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What Is the Police Vocabulary Test?

The police vocabulary test is a multiple-choice test intended to evaluate the candidate’s vocabulary and reading comprehension in conditions of artificially induced stress, which is created by means of adding a time component to the test. This means you will usually have about a minute or two to answer each question.

The questions themselves are multiple-choice. You will be provided a sentence with a word, or two, missing and must select the answer that best fills the gaps. Some of the words in the answers will be misspelled on purpose, so you must select the answer where the words are both semantically appropriate and spelled correctly.

Police Vocabulary Test Sample Questions


  • Police Vocabulary Sample Question #1

The detective ordered the police officer to ________ his behavior.

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer


  • Police Vocabulary Sample Question #2

A grand jury has ________ not to _________ Police Officer Jake Summers in the death of Mike Chang.

Decided, Entice
Ruled, Endikt
Jury, convict
Decided, Indict
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer


  • Police Vocabulary Sample Question #3

Most people would agree that it is a ____ , well- ____ measure.

Sensible, Intentioned
Sensible, intention
Sensibly, Intentoined
Censibly, Intentative
None of the Above
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

If you want to try out a few more sample questions, a collection of free sample questions for law enforcement tests is available here.

How to Prepare for the Police Vocabulary Test

Many of the suggestions that are useful for preparing for vocabulary tests and multiple-choice tests in general also apply to law enforcement exams.

  • Read more, particularly on subjects related to law enforcement.
  • Work with mock tests. Working with a time limit will help you be more confident in the actual exams. That is especially important as many of the questions on your test will revolve around police-related content.
  • The specific rules of YOUR police test are very important. Some exams may reduce points for wrong answers while some may not. In any case, it is crucial to become familiar with them in advance and to practice accordingly.

Prepare for Your Police Exam

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