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What is the CJBAT Test?

The CJBAT is an assessment of cognitive abilities and personality traits used to select future Florida police officers. The CJBAT consists of 97 questions in three sections, and takes 1.5 hours to complete. To pass, you will need to answer 70% of the questions correctly.

In the CJBAT you will be required to answer questions from six cognitive ability fields, as well as questions regarding behavioral and personal attributes. Click on the links below to read more about each section, or keep scrolling to answer CJBAT practice questions: 

CJBAT Practice Test Questions

CJBAT Practice Test Question - Deductive Reasoning 


Read the rule and the situation carefully and answer the question. 


During admissions to the psychiatric hospital, the officer must ensure new patients are restrained if they should become abusive to personnel.

The officer is required to monitor visitors’ behavior and ensure proper conduct. Specifically, the officer must ensure that visitors neither physically harm nor threaten to physically harm personnel or patients nor assist a patient in escaping from the facility. Any visitor exhibiting such conduct, or any unauthorized visitors, must be escorted out of the facility by the officer.

Assume the role of a Security Officer in the Mental Health institution in the following situation.


At reception, a wife is admitting her husband to the hospital. The husband appears to gradually become aggravated, shouting and cursing at the receptionist. The wife is trying to calm him down.


What should you do?

Restrain the husband.
Escort the woman out of the hospital.
Try to calm the man down.
Do nothing and wait for reinforcements
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The answer is choice A.

“During admissions to the psychiatric hospital, the officer must ensure new patients are restrained if they should become abusive to personnel.” – The husband is cursing at the receptionist, which is clearly abusive behavior.

CJBAT Practice Test Question - Inductive Reasoning

Officer Rose received a series of reports from witnesses who saw a woman selling drugs on the corner of Main and Crawford. The description of each suspect is as follows:

Report 1: female, White, late thirties, brown hair, 5’5”, 160 pounds, pink sweatpants, red shirt, gold earrings, jean jacket.

Report 2: female, White, 35, black hair, 5’4”, 150 pounds, sweatpants, blue shirt, jean jacket, sandals.

Report 3: female, White, mid - thirties, blonde hair, 5’6”, 155 pounds, blue jeans, red jacket, gold earrings, scarf.

On December 11, a fourth report is received regarding a woman selling drugs on Main Street. The description of the suspect is as follows:

Report 4: female, White, brown hair, 5’5”, 35 years old, 150 pounds, red sweatpants, blue jacket, running shoes.


Based on the description given above of the suspects in the first three reports, the suspect in report 4 should also be considered a suspect in report(s):

1 & 3
1 & 2
1, 2 & 3
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is D.

Let’s first examine the relevant features of the suspect from Report 4. The suspect is female, White, around 5’5”, 35 years old, and 150 pounds. Reports 1, 2, and 3 all match the description of Report 4 closely.

Note that the discrepancies between “late - thirties,” and “mid – thirties,” between 5’4”, 5”5, and 5’6”, and between 150 pounds, 155 pounds, and 160 pounds are all relatively minor.

The hair color of the suspect and the clothing she is wearing are not relevant facts, as these features can easily be changed.

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How Do I Pass the CJBAT Test?

With close to 100 challenging questions, the Florida CJBAT is one of the more difficult police tests around. This doesn't mean it should be what stops you from a rewarding career in law enforcement - accurate preparation and taking the time to work hard are your keys to acing this test. 

With JobTestPrep's specialized CJBAT preparation pack, you will gain access to hundreds of accurate CJBAT practice test questions, full simulations, study guides and more - giving you everything you need to get the high score you need.


CJBAT Test Minimum Competencies

The requirements for becoming a police officer can vary greatly between police department around the country, and in Florida CJBAT is what encapsulates these requirements and measures them. FDLE identified six basic abilities, referred to as "minimum competencies", as prerequisites to enrollment into police training programs in Florida.

These include a mix of behavioral attributes and cognitive abilities that we will review in depth in the following section. 

CJBAT Test Structure 

CJBAT Section 1: Behavioral attributes

The behavioral section of the test is in essence a brief personality test that will evaluate personality traits and work attitudes such as your honesty, integrity, and teamwork which are vital parts of being a police officer.

This section includes 47 questions and is 20 minutes long. The questions are behavioral in nature and are meant to ensure that you both have the temperament and personal characteristics to be an officer of the law.

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CJBAT Section 2: Memorization
In this section you will be tasked with examining a picture for a short amount of time and the successfully recalling minute details after the image is removed. The section contains 10 pictures with 1.5 minutes per question on each picture. Each image and its set of questions is individually timed. 

CJBAT Section 3: Witten comprehension, written expression, deductive reasoning, and inductive reasoning
This section includes 40 questions and is 1 hour long. These CJBAT questions are cognitive and will include:

  • Written Comprehension – assesses your ability to read and understand written information. You will apply this skill on the job when reading legal bulletins, Florida Statutes, ordinances, policies, and procedures. 
  • Written Expression – This section assesses your ability to effectively get your point across in writing. You will apply this skill when you need to write incident reports, discipline reports, memos, affidavits, or narratives.
  • Deductive Reasoning – This section assesses your ability to apply general rules to specific problems and to come up with logical answers. You may use this skill when implementing Florida Statutes or the Florida Manual on Jail standards in real life situations.
  • Inductive Reasoning – This section assesses your ability to combine separate pieces of information to form general rules or conclusions. This will occur on the job when you are performing any type of investigation to conclude that laws have been violated, such as examining a crime scene.

*Note: To pass you must not only meet the general 70% threshold but also get 30/50 questions correct from sections 2 and 3 combined. 

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 CJBAT Technical Requirements

The CJBAT is administered by Pearson Vue, and all issues related to registration must be done through them. Contact info is available on the Pearson Vue site. There are a number of important requirements you must keep in mind before taking the CJBAT:

  • The CJBAT can be taken three times per calendar year. If you fail to pass the test three times in 2024 for instance, you will need to wait for the following calendar year to retake it. 
  • Mobile phones and other electronic devices are forbidden. 
  • You must bring two forms of government issued id (with signatures) to the test site, one of which must be a photo ID. 

CJBAT Test Scores

To pass the CJBAT exam, you will need to achieve a CJBAT passing score of at least 70%, with at least 30/50 questions correct in sections two and three (memorization and cognitive abilities). Anything below these requirements will be automatically classified as a failing score. 

Unofficial CJBAT test scores will be provided to you by Pearson Vue on the day of the test, with official results being updated in the ATMS system later on. You will receive a full score report after taking the test, with statistics on which areas you did better or worse in. 

Tip: thorough practice with accurate prep materials is the only proven method to improve your chances of getting a SJBAT passing score. 


Is the CJBAT test hard?

The short answer is yes - the CJBAT (formerly known as FBAT, or sometimes Florida BAT) is very challenging, as it combines a variety of assessments that stretch your cognitive abilities and memorization to the limit, as well as measuring behavioral elements. 

The longer answer to the question is the CJBAT test hard is yes, but - with the right preparation you can elevate your abilities and ace it. Using accurate preparation materials to acquaint yourself with every aspect of the CJBAT test can make all the difference, and give you the keys to a rewarding career as a Florida police officer. 

How long are the CJBAT Test results valid for?

Considering that you have achieved a passing score of 70% your test results will remain valid for four years.

It is also noteworthy that you have three chances to pass per year, but if you fail on these three attempts, you must wait a full year before trying again. 

What Type of Questions are on the CJBAT Test?

You will be tested on essentially four types of questions including: Deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, information ordering, and problem sensitivity. 

How Long is the Correctional School in Florida?

The courses are a total of 420 hours for the basic academy. 
Courses include:

Introduction into Corrections
Officer Safety
Facility and Equipment
Intake/Reception and Release
Supervising in a Correctional Facility
Supervising Special Populations
Responding to Incidents and Emergency
First Aid/CPR
Criminal Justice Firearms
Defensive Tactics
Criminal Justice Officer Physical Fitness


Other than failing the CJBAT test, what else can exclude my application?

There are a number of factors that can exclude you from the process, especially failing the background check.

These can include, serious traffic violations, misdemeanors, failure to comply with legal obligations, and more.



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