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What Is the Motor Vehicle Representative Exam?

To become a motor vehicle representative for the DMV, you must pass the Motor Vehicle Representative exam. A motor vehicle representative is similar to a customer service job. As a DMV representative, you will need to review and process transactions related to licensing drivers and the registration of vehicles. You may also be responsible for cash, checks, credit card charges, and inventories of documents, license plates, registration stickers, and other security items. Another part of the job involves spending time assisting the public in processing transactions by entering data on a personal computer.

What Do Those Who Score High Receive?

Those who score high on the exam increase their chances of becoming an employee of the DMV. Each state has different salaries per year. A typical starting DMV representative salary in NY is $33,972. Most states provide health care, a pension plan, and paid vacation, holidays, and sick leave.

What Are the Challenges to Passing?

The DMV representative exam is competitive. There are, on average, over 1,000 DMV representatives per state. With other people applying, a high score can ensure a spot on the eligibility list. The passing score on the exam is usually 70%.

Why You Need to Prepare for the DMV Representative Exam

You can, and should, prepare for the test before taking it. Our PrepPack™ includes timed tests and study guides to help you get ready. Our practice tests include explanations for all of the answers. By practicing, you up your chances of achieving a high score on the test. A high score not only ensures that you pass the exam, but it also gives you a better chance of gaining employment over the others who've applied.

What Do You Get with Your DMV Representative Practice Tests?

Our PrepPack™ provides you with full access to practice resources for the different sections found on the exam. We offer 76 practice tests for the different test sections. You also receive five situational judgement tests. Finally, you get seven different study guides offering you tips and methods for answering questions.

More About the DMV Representative Exam

Each state requires a different test to become a DMV representative. Some of the test sections may have different names, but they assess the same skills.

  • Cashiering Principles and Practices/Cashiering and Monetary Transactions – These questions are designed to test for an understanding of proper cashiering practices, terminology, and cashiering issues pertaining to currency, checks, and other negotiable instruments.
  • Name and Number Checking – These questions test for the ability to distinguish between sets of words, letters, and/or numbers that are almost exactly alike. Material is usually presented in two or three columns, and you have to determine how the entry in the first column compares with the entry in the second, and possibly the third, column. You are instructed to mark your answers according to a designated code provided in the directions.
  • Public Contact Principles and Practices –These questions test for the ability to interact with other people, to gather and present information, and to provide assistance, advice, and effective customer service in a courteous and professional manner. Questions cover such topics as understanding and responding to people with diverse needs, perspectives, personalities, and levels of familiarity with agency operations, as well as acting in a way that both serves the public and reflects well on your agency.
  • Understanding and Interpreting Written Material/Reading and Applying Written Material – These questions test how well you comprehend written material. You are provided with brief reading selections and asked questions about the selections. All the information required to answer the questions is presented in the selections; you are not required to have any special knowledge relating to the subject areas of the selections.
  • Qualifying Data Entry (Performance Exam) – Some states require a performance test that asks you to use a conventional computer with a standard keyboard to perform various tasks using a pre-established database. You are required to add, delete, and update various records in the database. Your rating on the performance exam is pass/fail and is based on the amount of material completed and the accuracy of that material. You will not be called to take the performance test unless you pass the written test.

Other sections may include Writing Skills and Situational Workplace Scenarios.

DMV Representative Hiring Process

To become a DMV representative, you need to meet certain requirements. You must possess a high school diploma or its equivalent and have at least one year of clerical and/or cashier experience. Some states may require a medical exam and/or fingerprinting. You also need to pass a written exam and possibly a performance test as well.

Prepare for the DMV Representative Exam with JobTestPrep

Ultimately, your score on the DMV representative exam plays a key role in employee selection. You have the opportunity to optimize your exam results by practicing with JobTestPrep's DMV Representative PrepPack™. If you possess a good familiarity with the test, you will be in a better position to quickly and accurately answer questions. JobTestPrep offers a complete DMV Representative PrepPack™ designed specifically to optimize test results. It even includes a motor vehicle representative study guide.

What's Included

  • 19 reading comprehension practice tests 
  • 18 clerical practice tests
  • 15 written communication practice tests 
  • Eight math practice tests 
  • Six cashiering practice tests 
  • Five applying information practice tests 
  • Five situational judgement practice tests 
  • Study guides
  • Score reports, detailed explanations & solving tips
  • Immediate access, practice 24/7
  • Secured payment


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