Police Memory Test Section: Test Preparation

Police Memory Test Section

The memory section of the police exam is also known as the memorization test section or observation and memory section. You are usually given a booklet with a story or photo to study for a certain amount of time. After your study time is up you will not be allowed to look at the booklet and will have to wait an additional few minutes before answering questions based off of the story or photo. Both the story and photo will be related to a situation that may occur while doing police work. All questions will be a multiple-choice format. The amount of memory questions on each test will vary.


As a police officer, you need to have a good memory. You need to be able to recall and retain new information. This includes words, numbers, faces, vehicles, geographic location, maps, and patterns. Preparing for the police memory section will help you not only on the exam but on the job as well. 

Memory Sample Questions

Try some of our memory sample questions to help you prepare for the memorization section of the police exam.

Prepare with JobTestPrep

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