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What's Included

  • 10 Basic math drills
  • 12 Language and grammar drills
  • 2 Police forms tests
  • 15 Reading comprehension tests
  • 9 Reasoning tests
  • 7 Study guides and video tutorials
  • Money back guarantee - see terms & conditions


The Connecticut Police Chiefs Association (CPCA) distributes a specific written exam to assess candidates who are interested in becoming a police officer in Connecticut. JobTestPrep offers all-inclusive practice materials filled with relevant test regarding the format and structure of the CPCA test.

Utilize our exclusive CPCA PrepPack which is filled with math, language, and grammar drills, as well as study guides, video tutorials, answer explanations, and more. Take advantage of our simulated CPCA practice test to prepare and higher your chances of success.

What is the CPCA Exam?

The Connecticut Police Chiefs Association (CPCA) exam is comparable to both the New Haven and State Trooper exams. The CPCA test evaluates your capability to interpret and obtain new information. It also assesses how well you can recall facts and use your cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills, and attention to detail.

The CPCA entry-level police officer exam uses job task analysis in order to measure your skills, knowledge, and personality traits which are necessary for obtaining an entry-level police officer position. Candidates six-month application acceptability period starts once they take the written exam. Applicants can apply for any CPCA program job position during this time. Candidates must meet the CPCA program’s requirements and prerequisites in order to move forward in the hiring process.


The CPCA Entry-Level Test Practice

To achieve the best score in the CPCA exam, you must be prepared. And don't forget, your competitors are studying to get your spot in the academy. Start practicing right away!


CPCA Test Locations

The test may be held in a different location depending on where you are looking to be hired.

Some possible test locations may be:

  • North Branford
  • Bloomfield
  • Cromwell

How Can I Prepare for the CPCA Police Officer Exam?

Taking the CPCA entry-level police test requires improving your reasoning and critical thinking skills by taking practice tests.

Other ways to prepare to become a police officer:

  • Graduate college
  • enroll in a Criminal Justice program
  • Join an internship program with a police department
  • Volunteer with a police department
  • Learn two or more languages
  • Study for entry-level exams
  • Increase your reading comprehension skills
  • Get in good physical shape
  • Get CPR certified
  • Acquire oral and written communication skills

How is the CPCA police officer exam scored?

This examination is administered to all applicants who have passed the CHIP testing and background investigations. The selection process is multi-tiered and assesses candidates based on several factors.

The written exam measures general cognitive abilities and personality traits and chooses the highest scores from all of the test-takers. This is done because CPCA seeks to hire only the best people to offer a life of service to their community and must ensure that these employees possess the necessary qualities to succeed.


The Connecticut Police Chiefs Association (CPCA) and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website.



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