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Each local Sheet Metal Workers Union presents a unique aptitude test. While the formats vary, the purpose and subject matter of the test have been standardized. The aim of this apprenticeship exam is to ensure that those who are about to enter a training program have the basic skills and aptitude to proceed successfully as an apprentice.

You will not find a pre-apprenticeship aptitude test that requires the knowledge of sheet metal work experience. On the contrary, you will encounter in this exam simply the fundamental math, reading and writing skills that you learned in high school. Preparation is eminently important, as everyone has gaps in their learning.

Test Formats

Sheet metal aptitude tests are generally paper & pencil exams taken at specific union locations. Some tests are given on a walk-in basis, others necessitate a scheduled appointment. A large portion of each apprenticeship test is formatted as multiple-choice questions. You may also encounter questions that require point form, sentence, sketch and diagram answers.

The Canadian standardized sheet metal trade exam has a definite timeframe. However, in the U.S., many local union aptitude tests have no time limit.

All trade aptitude tests have separate parts for each of the three basic skills tested. As to scoring, you can expect a pass/fail threshold for every section.

Sheet Metal Test Content – Canada

Canada has developed a uniform sheet metal aptitude test that is composed of three Sections:

  • Math
  • Written Communication
  • Trade Knowledge and Applied Science Tools

Mathematics accounts for three separate Parts:

  • Basic Math: calculations without calculator; formulas for perimeter, area, volume
  • Math Problems: finding percent, ratio & proportion, rounding off
  • Measurement & Conversions: length, temperature, metrics

Written Communication is Part IV. This Section entails reading to gain an understanding, writing and sketching. Some of your answers will involve formulating inferences and conclusions. If the Canadian entrance exam is the test you will be taking, you will find realistic situations and statements that concern the sheet metal trade, with questions regarding those statements.

Trade Knowledge and Applied Science Tools does not involve any sheet metal experience. This is a general-knowledge section that tests your fundamental aptitude for making things work.

Bring to the exam pencil, eraser, battery-operated calculator that you are comfortable using and ruler. Keep in mind that the pass/fail threshold is 80% on each part.

If you are applying for a sheet metal pre-apprenticeship in Alberta you will need to take the Alberta Entrance Exam 2.


U.S. Sheet Metal Aptitude Test Content

Throughout the U.S., you can expect to find three topics on an apprenticeship test:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Sentence Skills
  • Math, including arithmetic and basic algebra

Many factors contribute to the success of an aptitude test, such as:

  • Work attitude
  • Ability to follow instructions
  • Punctuality
  • Organized train of thought
  • Positive attitude toward the test itself
  • Confidence from good preparation

As you prepare for the sheet metal apprenticeship exam, keep in mind that the questions on the actual test will cover only the basic skills that are essential for your success as an apprentice.

The Advantage of Solid Preparation

The aptitude test can place you into an apprenticeship, or cancel all your efforts. Preparation can give you the gift of self-confidence and exam success. We at JobTestPrep have developed a thorough sheet metal aptitude test program including practice test, in-depth information on each element of the test you will be taking and exam tips, all designed to make an apprenticeship your reality.

Please note this pack does not include questions on chemistry or physics concepts. We advise you to take the practice tests in this pack and review basic chemistry and physics principles to fully prepare for your exam.

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