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The vocabulary section of the exam will either be its own section or it will be a sub-section of the basic skills or writing skills section. It can also be found in the reading comprehension section. All questions in the police vocabulary test section will be a multiple choice format. The amount of questions in this section will vary on each police exam. You will be asked to choose a different word that is the most accurate synonym or definition of a word. The word may be in underlined in a sentence or you will be asked what a word means.

Police Vocabulary Test Purpose

This section measures how well you understand basic police vocabulary words. The words used in this section are commonly used in police work. As a police officer you need a good vocabulary in order to effectively understand written and verbal directions. You must be able to clearly understand departmental policies, procedures, state statutes, city codes and legal terminology. Preparing for this section of the exam will help you not only on the test but on the job as well.

Vocabulary Sample Questions

Familiarize yourself with the types of vocabulary questions that can be found on the police exam through our free sample questions. The following sentences have one or two words missing. Choose the answer choice which provides the best option to fill the gaps.


1. The decetive ordered the police officer to ________ his behavior.

A. altar

B. alter

C. retain

D. exchange


2. A grand jury has ________ not to _________ Police Officer Jake Summers in the death of Mike Chang.

A. decided, entice

B. ruled, endikt

C. jury, convict

D. decided, indict

Correct Answers: 1. B 2. D

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