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At JobTestPrep, we know well how important it is to comprehend written information for the successful fulfillment of tasks at your job place. To help you prove to your employers that you understand what you read and, in so doing, receive the desired job offer, we have compiled exclusive practice materials that will hone your reading skills.

Our PrepPack™ contains texts written on various topics, study guides, and tips on how to increase the accuracy and speed of your reading. With our resources, you will learn how to scan a text quickly and zero in on sentences containing the information needed to answer questions correctly. We will also help you discern nuances in seemingly similar questions and statements so that you do not fall into a linguistic trap and accidentally choose the wrong answer among several alternatives. Practice with JobTestPrep’s resources and raise the score on your reading comprehension exam.

The Reading Comprehension Test

The reading comprehension test is created to measure how well you understand texts written on general and academic subjects. The test also estimates whether you can differentiate between essential and secondary information and quickly select those sentences that contain answers to questions given below the text. Your reading speed is assessed as well.

On the test, you will be presented with several short texts. To measure your comprehension of what you read, you will be required to answer questions relevant to the information presented in each passage by choosing an answer among four or five alternatives. What is challenging in these questions is that given alternative answers often have only subtle differences in meaning. The reading comprehension test, therefore, does not seek to measure your general understanding of the gist of sentences. Rather, it evaluates your attention to details and your ability to feel the subtlest nuances in the words’ connotations and the logical development of the text’s argument.

This is a speeded test. You will be given only 5 minutes to answer questions about each passage. To answer questions faster and more precisely, it may be helpful to scan them before you start reading the test. Keeping the questions in mind, while you are reading, will help you automatically concentrate on the information relevant to them and will prevent you from erring when choosing an answer.

Prepare for Your Reading Comprehension Test

Prepare for your reading comprehension aptitude test with our sophisticated PrepPack™ that contains tests and answer keys necessary to increase the speed and accuracy of your reading. No matter how difficult the text on your verbal exam may be and no matter how many unfamiliar, ambiguous words it contains, with our assistance, you will answer questions with accuracy, thereby showing to your employers that you can be entrusted with the most complicated written instructions and tasks.

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