Prep for the DMV Motor Vehicle Representative Exam [2020]

What is the DMV Motor Vehicle Representative Exam?

A motor vehicle representative is similar to a customer service job, in which you will need to process transactions related to licensing drivers, registering vehicles, and more.

DMV stands for Department of Motor Vehicles- which is a civil service provider dealing in motor vehicles. In order to become a motor vehicle representative for the DMV, you must first pass the Motor Vehicle Representative exam. This test is conducted in several locations, such as California and New York. Preparing with JobTestPrep for your Motor Vehicle Representative exam is your key to success!

The exam measures your technical understanding, behavioural competency, and cognitive aptitude skills based on your experience, knowledge, skills and abilities. Your communication and interpersonal skills may also be evaluated during the written test. 

DMV representative tests may differ depending on the region in which you would be applying to work for. The two locations you will be asked to take the test in are California and New York. 


DMV Sample Questions

Cashiering Sample Question

What is the total amount of money listed below?

2 fifty-dollar bills
3 twenty-dollar bills
5 five-dollar bills
4 one-dollar bills
2 rolls of half dollar coins (1 roll = $10.00)
2 rolls of quarters (1 roll = $5.00)
A roll of dimes (1 roll = $1.00)
10 nickels

A. 220.5$
B. 221.5$
C. 220.0$
D. 221.0$
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is A.

To answer correctly, calculate the value for each row of items and then add them all together. The final sum with represent the total amount of money that was listed.

2 fifty dollar bills = 2X50 = 100

3 twenty dollar bills = 3X20 = 60

5 five dollar bills = 5X5 = 25

4 one dollar bills = 4X1 = 4

2 rolls of half dollar coins (1 roll=10$) = 2X10 = 20

2 rolls of quarters (1 roll = 5$) = 2X5 = 10

A roll of dimes (1 roll = 1$) = 1X1 = 1

10 nickels = 10X0.05 = 0.5

Total: 220.50$


Reading Comprehension Sample Question

Read the following paragraph and answer the question.

Among students preparing for final exams, some rely only on the technique of short, frequent study sessions to improve studying results, and others observe only the natural learning sequence of moving from general issues to specific issues, also known as "top-down" learning. Those who rely only on the natural learning sequence get higher final exam scores than do those who rely only on short, frequent study sessions. The natural learning sequence is therefore more effective than short, frequent study sessions in helping students improve their final exam scores.

What is said on natural learning technique?

A. They are short and easy
B. They are ''top down''
C. They are more popular
D. They are less effective
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is (B).

According to the passage, "the natural learning sequence [is] of moving from general issues to specific issues, also known as "top-down" learning", as Answer (B) states. (A) and (C) are not mentioned in this context at all. As for answer (D) – the passage mentions that this technique is MORE effective, not less.


What Should I Avoid During the DMV Exam?

A big mistake that many DMV representative applicants make is not acknowledging the importance of the MVR exam. Instead of putting time and effort into practicing, many candidates focus instead on the job interview, work experience, and credentials. Avoiding this error in judgement by preparing sufficiently for the DMV \exam can give you the push you need.

Since the MVR test differs depending on the area you are applying to work in, make sure you don’t use practice with resources intended for a different state. To help you avoid making this mistake, we offer two uniquely customized DMV test PrepPacks, one for California and the other for New York. Ensure that you’re utilizing the right practice tests to get the results you need to succeed.

What Challenges Do Test-Takers Report?

Achieving a final score of at least 70% can help you pass to the next stage in the hiring process. However, your score will not only be evaluated based on your performance since it will also be compared to your competitors’ scores. For this reason, a large part of the DMV representative test’s challenge is scoring higher than your competition. To do so, we advise that you aim high and practice with high-quality test materials and useful resources.

How to Ace the DMV Representative Exam

The best way to get a head start and be sure that you come out on top when taking the MVR test, is by staying calm and preparing with our online DMV practice. We offer you a simulated MVR practice test, relevant video guides, and study guides with detailed explanations. When using all these helpful resources to overcome your test anxiety and gain the confidence you need to take your upcoming DMV rep test, you’re sure to improve your scores!

California DMV Motor Vehicle Representative Exam

This online, multiple choice California DMV representative assessment determines whether you will be considered for the available position. This assessment consists of approximately 125 test questions, and you will be given a time limit of 120-minutes. When taking this test, you will not have the option of pausing or stopping at any point, until the exam is completed.

The California motor vehicle representative exam consists of three sections of multiple choice questions:

  • Written Communication – In this section, you will need to answer 20 questions which measure your spelling knowledge, word usage, sentence structure, and ability to formulate grammatically correct sentences. These questions are posed in the context of traffic laws, driving lessons, and car safety.
  • Arithmetic Calculations - In this section, you will be asked to answer 20 questions which evaluate your mathematical skills through word problems given in a cashiering context, to assess how well you make a change, calculate monetary changes, and count money.
  • Reading Comprehension - In this section, you will be required to answer 20 reading questions which examine your English comprehension skills. You will be expected to understand and apply the provided written information when test answering questions.

DMV Motor Vehicle Representative - Hiring Process

When aiming to become a DMV motor vehicle representative, you will need to go through the DMV recruitment process, so that your potential employers can determine whether you meet certain job requirements. This hiring process includes 4 stages:  

note Online application
For the first step, you will need to fill out a job application form, either online or in person.

note  Telephone interview
Afterwards, you may receive a short 30-minute phone call from an HR representative, to get to know you and schedule an in-person interview. 

note Aptitude test
 You will then be required to partake in written and performance exams, such as the DMV exam.

note In-person interview
 Finally, you will be invited to a face-to-face interview, either with a group of other candidates or one-on-one. There may be more than one interviewer present as well.


Interview Process of the DMV Motor Vehicle Representative

During the interview stage, you may be asked questions by a panel of about 2-4 interviewers. Usually, candidates are asked around 5-10 questions, most of which are posed as work-related scenarios. When answering these questions, it is important to consider what the company is looking for in an ideal candidate and put emphasis on your positive traits.

DMV Sample Question

DMV Motor Vehicle Representative - Sample Questions

Do you work better independently or with a team?

 How would you approach a challenging situation that you would need further assistance with?

How would you handle a situation in which an angry customer demands to speak to someone who isn’t at work that day?

What skills of yours have helped you when working with people?

How would you deal with communication barriers in customer service?

How would you approach a situation in which you overhear a co-worker giving a customer false information?

Define integrity.




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The Situational Judgement Test

An additional part of the DMV interview process may include taking the situational judgement test (SJT). SJT questions ask you to provide a resolution for specific work-related scenarios which pose a conflict or challenge.

The scenarios described may vary depending on the job role you are applying for. The DMV representative interview questions may be similar to questions posed by your interviewer, as they aim to assess how well you respond to challenges and your overall behaviour in the workplace.

DMV Representative Exam FAQs

What are the challenges of passing the exam?
This exam is competitive and there are, on average, over 1,000 DMV representatives per state. With other people applying, it is crucial to receive a higher score than your competition to ensure yourself a spot on the eligibility list.

Am I allowed to bring a calculator to the DMV Motor Vehicle Representative test?
Yes. You may bring a basic, hand-held calculator to the test, to use during the arithmancy section. Keep in mind that calculators will not be provided to you by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

What is the passing score?
A final score of at least 70% is required in order to be acknowledged as an eligible candidate. However, you will want to aim higher than a 70, since your scores will be assessed and compared against other candidates.

DMV Practice Question

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