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Management Personality Tests: The Complete Preparation Resource You Need

The manager personality test is crucial to whether you progress to a managerial position, and we have the right resources for you. Understand the test’s format, the desirable character traits, the score report, strategies to ace the test, decoding the test questions, sample questions and next steps to pass the test.
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What is the Test’s Format?

Management personality tests have a similar structure to other personality tests. They are comprised of a combination of true/false questions, scaled questions, multiple choice, and ipsatives.

Desirable Personality Traits for Managers

There are a variety of characteristics that are indicators of future success as a manager. The manager personality assessment focuses on the traits below in determining a candidate’s potential future success in this job role. There are also various levels of managers, and there are different core personality traits for each one. JobTestPrep’s reports give customized feedback according to the managerial level.

  • Faith in people
  • Decisiveness
  • Adaptability
  • Dominance
  • Independent Mindedness
  • Routine Aversion
  • Sensitivity
  • Empathy
  • Artistic
  • Direct
  • Ambitious
  • Conscientious

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Interpreting the Score Report:

On the management personality test, the traits are measured through the use of scales. Each scale has a predetermined ‘ideal’ range based on the characteristics that are predicted to lead to success in a manager position. The ideal range is often marked in green, the neutral range in yellow, and the non-ideal range in red. Below is a sample of managerial characteristics, their definition as they relate to the manager’s role, and the ideal ranges. Unlock the full list of characteristics, definitions, and scales in the complete personality test prep pack.

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Strategies to Ace the Test

The #1 Tip: Think like a manager!
A commonly heard complaint regarding personality tests is that the questions can be answered in different ways based one’s mood, role, etc. The first tip in taking the management personality test is that you must think like a manager only. Answer the questions with only that role in mind to optimize your answers to the position.

Tip #2 The Time Element
While some management personality tests are timed, there is no need to worry about not having enough time. The test is timed so that it is difficult to spend too long on each question, which prevents ‘gaming’ the test by fabricating answers. If you take the test as it is supposed to be taken, you should have more than enough time.

Decoding the Questions

Although the management personality test may appear to be daunting, it becomes quite simple once you understand what each question is really asking. Generally, leadership qualities are being examined in various ways, and once you identify these essential traits, you will understand what the purpose of each question is, and thereby, how to approach the test.

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