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Verbal Skills Sample Question (Antonyms and Synonyms)

1. Clout most nearly means.

A. Lump.

B. Block.

C. Prestige.

D. Accumulation. 


The correct answer is C.
The word clout has two meanings: (1) A heavy blow, especially with the hand (2) The power to influence, usually regarding politics or business.
Prestige is close in meaning to the second definition of clout and is therefore the correct answer. 


As part of the CFAT test, applicants are required to perform verbal, spatial, and problem-solving exercises in order to assess their cognitive ability.


Verbal Skills Sample Question (Word Analogies)

2. Please select a pair of words that have a similar relationship

bear : bare

A. crazy : lazy.

B. hare : hair.

C. dust : must.

D. prize : praise.


'Bear' and 'bare' sound similar but they have different meanings and are spelled differently. 'Crazy' and 'lazy' and 'dust' and 'must' rhyme, but they don't sound the same.

'Prize' and 'praise' don't sound the same. The words 'hare' and 'hair' have the same relationship as 'bear' and 'bare'.

The answer is 'hare' : 'hair' 


You can find more Word Analogies and Antonyms and Synonyms, in the CFAT Practice Prep.


Spatial Ability Sample Question (Cube Folding)

3. Which of the four possible options represents the cube in its folded form?





The correct answer is (A).
In the unfolded cube, there are two red arrows whose tails are attached in facets one and five. There is a black arrow that points upwards to the right of them like in cube (A), making it the correct answer.

Answer (B) is incorrect because facet two and four are on opposite sides and can’t touch, meaning there can’t be a cube with three facets with black arrows next to each other.
Answer (C) is incorrect because in the unfolded cube there aren’t red and black arrows whose tails touch each other like in cube (C).
Answer (D) is incorrect because facets one and three are on opposite sides and can’t touch, meaning there can’t be a cube with three facets that have red arrows next to each other.
Solving tip - since it is easy to see there are two black arrows on opposite sides and two red arrows on opposite sides and, in total there are three facets of each color, it is impossible for three arrows of the same color to touch each other. Therefore, we can immediately eliminate answers (B) and (D).



CFAT tests consist of 60 multiple-choice questions and a 45-minute time limit. You can find more Free Spatial CFAT sample questions in the following guide.

Spatial Ability Sample Question (Spatial Reasoning 3D)

4. Two separate objects are placed at the center of the screen, each with a dot placed in one corner. The answer choices contain the same two objects, rotated in some way.

Choose the option that shows both the dots placed in the same corners as in the model.

A. A.

B. B.

C. C.

D. D.

E. E.


The most important feature to notice in this question is that in both shapes, although they look almost symmetrical, their legs are of different length; hence, each vertex has a unique position.

Let's choose to begin with the triangle this time. Its marked vertex is on the shorter leg. In options A and B the marked vertex is found on the longer leg; thus, they are eliminated.

Options C and D are good fit, while in option E the marked vertex is parallel to the original one. E is also eliminated. Only options C and D remains.

On the corner-like shape the marked vertex is found on the longer leg. This is true only in shape C; thus it can be marked as the correct answer, and we can move to the next question.

You can examine and see of course that there is a match between the marked vertices, yet your goal is to find the correct answer as fast as you can and move forward, since time is limited.


Problem-Solving Sample Question (Word Problems)

5. In an attempt to attract new clients a bank is offering a new deal (for all clients): clients will receive a $30 bonus for opening a checking account. For opening a savings account, clients will get a $35 bonus. A $25 bonus will be received by clients who sign up for overdraft protection.

What is the largest amount of bonus a new client can get?

A. 100$.

B. 90$.

C. 65$.

D. 30$.


The largest bonus amount that a client can receive is the sum of all the possible bonuses:
30+35+25 = 90.



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Problem-Solving Sample Question (Next in Series)

6. Please choose one correct answer

42 | 24 | 18 | 6 | 12 | ?

A. 4.

B. 32.

C. -4.

D. -6.


This series follows a rule that may remind you of the Fibonacci sequence but with a little twist- Each number equals the difference between the two preceding numbers.
42-24 = 18
24-18 = 6
18-6 = 12
6-12 = -6.



An applicant who fails the test can retake it after three months, but only three times in total. Improve your problem-solving skills with more Math CFAT-style questions.



Answer Index

1 2 3 4 5 6
C B A C B D.


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