California Correctional Officer Test Preparation

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  • 4 basic math drills (addition & subtraction)
  • 11 following rules drills
  • 5 identifying differences drills
  • 14 English language drills
  • 6 scheduling drills
  • 5 understanding forms drills
  • 5 SJT’s + guide
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There are many elements in the California hiring process for Corrections positions. All of the selection components must be successfully completed for job eligibility. The numerous hurdles include; Supplemental Application; Written Test; Written Peace Officer Psychological Exam (POPE), exploring your personal preferences; Physical Abilities Test (PAT); Vision Test; Pre-Investigation Interview/Background Investigation; Oral POPE; and Pre-Employment Medical Exam. Preparing for the written test with our CDCR practice test will get you one step closer to becoming a corrections officer.

CDCR Written Test

The California Corrections Written Test is administered to applicants for the following positions: Correctional Officer (CO), Youth Correctional Officer (YCO) and Youth Correctional Counselor (YCC). The exam is formatted in multiple-choice and weighted 100%.

The two main aptitudes covered throughout the CDCR test are:

Math – Expect basic arithmetic such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals and word problems. Most of the items are formatted as word problems requiring you to determine the necessary functions, and then to apply those functions in order to calculate your answers.

Written English – The items that assess reading and writing skills are comprised of English usage, grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence/paragraph structure and reading comprehension.

Types of Questions

There is are various questions which are found on the CA Correction Officer Exam.

    • Sequencing: This section will ask you to sequence sentences to form the most logical paragraph. 
    • Schedules: These questions you will be shown various schedules where you will have to draw a conclusion based on the given schedule.
    • Document Reading: As a CO, YCO or YCC, you will come across many work forms on a daily basis. To assess your ability to interpret and apply the information found in various documents you will be presented with several types of forms. Your task in each instance is to select the paragraph that describes the form information most accurately, clearly and completely.
    • Identifying Differences: These questions involve your ability to differentiate between objects, people, events and statements. You will be presented with a picture followed by one or more copies of the original. You will need to identify the differences between the original and each of the offshoots. Another type of item involves identifying the difference between two statements that describe an incident.
    • Following Rules: Within the CDCR test, you will find a set of rules followed by a scenario. You will need to apply the rules to answer the questions concerning the scenario. Similar items present a set of rules followed by a completed form. Answer the questions involving the form by applying the rules.
    • Grammar/Spelling: For these questions, you will need to read a passage and be able to identify if there is a spelling or grammatical error
    • Mathematics: These questions are word problems which involves topics such as distance, time and money.
    • Situational Judgment: You will be presented with a passage. Select the most effective/least effective action to take in alleviating a specific problem contained within the passage.


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Preparing for the CDCR Written Test

You can thoroughly prepare for the CDCR pre-employment test by working on California Corrections practice tests with Q & A analysis, reviewing a CDCR Written Test study guide and learning exam strategies. JobTestPrep's customized CDCR PrepPack™ offers a wide range of practice materials. You can thoroughly prepare for the CDCR pre-employment test by working on California Corrections practice tests with Q & A analysis, reviewing a CDCR Written Test study guide and learning exam strategies.

Please keep in mind that certain sections from the actual test will not appear on the practice CDCR exams we provide. The sections that we do not offer include identifying differences between pictures which are presented, choosing the correct description of a given scenario, and answering questions about how to read and fill out forms. Although we do not provide these subjects, our high-quality CDCR test preparation is uniquely designed to help you excel.

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