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What's Included

  • 30 practice tests
  • Over 500 Q&A
  • Covering all areas seen on the real test:
    • Spatial reasoning
    • Numerical reasoning and problem solving
    • Language and verbal reasoning
  • Fully detailed explanations teaching the simplest & quickest methods
  • License: Unlimited access for 3 Months
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Canadian Forces recruitment process is comprised of seven steps:

  1. Application by mail, online or in person
  2. Reliability screening
  3. Canada Forces Aptitude Test
  4. Medical exam
  5. Interview
  6. Physical Fitness Test for Primary Reserve candidates
  7. Offer of enrollment may be forthcoming if you pass all previous steps

You must pass each element in order to proceed to the next step.

Canadian Military Aptitude Test

The key to succeeding on the Canadian Military Aptitude Test is to work on CFAT practice tests until you feel confident and comfortable with the types of questions and exam format.Exam speed is an important factor in the Canadian Forces test score. The more CFAT practice you have before walking into the test, the greater your speed and accuracy.

Format of the CFAT

Expect a strictly-timed test with multiple choice questions. The test may be taken in written form or computer-based. You will have 45 minutes within which to answer a total of 60 questions.

Scoring is based on correct answers only, and then converted to percentile. Since there is no penalty for wrong responses, you will benefit from answering every question; guess if necessary.

Aptitude Test Content

There are three subtests within the CFAT:

  • Verbal Skills (VS): You have five minutes within which to answer 15 questions. Vocabulary is highlighted in the Verbal Skills test. Most questions present an original word, requiring the selection of the alternative that is either closest in meaning or opposite to the original.
  • Spatial Ability (SA): The SA test presents 15 questions, to be completed within 10 minutes. The task is to match a given box with the alternative that contains that same box in an unfolded pattern. Some items present an unfolded pattern, and your job is to select the box that matches the pattern.
  • Problem Solving (PS): This is the main CFAT subtest. There are 30 questions with a time limit of 30 minutes. Mathematics and logic are at the core of the PS test. Some questions concern sequencing, requiring you to find the relationship between the individual members of a set of numbers/letters/symbols/shapes, in order to identify the next item in the set. You should also expect to see maths concepts such as basic algebra, ratios, percentages, decimals, simple equations, long division and word problems.

CFAT Scoring

The CFAT is used for two purposes: 1) As a screening device, to ensure that all military personnel possess the minimum skills necessary to succeed in the initial training phase; and 2) As an occupations guide, in order to place you in the military field that best suits your interests and abilities.

The Pass percentile varies pursuant to specific job categories. It is important to note that the higher your CFAT score, the greater the number of your Canadian Forces occupational options.

Preparing for the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test

You have the opportunity to review the high school subject matter covered in the CFAT by practicing on sample tests with question & answer analysis. JobTestPrep offers a thorough Canadian Forces test prep system geared to helping you meet your military career goals.

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