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What Are the Different Test Parts Included Inside the Different NTN Tests?

Human Relations and Teamwork Skills Tests-

  • Teamwork and Human Relations skills tests (2 Parts version)- The Teamwork and Human Relations skills test contains two parts. In the first part, a video of situations will be presented, and you will be required to choose the best course of action in a multiple-choice format. During the first part, you will be instructed to pay attention to the behaviors of the individual firefighters and supervisors. In the second part, you will need to answer questions about those characters. 
  • Human Relations skills test (1 part version)- In the HR test, you will watch a video segment and choose the best course of action in a multiple-choice format. The items play without stopping, and you will have ten seconds to answer each question. Any information that may be needed to answer a question should be provided in the test- no previous knowledge or law enforcement experience is required. 

General Skills-

  • Reading skills- In the Reading skills exam, candidates must choose a word that best fits in the blank spot. 
  • Mathematics skills- Mathematics Ability testing concerns the kinds of problems presented in the everyday working world of firefighters. The test includes questions about essential arithmetic functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and proportions. The questions are video-based and require all calculations to be performed in the head. 
  • Mechanical skills test- Mechanical skills test is a video-based, multiple-choice test that involves everyday tools, equipment, and fundamental mechanical principles like valves, water pressure, etc.

Specific Job-Related skills tests-

  • Call-Taker Video Test- This video-based exam portrays a variety of emergency calls and focuses on situational judgment. You will be required to watch video scenarios illustrating call-takers in different situations and to take notes about them. The notes taken during this test segment will serve you to answer questions in a later test segment. Each call is taken to a critical decision point where candidates must choose the best course of action in a multiple-choice format.   
  • Dispatcher Test- The Dispatcher Video Test assesses basic multitasking skills, which are the key to learning and performing the job. You will be presented with moving situations and keep track of four police units. When new calls come in, You will be asked to decide which units to send based on two things: where the units are, and what they’re currently doing. Then you will be asked to determine which units to send if units need to be sent immediately If medical also needs to be sent. 
  • EMT Written Knowledge test- The EMT Written Knowledge test designed especially to assess your knowledge in the fields is required for EMTs to be successful on the job. The EMT NTN test consists of 60 multiple-choice questions and is referenced to Brady Emergency Care, 12th Edition, by Pearson Education, Inc. 
  • Report Writing skills test- The Report Writing skills test contains two parts. First, you will be shown a brief situation on video and asked to write a report describing it during a ten minutes time cape. You will be able to take notes during the video watching and can use these notes to write the report. Second, you will be requested to use the report you wrote during the first part to answer multiple-choice questions. 
  • Recording Pertinent Information Test (Note-Taking Test)- You will be required to read statements about the calls from the Call-Taker Video Test and use your notes to determine if the statement presented is Correct, Incorrect, or if they are unsure.

What Are the Different NTN Tests? 

As far as we know, the National Testing Network utilizes 9 different types of job tests: 

If you’re looking for information about which different test parts are included in each of the tests NTN, please click here and check our National Testing Network Test Prep Tutorial!

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