Court Officer Exam Preparation - Online Practice Tests

The Court Officer Exam – Basic Information

The Court officer exam is computerized and takes 3 hours and 15 minutes to complete. It consists of multiple-choice questions that pertain to the following topics: 

  • Remembering Facts and Information
  • Reading, Understanding and Interpreting Written Material
  • Applying Facts and Information to Given Situations
  • Clerical Checking
  • Court Record Keeping

Learn How the Court Officer Exam Is Structured

The Court Officer Exam consists of the following 5 assessments:

Remembering Facts and Information – In this section, you will be shown a written description of an incident, which you will be allowed to read and study for 5 minutes before it is removed (you will not be able to refer back to it or make any written notes). After a delay of 10 minutes, you will have to answer questions regarding the facts described in the incident.  

Reading, Understanding and Interpreting Written Material – In this section, your ability to comprehend and analyze written material is tested. There will be two types of assessment questions:

Format A – You will be presented with short reading passages followed by questions that regard the information contained in them. You will not be required to have prior knowledge pertaining to the subject matter covered in the passages.

Format B – You will be given brief passages from which words or phrases have been removed, and four alternatives to fill in the missing text. You will need to select the word or phrase which best fits the passage based on grammar, context and logic.

Applying Facts and Information to Given Situations – This section aims to assess your competence at applying Court Officer policies to specific situations that may be faced on the job. You will be presented with a regulation or procedure and required to determine the best way to use it in a given situation.

Clerical Checking – In this section, your ability to distinguish between similar letters, names, numbers and codes is evaluated. You will be shown three sets of information presented in different fonts and will be required to establish whether they are identical or not.

Court Record Keeping – This section aims to evaluate your ability to read, synthesize and handle information from various written sources. You will be provided with different types of tables and will be asked to combine and reorganize the data contained in them in order to answer the questions.

How JobTestPrep Experts Will Help You Ace the Test

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Useful Tips from Our Experts to Get Ready for Your Court Officer Exam

  1. Read carefully all the exam’s instructions, questions and answer-options to ensure that you understand them properly.
  2. Go through the exam at a steady pace without spending too much time on one single question.
  3. When you have difficulty determining what the right answer is, use the method of elimination to exclude answer-options which are obviously incorrect.
  4. Aim to answer all the questions. If you are not certain about the correct answer take a guess – wrong answers are not penalized.
  5. Pay attention to these common key words in the questions, as they may help you determine what the correct answer is – true, false, any, not, except, first, last, always, never, less, least, more, most, advantage, disadvantage, good, best.
  6. Avoid making unfounded assumptions. You need to ensure that your answer is based exclusively on the information given in the question.

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