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  • More than 850 questions to practice with
  • 19 Reading Comprehension and English grammar tests
  • 26 Numerical Reasoning tests assessing basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, word problems, and conversions
  • 8 mechanical tests which focus on mechanical reasoning and electrical concepts
  • 5 Spatial Reasoning Practice tests
  • 5 study guides focusing on different mathematical aspects
  • Personality test plus a complete breakdown of the ideal technical profile.
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As in all trade aptitude tests, the questions found in Millwright exams contain elements that highlight essential skills for success as an apprentice. You can expect to see the basics of three pertinent fields:

  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical Systems/Science
  • Reading Comprehension

The Millwright Apprenticeship Test is considered by current apprentices and journeymen to be fairly easy; though preparation is universally considered an important factor in exam results. The bottom line is that every applicant can improve their score through a concentrated prep program.

Canada has developed a standardized Trade Entrance Exam utilized throughout the country. In the U.S. on the other hand, trade aptitude tests vary per the local labor-management apprenticeship committee that is administering the exam.

Format of the Millwright Apprenticeship Test

You can expect to encounter a multiple choice, paper & pencil format. However, when taking the test in the U.S., you may find some questions requiring sentences to be written or charts to be drawn.

The Canadian test has a definite three-hour time limit within which to complete 100 multiple choice questions. By contrast, the American versions vary in the number of questions and timeframe, some being administered with no reference to any time limit.

However, the aim of all pre-apprenticeship tests is to ensure that every apprentice possesses the fundamental educational requirements to begin their on-the-job technical training.

Content of the Canadian Millwright Exam

The Canadian Millwright Trade Entrance Exam is organized into five clusters, each containing the trades that involve a similar level of skills and aptitudes. Millwright is within Cluster 4; therefore, Millwright applicants will take Entrance Exam 4. A passing score of at least 70% will be deemed a “pass” on Entrance Exams 1, 2 and 3 as well.

The apprenticeship exam administered in Canada consists of the basics of math, science and reading comprehension.

  • The Math Section involves arithmetic, simple algebra and formula applications. Formulas are contained within the test information provided for use during the exam. 33 questions in Exam 4 are devoted to mathematics.
  • The Science Section is mainly concerned with the application of conversion tables, which are supplied within the test booklet handed out at the time of the test. Questions involving the interpretation of diagrams and charts are also present in the Trade Entrance Exam. 45 science questions are contained in the Cluster 4 test.
  • The English/Reading Comprehension Section consists of basic grammar, spelling and recall of information from specific scenarios. 22 questions are presented within this Section.

Concentrated preparation has the potential to enable every applicant to pass this essential Millwright aptitude exam. 

U.S. Millwright Apprenticeship Test Content

When taking the Millwright aptitude test, you will encounter a mathematics portion that entails arithmetic, including fractions, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, percentages, decimals and other basic math functions. You will further find simple algebraic calculations, conversion-table and formula applications and basic geometry.

The reading comprehension portion entails a given scenario with questions concerning grammar, spelling and conclusions derived from that scenario.

You can expect to see diagrams, charts and the workings of uncomplicated machine gears within the mechanical section, as seen in our mechanical prep pack.

Keep in mind that you are only required to meet the norms of high school graduates throughout the Millwright apprenticeship test. With the proper preparation, this test is passable by all who are interested in becoming a Millwright apprentice.

The Millwright

As a Millwright, you will be reading and interpreting blueprints and joining together the specifications with the building materials to ensure the smooth operation of conveyor systems, electrical turbines, escalators, generators and a whole host of other equipment for factories and nuclear power plants. You will formulate and construct the base upon which the industrial world moves forward.

Prepare for the Millwright Test

Familiarizing yourself with diagrams, charts, formulas, conversion tables, written scenarios and math calculations through the JobTestPrep program will enable you to enter the test with confidence. The Millwright apprenticeship test has the power to forward you on toward a journeyman position. Practicing and preparing with JobTestPrep places you a step ahead in your quest for a Millwright apprenticeship.

Please note this pack does not include questions on chemistry or physics concepts. We advise you to take the practice tests in this pack and review basic chemistry and physics principles to fully prepare for your exam.

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