Skype Interview Tips, Information & Questions

What Is a Skype Interview?

Skype interviews are just as they sound—interviews held over Skype. These types of interviews are utilized by companies with no "brick and mortar" locations, those hiring candidates abroad, or those looking to cut down on resources. Although seemingly easier than in-person interviews, as you can interview from the comfort of your own home, Skype interviews can be quite tricky and require practice as there are unique aspects to consider and keep in mind. 

What Should You Wear for Your Skype Interview?

Although you will more than likely be conducting the interview from the comfort of your own home or office, be sure to dress appropriately. You need to consider your camera and the angles it captures, so you may want to put on a dress skirt or pair of pants instead of leaving your pajama pants on. 

You should also consider cleaning up the area around you. You want to appear professional, and by having a messy or noisy space, employers may think you are not prepared or that you did not put in the time and effort to present yourself as best as possible. 

Furthermore, you want to make sure that your Skype picture and username are appropriate, in addition to all of your settings. You may even consider having a separate Skype account for work. Additionally, make sure that all other devices are on silent as you do not want to have rings and beeps interrupt your interview.

Six Tips for Skype Interviews

Although seemingly easier than other interviews, Skype interviews can still be quite tricky to master, especially if there are any unforeseen difficulties. To help, JobTestPrep has provided you with a list of six great tips below. 

  • Be aware of your posture – Don’t fidget or type during the conversation as this makes you look nervous, unconfident, and distracted, in addition to just being rude.
  • Look into the camera – You should want to make as much eye contact as possible (as you would in a face-to-face interview), so try not to look at your own reflection/image.
  • Prepare the space – Be in a clean environment as this will help you look prepared and professional. Make sure the space is quiet so that you can hear the interviewer ask his or her questions.
  • Test your equipment – Be sure your microphone and camera work.
  • Dress for the interview – Although you might be in the comfort of your own home during a Skype interview, employers do not want to see you in your pajamas. This is still an important and vital interview, so dress for the part.
  • Be prepared – Have your resume or CV on hand as you might need to reference it throughout the conversation. Additionally, have scratch paper on hand in case the interviewer mentions important information.

Interview Questions and Answers

Below are some typical questions you may face during a skype interview. In addition to the questions themselves, there are brief guidelines on how to actually answer the questions.

Question: Tell me about yourself.

Answer: Give a brief introduction of your personal and educational background, followed by some information on your professional experience and achievements. Try to integrate both things from your resume as well as a few new things.

Reasoning: The interviewer wants to learn more about you as well as about the things that might not make it on a conventional resume.

Question: What do you know about this company/position? 

Answer: Demonstrate that you took the time to research not only the company, but also the specific job position you are applying for. You want to show that you know specifics about the company—their policies, motto, and core values—in addition to job-specific requirements.

Reasoning:  This shows that you took the time and invested in learning about their company—the way that they should invest the time to learn about you as an employee.

Question: Talk about a time you had to work as part of a team.  

Answer: Reflect on a positive time you worked as part of a team. Include the anecdote, your self-reflection, a problem you potentially encountered while working with a team, the way you dealt with the issue, and the positive outcome. Be sure to answer using the STAR method. 

Reasoning: Employers want to see that you can be a team player as most companies have sub-teams within the general company or organization.

Question: Why should we hire you?

Answer: Recall your professional experience, relevant job knowledge, skills and achievements, and your motivation for the job. The best way to incorporate the aforementioned information is through examples and brief anecdotes.

Reasoning: The interviewer wants to understand and grasp your strengths as well as ensure that you understand the responsibilities and duties of the position you're applying for.

Prepare for Your Skype Interview

JobTestPrep offers an Interview PrepPack™ that is designed to help you ace an interview and bring you one step closer to the job you're after. We provide you the tools to pick relevant interview questions and assess your overall interview skills, thus giving you the chance to thoroughly improve as well as highlight your strengths. Start preparing today to ensure your success.

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