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What's Included

  • 5 Situational Judgement tests
  • 8 Basic Math Tests
  • 5 Reading Comprehensions Tests
  • 6 Cashiering Practice Drill
  • 4 Sentence Completion Tests
  • 6 Study Guides
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A motor vehicle representative is similar to a customer service job, in which you will need to review and process transactions related to licensing drivers and to the registration of vehicles. You may also have a variety of other responsibilities related to this field. In order to become a motor vehicle representative for the DMV, you must first pass the Motor Vehicle Representative exam. Preparing for this assessment test online with JobTestPrep is your key to success when aiming to acquire your dream career at the DMV!

What is the Motor Vehicle (DMV) Representative Exam?

The DMV Representative exam measures your technical understanding, behavioral competency, and cognitive aptitude skills based on your experience, knowledge, skills and abilities. The knowledge you are being assessed for includes your capabilities regarding modern office methods and equipment. The abilities you will be evaluated for are your reading, writing, and English comprehension skills.

Other abilities include how well you can learn, apply, interpret, and explain rules, procedures, and policy. You may also be required to accurately assess specific scenarios to make effective decisions, apply rules, carry out cashier work, use electronic office equipment, and efficiently input data. Your communication and interpersonal skills may also be evaluated during the written test.

What are the Challenges to Passing?

The DMV representative exam is competitive and there are, on average, over 1,000 DMV representatives per state. With other people applying, it is crucial to receive a higher score than your competition to ensure yourself a spot on the eligibility list.

Outdoing other competitors is important since your scores will be assessed and compared against other candidates. To get a passing score on the DMV Representative exam, you will need to get an overall minimum score of 70% in order to be placed on the eligible list.

More About the DMV Representative Exam

Below is a list of topics which are most commonly found on the test, most of which we offer in our DMV Representative PrepPack.

    • Cashiering Principles and Practices/Cashiering and Monetary Transactions – These questions are designed to test your understanding of proper cashiering practices, terminology, and cashiering issues pertaining to currency, checks, and other negotiable instruments.
    • Name and Number Checking – These questions test for the ability to distinguish between sets of words, letters, and/or numbers that are almost exactly alike.
    • Situational Judgement Test (SJT) –These questions use situational workplace scenarios to test your ability to interact with other people, gather and present information, aid, advise, and offer effective customer service in a courteous and professional manner.
    • Understanding and Interpreting Written Material/Reading and Applying Written Material – These questions test how well you comprehend written material. You will be provided with brief reading selections and asked questions about the selections.
    • Qualifying Data Entry (Performance Exam) – Some states require a performance test that asks you to use a conventional computer with a standard keyboard to perform various tasks using a pre-established database. You are required to add, delete, and update various records in the database.
    • Basic Math - These questions measure your numerical reasoning abilities and how you work with fractions, decimals, and formulas to solve mathematical problems.
    • Word Problems – These questions assess how efficiently you resolve word problems which require efficient numerical formulation of verbal information. Topics which are covered may include travel, ratio, work rate, percentages and basic calculation problems.
    • Reading Comprehension - These questions evaluate your knowledge of the English language, your ability to read fast, and your comprehension skills. You will be asked to answer multiple-choice questions based on given passages.
    • English Grammar - These questions are applied in order to assess your grammar skills, by asking you to complete sentences which are missing one or more words.

Please note that some of the test sections may have different names, but they assess the same skills. Additionally, the type of test may vary depending on the state that you are applying in.

DMV Representative Test Free Sample Questions

Sample question for the cashiering principles section: 

Amount due: $36.80. The customer gives you one $10.00 bill, four $5.00 bills, four $1.00 bills, five half dollar coins and two quarters. What is the correct change?

A. $0.00

B. $0.50

C. $0.20

D. None of the above.


Sample question for the situational judgement test (SJT) section:

When an upset customer is describing a problem, which action should be avoided?

A. Spending too much time listening to the customer’s description of the problem.
B. Gently asking the customer to calm down so that you can help them.
C. Suggesting that the customer speak to the manager.
D. Trying to focus the customer on their original need.
E. Promising to follow up on the problem resolution.


Least effective response: D
Subject: Conflict between two customers
Competencies: Prioritizing, critical thinking, service orientation

Explanation: In this scenario, you have a conflict between the need to serve two customers.

In response A, you ignore the request by the customer on the phone to speak to you specifically. This is not a good response, although both customers are served.

In response B, both customers are served and you respond to the calling customer’s request to speak to you personally. However, you leave the customer you are currently serving in the middle of your interaction. Nevertheless, this is better than answer choice A since the customer in the store did not ask for you personally.

Answer choice C balances the two needs – you give the calling customer your personal attention and let them know that you will contact them. You also don’t leave the customer in the store.

Answer D tries to make this balance; however, the customer in the store is kept waiting the whole time during your conversation. This is the least effective response, as by trying to serve them both at the same time you neglect the customer in the store. It is better to leave this customer with a colleague than keep them waiting.

DMV Representative Hiring Process

To become a DMV representative, you will need to meet certain job requirements and go through the DMV recruitment process, which includes:

    • Online application: When applying for a job position at the DMV, you will need to first fill out a job application form, either online or in-person.
    • Telephone interview: You may receive a brief phone call from an HR representative, to get to know you and schedule an in-person interview.
    • In-person interview: You may be required to partake in one-on-one and/or group interviews. You may meet with one interviewer or a panel of managers.
    • Aptitude test: You may need to take a written and performance test during this stage. The most commonly required test is the DMV Representative exam.

Prepare for the DMV Representative Exam with JobTestPrep

Ultimately, your score on the DMV representative exam plays a key role in employee selection. At JobTestPrep, we provide you with the opportunity to optimize your exam results by practicing with our DMV Representative PrepPack™. Our practice materials include simulated tests, study guides, video tutorials, and answer explanations to help raise your chances of achieving the score you need to ace the test and better your chance of outdoing your competition.

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