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What's Included

  • More than 850 questions to practice with
  • 19 reading comprehension and English grammar tests
  • 27 numerical reasoning tests assessing basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, word problems, and conversions
  • Nine mechanical tests which focus on mechanical reasoning and electrical concepts
  • Five Study Guides focusing on different math aspects
  • A complete breakdown of the ideal technical profile
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Ironworkers Apprenticeship Test Preparation

The road to becoming an ironworker journeyman often begins with a pre-apprenticeship aptitude test. Pass it, and you are on your way toward the ironworkers trade. Obtain a below-passing score, and you have shut the door until the time rolls around for a re-test.

Preparation for any exam is essential. The importance of taking ironworkers apprenticeship practice tests, reviewing study guides, and reading comprehensive exam tips can easily be seen when viewing the benefits of joining the ironworker trade. Apprentices earn a reasonable salary while learning on the job. Pass the apprenticeship, and watch your earnings grow while you enjoy journeyman status.

Preparing with JobTestPrep for the exam by practicing ironworker test questions and practice tests, you can gain a familiarity with the ironworker aptitude test and question types that you will see ob on the exam. The ironworker test study guide presents a useful insight into the purpose of each test section and an understanding of the exam questions and correct answers.

Apprenticeship Requirements

The requirements for entry into an ironworker apprenticeship vary in accordance with the rules and procedures of individual local unions throughout the U.S. Generally, the ironworker aptitude test focuses on math and literacy skills.

Passing a JATC pre-apprenticeship aptitude test is often a requirement for placement on an Eligibility List. Your rank on this list will depend on various factors. At a number of locals in many states, your score on the ironworkers test will determine your rank. Other locals include an interview score, prior experience and academic standing in the calculation that produces the ranking order.

At various locals, direct placement into an apprenticeship with an accompanying job is the result of your score. In order to pass an ironworker test, you need to achieve 70%, subject to change and differential by specific locals.

If you are applying for a ironworker pre-apprenticeship in Alberta you will need to take the Alberta Entrance Exam 2.

Mathematics for Ironworkers

The math section of the pre-apprenticeship aptitude test involves:

  • Basic Arithmetic – Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division; percentage, decimal, fractions, ratios, angle degrees
  • High School Algebra – Solving for x in equations and ratios
  • High School Geometry – Identifying at least 16 geometric shapes; finding perimeter, circumference, area, specified sides; most formulas provided in the exam
  • Units of Measurement – Finding the appropriate unit of measurement for length, area, temperature, time, speed, cost, weight, volume
  • Conversion – Using conversion tables to solve written problems

Reading Comprehension

You can expect to find written essays involving the daily on-the-job situations experienced by ironworkers. Each essay is followed by various questions. A set of multiple-choice alternatives accompanies every question. This section assesses your ability to understand the wording, remember details and form appropriate conclusions from the reading material.

It is helpful to read the questions before the essay so that you can immediately focus in on the elements contained in the questions.

Component Locator

You may see a practical application section on the pre-apprenticeship exam, involving patterns, components and assembly. The objective of pattern questions is to assess your ability to accurately perceive and reproduce simple pattern outlines. As to components, you will be tested on your ability to locate and identify important parts of a whole item. Regarding assembly, you would be given a series of separate parts, with the task of visualizing the assembled product.

Who Uses the Ironworkers Apprentice Exam?

Below is a table of the most popular organizations that utilize the ironworkers apprentice exam. Outscore the competition with JobTestPrep's PrepPack™ and ensure your success today.

Local 40 Local 399
Local 361  Local 417 
Local 8  
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