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Apprenticeship Practice Packs That We Offer

Many apprenticeship programs require a pre-apprenticeship aptitude test. We offer various practice packs to prepare you for the exam. If you do not see your apprenticeship below, you can purchase our general apprenticeship pack.

Electrician Elevator Technician Carpentry Plumbing
Pipefitter Masonry Automotive Machinist Millwright
Heavy Equipment Operator Welding Ironworker Sheet Metal
Machinist Mechanic Boilermaker Automotive Service Technician

Electrician Apprenticeship

An electrician apprentice is responsible for maintaining and supporting various electrical wiring systems such as heating, lighting, radio, and more. The electrician apprenticeship is a popular one and often requires a test in order to be accepted. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare so you could achieve the best score on your exam. Learn more about the electrician aptitude test or take a free IBEW practice test (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Apprenticeship Test).

Elevator Technician Apprenticeship

The elevator technician apprentice installs, maintains, and repairs elevators, freights, and escalators. Those interested in joining an elevator technician apprenticeship should more often than not pass an aptitude test. JobTestPrep offers several different practice packs that will help you succeed on the day of your exam. More information and practice drills on the Elevator Industry Aptitude Test>>

Carpentry Apprenticeship

The carpenter apprentice builds structures and buildings using various tools, techniques, and materials. The carpentry apprenticeship often requires a test that follows a similar format and assesses the same subjects. JobTestPrep offers several different practice methods to help you prepare for your exam. Get our carpenter pre-apprenticeship practice pack.

Plumbing Apprenticeship

The plumber apprentice maintains, installs, removes, and handles the various aspects of the plumbing system. Before becoming a plumber apprentice, however, most candidates must pass an aptitude test. Therefore, it is highly recommended to prepare for your exam. Get our plumbing pre-apprenticeship preparation pack.

Pipefitter Apprenticeship

The pipefitter apprentice is responsible for the maintenance, installation, and assembly of piping systems. In order to be accepted into the pipefitter apprenticeship, candidates should often pass a pre-apprenticeship test for which JobTestPrep offers plenty of preparation materials. Get our pipefitter pre-apprenticeship preparation pack.

Masonry Apprenticeship

A mason apprentice builds and repairs structures and buildings using building materials, such as bricks and concrete. The masonry apprenticeship often requires the candidates to pass an assessment before being accepted. In order to prepare for your test, JobTestPrep created the Mason Practice Pack. Get our masonry pre-apprenticeship preparation pack.

Automotive Machinist Apprenticeship

An automotive machinist apprentice repairs and builds various automotive engines. The automotive machinist apprenticeship aptitude test often focuses on the mechanical skills of the candidates. Therefore, it is highly recommended to prepare and develop those skills before taking the test. Get our auto machinist pre-apprenticeship practice pack.

Millwright Apprenticeship

The millwright apprentice utilizes blueprints and layout plans to handle, install, and maintain various types of machinery. The millwright apprenticeship often requires candidates to pass an aptitude test before they can start their journey. JobTestPrep offers several different practice methods to help you prepare for your exam. Get our millwright pre-apprenticeship practice pack.

Heavy Equipment Operator Apprenticeship

The heavy equipment operator apprentice is responsible for maintaining and operating various types of heavy equipment in the safest manner possible. The heavy equipment operator apprenticeship often assesses candidates before acceptance. With the right amount of practice, you could also join the ranks of heavy equipment operators. Get our heavy equipment operator pre-apprenticeship practice pack.

Welding Apprenticeship

The welder apprentice handles metal to create and assemble components for various structures. The welding apprenticeship aptitude tests often follow a similar format for which potential candidates must prepare. JobTestPrep offers several different practice packs to help you guarantee your success. Get our welding pre-apprenticeship practice pack.

Ironworker Apprenticeship

The ironworker apprentice handles and fabricates metal sheets, parts, and components in order to build blueprint based structures. The ironworker apprenticeship test ensures that only the most qualified gain entry to the apprenticeship. Therefore, it is highly important to prepare for your upcoming test. Get our ironworker pre-apprenticeship practice pack.

Sheet Metal Worker Apprenticeship

TAs a sheet metal apprentice, you will repair, maintain, and fabricate sheets of metal using various tools and techniques to create metal products, components, and equipment. The sheet metal apprenticeship often tests the candidates' skills as part of the application process, which is why it is highly recommended to prepare for the test. Get our sheet metal worker prshhactice pack.

Machinist Apprenticeship

The machinist apprentice repairs and maintains mechanical tools and equipment using a variety of machine tools. In order to enter a machinist apprenticeship, candidates are often required to pass an aptitude test. JobTestPrep created several different practice packs to help you prepare for your exam. Get our machinist pre-apprenticeship practice pack.

Mechanic Apprenticeship

The mechanic apprentice repairs and assesses various types of vehicles and machines. The mechanic apprenticeship aptitude test assesses the candidates' potential to succeed in the field as part of the assessment process, which is why it is highly recommended to prepare for your exam. Get our mechanic pre-apprenticeship practice pack.

Boilermaker Apprenticeship

The boilermaker apprentice maintains, repairs, and assembles steam boilers and auxiliary systems. In order to enter a boilermaker apprenticeship, potential candidates may have to pass a test first. JobTestPrep created several practice packs to help you practice for your exam. Get our boilermaker pre-apprenticeship practice pack.

Automotive Service Technician Apprenticeship

An automotive service technician apprentice inspects, repairs, and maintains various types of vehicles. The automotive service technician apprenticeship program often assesses the candidates' potential before accepting them. Consequently, it is essential to prepare before taking your exam. Get our automotive service technician pre-apprenticeship practice pack.

The Purpose Behind the Trade Entrance Exam

Each trade has the necessity for specific aptitudes, whether it's the elevator industry, the electric industry, or another career field. The entrance exam aims to assess your ability to proceed into the working phase of an apprenticeship. 

The pre-apprenticeship test assesses the basic aptitudes needed in order to begin your practical training. The exam itself, format as well as subjects, differ depending on your chosen trade.

No matter how many years have elapsed between your formal education and your trades apprenticeship entrance exam, with the proper preparation, you can familiarize yourself with the test content and scoring with JobTestPrep.

U.S. Apprenticeship Aptitude Tests

Apprenticeship entrance exams take many forms in the U.S. They vary not only in terms of the different aptitudes needed for each trade, but also in regards to the number of questions, the length of time allotted, and the test format itself, which can include online, desktop, or paper exams. Your apprentice training program will determine the entrance exam you need to take. However, the primary goal of all trades entrance exams is to ensure that you have the fundamental knowledge and reasoning ability to handle the technical training portion of the apprenticeship. The three primary areas that are often tested include English and reading comprehension, mechanical reasoning, and mathematics. This is exactly the preparation focus provided at JobTestPrep.

Canadian Apprenticeship Aptitude Tests

Canadian apprenticeships requirements vary from province to province. While some pre-apprenticeship tests are accepted in several different provinces, such as the Alberta AIT (Apprenticeship and Industry Training) tests, each of rest of the provinces has its own slightly varying demands. In addition to the actual apprenticeship programs, some candidates may wish to improve their chances of getting accepted to the apprenticeship by applying first to a foundation, or a pre-apprenticeship program. Both the apprenticeship and the foundation programs may require potential candidates to pass an aptitude test. Those tests usually focus on three primary aspects:

  •  English and Reading Comprehension
  •  Science
  •  Mathematics

The type and the emphasis of each test, as well as its components, varies according to the demands of the trade.

World of Mechanical Trades

One of the many trade sectors is the mechanical trades arena, which commands a whole host of tests. The mechanical aptitude tests most often administered include:

JobTestPrep has specifically formulated our mechanical exam prep to mirror the test structures and questions in mechanical aptitude exams including those listed above.

Preparation: The Key to Your Exam Success

JobTestPrep has developed trade entrance preparation packs that contain detailed exam information, helpful test tips, and comprehensive practice tests as well as study guides and score analysis. Start studying now with our exclusive practice packs so you could pass your test and launch your career.

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