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Why Do You Even Need to Be Tested on Math to Be a Police Officer?

If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, you’re not alone.

Many applicants don’t understand why police officers need to be tested on their math skills.

But here’s the thing:

Police officers use math during almost every shift throughout their service. So, they must have solid math reasoning skills and the ability to make quick calculations on their feet.

Here are a few examples for everyday math you’ll be using as a cop:

  • Calculating distance and speed in a traffic accident investigation.
  • Writing driving tickets.
  • Calculating property inventory.
  • Drug calculations

Is the Police Math Test Hard?

The math portion of the police exam can be difficult if you come unprepared. As you may remember from high school, just memorizing the answers is not enough, you must also understand the methodology. And that’s where most applicants find it hard.

What Math Will You See on a Police Officer Test?

The following topics will appear on almost any math portion of the police written exams:

  • Arithmetic – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division (including long division)
  • Percentages
  • Ratios
  • Time
  • Speed
  • Units of measurement – miles, feet, inches, etc.
  • Unit conversion
  • Word problems

Want to try some police math sample questions? Give our free police math practice test a go:


How to Pass the Police Math Exam?

Your ultimate goal should be scoring as high as possible on the math portion. That’s because for most of the police written tests, the passing rate is 70% - 80%. Pretty high.


The best way to ensure you ace this section is by knowing exactly what question types to expect and how to solve them correctly under time pressure.

To help you pass and score big, we created a complete preparation pack covering everything you need to know.

It includes timed practice tests and drills for all test subjects, no matter what department you applied to.

Additionally, every math question in our prep comes with a thorough step-by-step explanation. This way, you’re not only seeing the correct answer, but also learning effective solving methods.

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