipment Carry/Vehicle Extrication with a total walking distance of 105m, you will pick up tools about 20-44 kg (30 times in 3 minutes 45 seconds or less) and place them correctly on disks. 
  • Charged Hose Advance – Walking as fast as possible (you are not allowed to run), you must advance a hose to the finish line at 30M. You must complete this task in less than 27 seconds.
  • Weighted Sled Pull – Pull a sled back and forth three times at 15.24 m per pull in less than 1 minute and 50 seconds.
  • Forcible Entry Simulation – Using a 4.5-kilogram sledgehammer, you must break through a surface safely in under 19 seconds.
  • Victim Rescue – Pickup and carry a mannequin weighing 83 kg 15 meters to the finish line. You will have 57 seconds to complete the exercise. 
  • Ladder Climb - You have 1 minute and 57 seconds to climb a ten rung later ten times while placing both feet on the top rung.

 F. Firefighter Technical Skills Assessment 

These are six individual tests that must all be passed to continue. All tests are to be completed within 10 minutes each.

  • 10 Meter Ladder Climb, Ropes, Knots, and Tool Lift – After tying your knots properly, climb up to a third-floor balcony with an axe and come back down successfully.
  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Proficiency Test – Crawl through a complex in full gear by following all search procedures. You only pass this test when you get to the exit on time.
  • Medical Skills – Wearing PPE, you must verbalize all treatments for any injury described to you and administer first aid in practice.
  • Roof Ventilation – Wearing PPE and SCBA, you must determine if the roof is safe, climb up, and cut a ventilation hole. If the hole is too big, you automatically fail; if the hole is too small, you will get a chance to correct it.
  • 7 Meter Ladder Raise/ Roof Ladder Deployment - Wearing PPE and SCBA and completing a beam or flat raise with a 7-meter ladder. You can only ask for assistance to stabilize the ladder.
  • Fine Motor Skills Hose Assembly – In PPE assemble an assortment of hoses and appliances safely while hooking it up to water supplies. After everything is assembled, you will be raised and must fire the hole into a directed hole.

After receiving a pass, you will be invited to apply for a position in various municipalities fire departments.

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