Heavy Equipment Operator test: Free Guide and Practice Questions

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 What is the Heavy Equipment Operator Test?

The Heavy Equipment Operator Test evaluates a candidate's Mechanical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Mathematical abilities and is required when testing for roles like back-hoe operator, bulldozer operator, front-end loader operator, and grader operator.

Is a Drug Test Required for Heavy Equipment Operators?

In most cases the answer is yes, the candidate must pass a drug test as mandated by the Department of Transportation.


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Free Heavy Equipment Operator Questions and Answers

Free Mechanical Reasoning Sample Question

Which of the axes will turn slowest?

Please select a single answer from the options listed.

A. 1.
B. 2.
C. 3.
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

In this question three wheels, each surrounding an axis, are connected by two belts. When two wheels of unequal diameters are combined in a system, the wheel with the larger diameter rotates slower. The reason is that a larger wheel has a greater circumference and therefore covers a greater distance for every single revolution, whereas a smaller wheel has to turn more than one revolution in order to cover the same distance.

In this question wheel, 3 has a larger diameter than wheels 1 or 2 and will therefore rotate the slowest.

The correct answer is 3.

Free Math Word Problem Sample Question

A new TV, worth $500, loses $75 in value every year. If T represents the number of years since the purchase of the new TV, which of the following expressions represents the value of the TV at time T?

A. 75$ - 500$T
B. 75$ + 500$T
C. 500$ - 75$T
D. 500$ + 75$T
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is (C).

If the $500 TV loses $75 every year, then the expression representing the value of the TV is $500 - $75T.

Free Reading Comprehension Sample Question

The first step to handle a cash register is programming it based on the instructions of the manufacturer.

For corresponding to the different compartments, you should designate the numbers of categories on the keypad. For each category, enter a certain amount of sales tax. Then, you should load the tape from the cash register.

After entering the price, hit the button that corresponds to the category of the products. Then, you can hit the button of subtotal. If there is any discount on the transaction, hit the button that corresponds to the amount of discounts and press the button of subtotal again.

In which case will the subtotal button be pressed twice?

A.When tax must be added to the sum.
B. When a purchase entitles a discount.
C. When two category products were included.
D. When the tape was not loaded appropriately.
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is (B).

The passage mentions only one scenario in which the subtotal button is pressed more than once – when there is a discount: "Then, you can hit the subtotal button. If there is any discount on the transaction, hit the button that corresponds to the amount of discount and press the subtotal button again."

Online Preparation for Heavy Equipment Operator Engineers Apprenticeship

The preparation pack this page offers gives you full and complete preparation for your upcoming exam. This is what you'll get with this PrepPack™:

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Heavy Equipment Operator Apprenticeship Test

Preparation for the Heavy Equipment Operator apprenticeship aptitude test can contribute significantly to a successful result. While the format may vary from local to local, the test content is generally similar to what is used in other pre-apprenticeship aptitude tests like the EIAT Test or the IBEW Aptitude Test (get free IBEW practice). You can expect to be tested on three main subjects:

  • Mechanical Reasoning– This section will assess your understanding of basic mechanical concepts and tools, as well as your ability to interpret graphs and diagrams.
  • Reading Comprehension– The English portion of the test contains questions measuring your spelling and reading comprehension skills.
  • Mathematical Reasoning– This section will test your understanding of numeracy, basic arithmetic, basic and intermediate algebra, geometry, conversions, and word problems.

The purpose of this test is to assess a candidate's potential to successfully complete an apprenticeship; the test does not include college level material. Taking a Heavy Equipment Operator practice exam and reviewing a Heavy Equipment Operator exam study guide will help you familiarize yourself with the types of questions and test format you can expect to encounter on the actual exam. Test preparation will also highlight the subject areas for which you need further practice. Another type of test related to this is the CAST test that you can check out here. 

Alberta AIT Assessment

If you wish to join a Canadian Heavy Equipment Operator apprenticeship or foundation, you may need to take the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) assessment. The AIT has five clusters, and each pertains to a different set of trades. The Heavy Equipment Operator belongs to the third cluster.

Heavy Equipment Operator Apprenticeship Test Preparation

Passing the Heavy Equipment Operator Apprenticeship Test is an important step necessary for launching your career as an apprentice. JobTestPrep offers a Heavy Equipment Operator Apprenticeship Practice Pack that includes plenty of practice and aptitude tests, score analysis, and thorough study guides, all geared to your exam success. Preparation is the key to optimizing your chances of becoming a Heavy Equipment Operator Apprentice.


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