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Types of Civil Service Tests

There is no longer one general civil service exam that encompasses all government positions. Today, there are dozens of unique exams created based on the required skills and knowledge for different professions and occupations.

Accordingly, the tests are divided into two distinct categories: Federal Civil Service exams and State Civil Service exams. Since federal exams are created by the civil service agency of the federal government, tests for the same federal job are generally uniform no matter what state the test is administered in. State exams are offered and created by the State's Department of Civil Service, so although exams for the same professions may be similar, they can differ between states and municipalities based on regional policies and laws. Learn more about Federal civil service exams and State civil service exams.

What to Study

Job listings and upcoming exams for civil service employment positions are posted on the federal and state civil service department websites. Since civil service exams are built according to profession, they differ based on the required qualities and skills necessary for that position.  

For example:

Exams by Profession Tested Skills

Law Enforcement Exams

Reading comprehension, judgement, memorization, and visualization.

Clerical Civil Service Exams

Memorization, coding, alphabetization, filing, and records management.

The skills that are generally tested are:

  • Clerical abilities
  • Verbal abilities
  • Mathematics
  • Decision making/management skills
  • Memorization of facts and information

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To help you prepare for your specific civil service exam, JobTestPrep offers detailed information about each profession and the contents of its corresponding exam, as well as custom made practice tests and sample questions. 

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