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Maintenance Exam Questions and Subjects

The civil service maintenance aptitude test is a multiple-choice formatted test, administered either on the computer or by pen-and-paper, depending on the administering agency. The exact subjects you will find on your maintenance worker exam are listed on the hiring government agency’s exam announcement featuring the job vacancy. Although these maintenance skills tests are offered for a variety of civil service maintenance jobs, the general content of the exams remains the same. 

Test Content

Reading/Written Comprehension — This section of the civil service maintenance assessment test presents several passages or instructions and requires candidates to read and interpret the given information accurately. Routinely, an individual in the civil service maintenance position is expected to be able to read and correctly follow instructions.

Knowledge of Tools & Mechanical Comprehension — This section is stressed in the maintenance mechanic test, machinist test and maintenance technician test. These maintenance test questions are more technical, focusing on the candidate’s knowledge and ability to operate mechanical devices and equipment, and knowledge of basic mechanical principles. Candidates may be required to identify the names of tools, their uses, and advantages and disadvantages. In some questions, candidates must properly select the appropriate diagram or description of the tool that will most efficiently solve the problem presented in the question. Tools and devices found on the maintenance test may include gears, pulleys, and levers.

Electronics Comprehension — For candidates taking the electrical maintenance test, these electrical aptitude questions test for knowledge of the basic principles and tools of electric maintenance. Subjects may include electric circuit wiring, relationships between voltage, current, and resistance, and identifying the proper electrical tools and equipment.

Math & Number Facility  Occasionally the civil service maintenance worker test may consist of simple math and arithmetic questions to test candidates’ abilities to perform basic computations and solve reasoning problems. Questions may be related to typical shop work or mechanical equipment, require the reading of meters, or require the taking of measurements. General maintenance skills: Candidates are tested on basic knowledge of construction and materials used in maintenance work like plumbing, painting, sheet metal, and masonry. These general maintenance test questions may also include topics on cleaning, greasing, heating and ventilating, and carpentry.

Shop & Auto Knowledge — Required for a variety of mechanic tests and bus maintainer exams, these questions require candidates to have a basic knowledge on shop and automotive information and practices. Topics may include the proper use of shop hand and machine tools, the correct application of practices, and maintenance of automotive vehicles.

Safety Practices — Generally all maintenance tests are very consistent in assessing candidates’ knowledge of safe operating practices, whether in relation to mechanical, electrical, or shop devices. Questions may ask about scaffolding or equipment precautions, or the proper (and safe) order of steps to reach the solution of a problem.

Civil Service Maintenance Opportunities

Civil service maintenance jobs are offered at the federal, state, and local level with a variety of different job titles and vacancies (which can be found on the individual government of agency websites.) Jobs may include work in carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electricity, painting, roofing, or inspections. Specific job titles include but are not limited to:

MTA Civil Service Exams

The MTA civil service exam is offered by the NY Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) for several MTA civil service employment opportunities that require the civil service maintenance-mechanical exam, including: Transit Electro-Mechanical Maintainer, Track Worker, Car Maintainer, Structure Maintainer, and Bus Maintainer. 

Practice for the Maintenance Test with JobTestPrep

Most maintenance assessment tests require candidates to achieve a minimum score of 70% in order to have their names available on the eligible list- the list of candidates who passed and who may be contacted by the hiring agency. Arrive to the test day confidant and composed after preparing with JobTestPrep. Soon we will be offering civil service maintenance practice test-pack, with maintenance aptitude practice tests in order to refine your knowledge and skills, and predict your success as a civil service maintenance employee. In the meantime, learn more about mechanical aptitude tests.

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