Civil Service Exam Online Preparation– All-Inclusive

What Does the All-Inclusive Pack Offer?

We invite you to gain access to all our online customized civil service exam practice packs, for all state and local positions, no matter which state or position you apply for. This will allow you to prepare specifically for each civil service exam you are expecting.

You will probably be applying for more than one position. Since most civil service positions require different skills from the prospective employee, they also require passing a different civil service exam, with different question types on various fields. Therefore, buying a single custom-made practice pack or a generic preparation pack might not suit your needs and have detrimental effects to your recruitment chances. With JobTestPrep’s all-inclusive offer, you make sure to come prepared for each civil service exam without compromising and without carrying an overload of irrelevant information.


Pass Your Pre-Hire Test

Passing your civil-service pre-hire exam is easy with JobTestPrep.


JobTestPrep Civil Service All-Inclusive Means

  • Access to the largest and most varied online inventory of practice questions for the US state and local governments’ civil service exams.
  • Custom-made practice packs per profession and per each exam title.
  • Option to build your own personalized mini-pack in accordance with your pre-hire exam needs. 
  • An email away from every question that we offer on the following fields.

Subjects Covered In the Civil Service Preparation Packs

  • English - written expression, preparing written materials, reading comprehension/understanding and interpreting written materials, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, proofreading
  • Math - arithmetic/number facility, mathematical reasoning, arithmetic with a calculator, understanding and interpreting tabular material
  • Thinking skills - applying written information, following directions, logical reasoning, problem sensitivity, inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, information ordering
  • Clerical - record keeping, working with letters and numbers, alphabetizing/filing, comparing & checking, detecting errors, coding
  • Personal skills - personality assessment, judgement and reasoning tests
  • Other skills - memorization and observation, spatial orientation, figural reasoning, visualization
  • Professional skills - basic accounting, mechanical comprehension, fault finding, diagrammatic reasoning

How Does It Work?

  • Step 1: Upon purchase, you will be able to choose any civil service pack we offer. These tests will be geared to a general practice experience.
  • Step 2: You can repeat the above process as many times as you wish, during your license period.

JobTestPrep Advantage

  1. Focus – The practice pack is customized to your needs. No reason to deal with an overwhelming amount of practice tests.
  2. Time - Why waste time on generic tests when we know what the test looks like. Just send us the info, and we’ll do the job for you.
  3. Money - You save money when compared to multiple separate purchases you would make during the entire application journey.
  4. Complete - More than practice tests: study guides, practice drills, timed/step-by-step modes, unlimited access to each test item, score reports, and more.
  5. Online- You can practice anywhere, anytime, on any device. No need to carry heavy books with you, or wait for them to be mailed. Gain immediate access.

Could You Explain More about the Service?

Most civil service exam preparation services offer generic practice packs. You only get to practice common question types, without knowing which questions you will actually encounter. We do better than that.

For example, New York exams are not exactly the same as those administered in California. The same is true for exams taking place in NY counties or New York City. Questions found on the secretary exam are not quite the same as those that appear on the administrative assistant exam. We know the difference, and can customize a pack according to your needs.

When you purchase the pack, you can add as many civil service exam practice packs as you wish during the license period. The packs follow the style of New York City exams, tailored for your position (police officer, school safety agent, bookkeeper, you name it).

If you can not find what you are looking for, you may contact our customer support team, to get the help find what you are looking for.

In short, you make sure to experience the style of questions that you are currently about to encounter, and avoid practicing generic test content, which may not even appear on the real test.

Important Notes

  1. We cannot provide preparation solutions for all civil service exams, as there are endless positions, and many different types of questions. However, we continuously keep on researching and develop an ever-growing database of question types, and customized practice packs. We specialize on all types of cognitive aptitude test, and less oriented to highly professional tests. Yet, even if we cannot prepare you for all the question types you may encounter, we will still provide the best solution that we can. It is for this reason, that JobTestPrep is now offering personalized mini-packs
  2. Different practice packs on our website may contain content overlaps. That is because in some cases, a question type/style may be used in more than one civil service exam. This will not affect your preparation experience, as the question pool is very large.
  3. Our practice packs include questions that follow the style and content of the civil service exam. We do not provide, nor claim to provide, the official exam questions that you will encounter on test day. We have all the intentions to best prepare you for your exam, but no intentions to infringe on any copyrighted material.

More about JobTestPrep

JobTestPrep holds the largest online inventory of practice questions for US civil service exams. We are the first and only institute to offer tailored practice packs per state, per position, and even per exam title in some cases.

Why Go Online Instead of Buying a Book?


Our Online Preparation Book Preparation
  • Packs are constantly updated
  • Must buy the next edition
  • Huge packs, includes 30-100 practice tests.
  • Only 2- 10 practice test
Test Environment
  • Timed tests - simulating real test conditions.
  • Non timed
  • Tailor-made packs, customizable to your specific needs.
  • Generic content – not personalized
  • Personalized score reports – see your scores in comparison with other candidates
  • None
  • Detailed, in-depth explanations of all questions and multiple solving strategies, allowing you to learn in the most comfortable way.
  • Brief explanations with references to different sections in the books
Customer Support
  • For any inquiry - email us, and get a response within 24 hours.
  • No such thing
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