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Here you will find more information on the different stages of the hiring process along with ironworker aptitude test questions and answers. Let’s begin.

What Is the Ironworker Aptitude Test?

The Ironworkers test measures one's proficiency in a variety of subjects, including Reading Comprehension and Math. Math questions cover Basic Arithmetic Problems, Including Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages also a strong understanding of high-school-level Algebra and Geometry is required.

Unlike other pre-apprenticeship tests such as the EIAT Test or the IBEW Aptitude Test, it is not obligatory for all locals, but the largest locals do require it (e.g. Ironworkers locals 40 and 46L in NYC).


How Hard Is It to Get Into the Ironworkers Union?

The Ironworking apprenticeship requirements can be quite challenging, you must demonstrate that you can meet the physical and cognitive requirements of the apprenticeship.

A good example is the NYC Local 40 ironworkers union.

NYC Local 40 Ironworkers

According to the Local 40 union website ,the requirements of the program are that: “All applicants will take a written test first. The top qualifiers from the written test will come back for a physical test prior to acceptance into the program. Once accepted a drug test is required”.

The written test “is a general knowledge exam that includes reading comprehension and math”.

Other local unions like Ironworker 764 and Ironworker 580 require “good mechanical aptitude” and “Mechanical, mathematics, and space visualization ability”.

Research your local union's website or even send an email to better understand the exact requirements.

You can find your local union here.

Here are some Ironworker trade test sample questions that can help you to better understand the type of questions you may encounter in your exam.

Ironworkers Apprenticeship Test Sample Questions and Answers

Let's now go over several of the Ironworker Aptitude Test topics, and provide a sample question (and answer) of each. You may also try an interactive, timed Free Ironworker Sample Test.


Ironworker Aptitude Sample Question #1 - Basic Numeracy

Convert 3/13 into decimal.

A. 0.23
B. 0.75
C. 0.33
D. 4.33
E. 2.3
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

By converting 3/13 to decimal we get ≈ 0.23.

To solve this quickly without a straightforward calculation, you can convert the numbers in the answer choices to fractions to find the closest number to 3/13.

Answer (B) can be eliminated: 0.75 = 3/4

Answer (C) can be eliminated: 0.33 ≈ 1/3

Answers (D) and (E) can be eliminated: 3 is less than 13, and, therefore, 3/13 must be smaller than 1.

Before performing any operations on fractions, simplify them as much as possible. This can be done by finding a common factor in the numerator and denominator and then dividing both by that factor.

Ironworker Aptitude Sample Question #2 - Advanced Math (Algebra)

(p2–1) x (s+1)/(p-1) x 1/(s+1) + p+1 = ?

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Simplify the expression by multiplying and dividing:

(p2–1) x (s+1)/(p-1) x 1/(s+1) + p+1 =

=(p2–1) x (s+1)/(p-1) x (s+1) + p+1 =

=(p2–1)/(p-1) + p+1 = ?

Next, simplify by factoring
(a2 – b2) = (a+b)(a-b):

(p2–1)/(p-1) + p+1 =

= (p+1)(p-1)/(p-1) + p+1 =

= (p+1) + p+1 =

= 2(p+1)

Hence: 3 is the correct option.

Tip: If you chose any other answer, you probably did not reduce the fractions correctly.

When solving an Algebra problem it's important to simplify it as much as possible by combining like terms, factoring, or using other algebraic techniques

Ironworker Aptitude Sample Question #3 - Advanced Math (Number Series)

0 , 3/4 , 8/9 , 15/16 , 24/25 , ?

A. 29/28
B. 33/32
C. 35/36
D. 37/38
E. 33/34
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The series follows the following rule:

an = 1-(1/n2)

a1 = 1-(1/12) = 0

a2 = 1-(1/22) = 3/4

a3 = 1-(1/32) = 8/9

a4 = 1-(1/42) = 15/16

a5 = 1-(1/52) = 24/25

a6 = 1-(1/62) = 35/36

A number series question can be solved by looking for patterns in the series. Find out how each number in the series is related to the previous one. Common patterns include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squares, and cubes.

Ironworker Aptitude Sample Question #4 - Advanced Math (Word Problems)

A district held a vote regarding a certain bill. Four-fifths of the district residents voted. Of those who voted, two-thirds voted in favor of the bill. What percentage of district residents voted against the bill?

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

If two-thirds of the voters voted in favor of the bill, then one-third voted against the bill (1 - 2/3 = 1/3).

To calculate what fraction of the residents voted against the bill, we should multiply the fraction of residents who voted by those who voted against the bill:

(4/5) x (1/3) = 4/15

Converting to percentage:

(4/15) x 100 = 26.7%

The Ironworker aptitude test word problems practice questions focus on converting the "story" into math - which is the most challenging aspect of word problems. 

Ironworker Aptitude Sample Question #5 - Reading Comprehension

The exponential growth and development in the services and activities of search engines during the past decade has brought about a number of challenging legal issues in the area of copyright law. While search engines are continuously expanding their reach, copyright law has largely failed to adequately respond to these technological advancements. Rather, the current situation is one of rigid, outdated copyright laws being applied to online activities, which were never contemplated when the original legislation was drafted – causing great ambiguity. Search engines have the crucial role of ensuring the free flow of the internet’s core purpose – access to information. However, by their very nature, copyright laws fundamentally challenge this concept of a freely flowing and accessible internet.

Which of the following statements regarding copyright law is correct?

A. Copyright law is responding well to changes in technology.
B. Copyright law has completely failed to respond to technological advancements.
C. Copyright law has not been changed for many years.
D. Technological advancements have caused complications in keeping the copyright law up to date.
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

If you look carefully at the other answers, you'll see that the statements are exaggerated.

Take B for example - we cannot say that it has completely failed to respond since the text states “copyright law has largely failed to adequately respond”.

Option D is the only option that isn't exaggerated and is therefore the correct answer.

When answering reading comprehension questions look for keywords and phrases that indicate the type of information you should find in the passage as you read the questions. A keyword or phrase such as "main idea," "supporting evidence," "according to the author," or "in contrast to" can help you focus on the relevant parts of the passage and avoid getting distracted by unnecessary details.

What Score Do I Need to Pass the Ironworker Aptitude Test?

A passing score on the Iron Worker Aptitude Test is 70%. However, ironworker apprenticeship candidates will be divided into tiers based on their scores - candidates in the top tiers will get priority in being assigned to open apprenticeship positions.

That is why it is not enough to pass the test, you must ace it.


Pass the Iron Worker Laborers Union Aptitude Test

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What Is the Ironworkers Physical Test?

To be accepted as an apprentice, some unions may require you to pass a physical test and drug test. Physical tests will consist of the following:

You will first be asked to walk across a steel beam to test your balance. The ability to maintain balance is crucial for ironworkers since they work at great heights.

Secondly, physical strength is crucial as you'll be lifting and securing heavy beams into place. The physical test may require you to lift objects weighing 75 pounds or more.

Thirdly, physical stamina is also important as ironworkers need to have the endurance to perform heavy lifting for several hours. To test this, you may have to carry a 45-pound object up and down a set of stairs within a specified timeframe.

Lastly, hand-eye coordination is important for accuracy and safety while working. The physical test will also evaluate your coordination in addition to your physical strength.

What Are Ironworker Basic Tasks?

The basic tasks of an ironworker involve the following:

  1. Interpreting blueprints and executing instructions.
  2. Handling and organizing steel and iron for proper lifting by slings.
  3. Positioning and connecting structural metals through welding, bolts, or wires.
  4. Utilizing hand signals to communicate with other technicians on a construction site.
  5. Operating heavy machinery such as cranes, forklifts, and hoists.
  6. Positioning beams as they are lifted into place, manipulating metals into desired shapes and connections using welding equipment.
  7. Aligning structural metals both vertically and horizontally.
What Other Ironworker Tests Are There?

NCCER Ironworker Test

The NCCER ironworker tests the basic foundation of the testee in ironworking safety, tools, welding, cranes, rigging, forklifts, and survey equipment as well as trade drawings, steel joists, and structural steel.

Red Seal Ironworker Exam

The Red Seal Iron worker exam tests the iron worker's understanding and knowledge of Ironworker responsibilities and tasks.

  • Exam topics include.
  • Occupational skills.
  • Rigging and hoisting.
  • Cranes.
  • Reinforcing.
  • Pre-stressed/post-tensioning systems.
  • Erection, assembly, and installation.
  • Maintenance and upgrading.

Ironworker Journeyman Test

The exam tests a worker's knowledge and understanding of his craft after he has completed his apprenticeship.


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