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  • Personality profiling for "Personality Attributes"
  • Math work problems for "Number Facility"
  • Basic math for "Mathematical Reasoning"
  • Additional practice sections for - flexibility of closure, oral comprehension, memory, spatial aptitude & selective attention
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What is the National Firefighter Selection Inventory Test (NFSI)?

The National Firefighter Selection Inventory (NFSI) was developed by I/O Solutions as an employment screening device with a focus on the cognitive skills and behavioral characteristics that are essential for the effective performance of firefighting tasks. The NFSI exam has been shown to accurately predict the capacity and willingness to achieve success as a firefighter.

Please note that while we do not provide an exact test simulation, our PrepPack™ is customized in a way that provides excellent comprehensive practice for every type of question that may appear on the actual test. Using our practice resources and study guides will significantly improve your chances of acing the test and securing your place at the top of the eligibility list.

Check out our free NFSI Practice Exam with questions taken directly from the PrepPack.

Format of the NFSI Exam

Expect to see a multiple-choice, timed test with a time frame of 2.5 hours. The IO Solutions fire exam consists of two main sections Cognitive Skills and Personality Attributes.

Cognitive Skills Section

The cognitive skills section of the test is comprised of 105 questions spread out over 8 different areas.

  • Verbal comprehension– This competency measures your ability to read a scenario and understand what took place. You will find a moderately long, job-related passage followed by questions and alternative responses. The questions can be answered entirely by the material provided in the passage. Each item presented involves information, analysis or conclusions derived from the scenario.
  • Verbal expression – Assessing your skill in conveying ideas and facts through written language, the NFSI highlights capitalization, vocabulary, punctuation, grammar, spelling and English usage. A short statement with missing words is provided. Select the alternative that correctly completes the sentence and various words in a statement are underlined. Select the alternative containing the word that is spelled incorrectly.
  • Problem Sensitivity – The ability to recognize a problem or the most serious problem is tested through questions requiring you to identify the difficulty in a given scenario. 
  • Deductive Reasoning – Questions assessing this skill require the application of a rule or procedure to a set of circumstances.
  • Inductive Reasoning – A set of events or objects are presented. The task involves a determination of the rule or connection that exists between the individual elements of the set. You will be asked to draw conclusions, find the connecting link or summarize data concerning the series of items.
  • Information Ordering – Rules or procedures are provided. Apply the rules/procedures to statements for the purpose of correctly sequencing the sentences. Items that measure this competency include Questions requiring the selection of the procedure to attend to first/last and sequencing all statements, selecting the alternative containing the correct sentence sequence.
  • Mathematical Reasoning – Expect to encounter charts, tables, diagrams, pictures, and math word problems. Carry out basic mathematical functions to answer the questions using the information contained in the charts.
  • Number Facility – Calculate answers to math word problems using fundamental math functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, ratios, decimals, averaging and square measures.

Personality Attributes Section

This NFSI fire test section contains 50 multiple-choice, five-point rating scale, questions. The rating is from “Strongly Agree” to Strongly Disagree.” Same as on other pre-employment personality tests your selections reflect your thoughts, actions, and preferences in regard to work-based characteristics. The main characteristics assessed include:

  • Stress tolerance – Your ability to handle the extreme work pressures of a firefighter is measured through NFSI stress tolerance questions.
  • Team orientation – Teamwork is the essential characteristic being assessed.
  • Motivation/attitude – Initiative and conscientiousness are the two main traits that establish the outstanding nature of every firefighter.

Prepare for Your IOS Firefighter Exam

If you want I/O Solutions firefighter exam preparation than you’ve come to the right place. We provide test preparation through firefighter study guide, practice tests, Q & A analysis and testing strategies geared toward I/O Solutions NFSI Exam.

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