Gears in Mechanical Aptitude Tests - Free Advice & Sample Questions

Familiarity with Gears is Important for Your Score

The topic of gears is very prevalent in mechanical aptitude tests. Without proper preparation, this topic may seem confusing; however, with our study guide, you can easily gain all the knowledge required for your test.

What are Gears, Precisely?

A gear, or a cogwheel, is a wheel on which circumference there are equally sized and spaced teeth. The cogwheel is designed to transfer the circular torque (i.e. the circular movement of force) to an additional cogwheel.

When one cogwheel is turning in a certain direction, the other cogwheel meshed with it will turn in the opposite direction.

Common Gears Questions

Usually, you will be required to distinguish the direction and / or velocity of the portrayed cogwheels.
For example: In the following illustration, cogwheel 1 is turning in a counterclockwise direction.
In which direction would cogwheel 3 turn?


mechanical gears sample question

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This question’s level is easy, and more difficult questions may include a complex system with a larger number of wheels. Also, in some questions, cogwheels may be meshed with different toothed components, such as internal cogwheels or rack and pinion; in others, you may be required to calculate velocities. Our study guide can provide you with all the tools you need in order to solve these questions.


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