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What's Included

  • Over 70 Ability Practice tests, 1,000+ Q&A, including:
  • 11 "Thinking Skills" tests: includes different question types that appear in the Applying Written Information section
  • 19 Reading, Understanding, & Interpreting Written Material tests
  • 15 Preparing Written Materials tests
  • 2 Following Directions (Maps) tests
  • 15 Clerical Checking tests
  • 4 Memory tests
  • 5 Office Record Keeping tests
  • Fully detailed explanations teaching the simplest & quickest methods + study guide 
  • Immediate Access, Practice 24/7
  • Secured payment
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep


The Court Officer Exam, part of the Court Security Series Tests, is a multiple-choice test, approximately three hours long. You will be tested on the following subjects:

  1. Applying Written Information (Laws, Rules, Regulations, Procedures, etc.) In Court-Related Situations
    Questions in this test section assess your capabilities to apply rules and regulations to typical court officer’s situations.
  2. Understanding and Interpreting Written Material
    Your written material comprehension will be tested using questions about brief reading selections or fitting missing words in given passages.
  3. Name and Number Checking
    These questions test your ability to differentiate sets of similar words, letters, and/or numbers that are presented in several columns. Provided with coded directions, you will determine whether the entry in the first column is comparable with the one in the second and possibly the third columns.
  4. Following Directions (Maps)
    This section measures how well can you follow visual physical and geographic directions by reading and understanding a simple street or building map.
  5. Preparing Written Material
    These questions assess your information presentation ability and paragraphs ordering capability. You’ll choose the correct restatement of a given two or three sentences or determine the correct order of a disorganized paragraph.
  6. Maintaining Court Security and Proper Response to Courtroom Situations
    The questions will test your knowledge of practices in the court security field and your ability to ensure the security of courtrooms and related areas and to appropriately respond to situations commonly confronted by court security officers.
  7. Laws Related to Court Security
    These questions will test for knowledge of laws that court security personnel may encounter in the course of their work. This includes court security personnel laws, sections of the Penal Law and the Criminal Procedure Law.
  8. Supervision
    This section assesses your management skills: directing and motivating the work team towards pre-set goals, evaluating work performance, maintaining work standards and discipline, increasing efficiency, etc.
  9. Administrative Supervision
    The questions in this section test for your capability to supervise over a large staff, meaning to preserve personal interactions throughout the accomplishment of objectives, developing and evaluating the staff, coordinating several units of workers, and maintaining relationships with various organizational sections.

Court Officer Job Description

Court Officer-Trainees are peace officers; they secure courtrooms, court buildings and grounds. On the job, you will be guarding and escorting criminal defendants, judges, juries and witnesses while in the court facility. Furthermore, you’ll provide information and assist all court users, guard deliberating and sequestered juries, and other related duties. Court employees may take part in the Health Insurance Plan and Employee’s Retirement System and earn 20 paid vacation days and 12 paid holidays.

Requirements and Qualifications

At time of appointment, you must be at least 18 years old, hold a high school diploma or the equivalent and a valid driver’s license, and be United States citizen.

Prepare with JobTestPrep

JobTestPrep offers you a complete practice pack that will prepare you to the Court Officer exam. The package includes sample tests, practice questions and study guides. We will help you secure your position on the eligibility list towards the desired job title.

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