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My name is Shlomik, Jobtestprep's IBEW apprenticeship exam specialist. Have a question? Contact me at:

The focus of the IBEW aptitude test is on finding applicants whose abilities match apprenticeship requirements. To impress your employer with your knowledge, get ready as much as possible. You have the affordable opportunity to fully prepare for the IBEW test with JobTestPrep. 

About IBEW Tests

The stated mission of the IBEW is to enhance the knowledge and skills of apprentices for the benefit of workers, employers, and the electrical industry. IBEW mainly focuses on the following:

  • Diagnostic
  • Reading comprehension
  • Basic Numeracy
  • Algebra
  • Numerical series

The exam assesses your aptitude for working in the electrical industry. There is no penalty for incorrect answers, so your score depends entirely on what you answer correctly. Practice answering sample questions and reviewing the main test subjects to be more comfortable during the actual test. Thorough preparation will help excel your career. You have the affordable opportunity to fully prepare for the IBEW test with JobTestPrep.


Improve Your Chances to Pass the IBEW Test

Access 500+ questions that simulate the actual IBEW test


A JobTestPrep In-Depth Customer Review


Q: How was the PrepPack? Did you find it helpful?
A: yes, I found the prep pack to be very thorough, maybe even more thorough than necessary. The prep pack was the main way I studied for the exam.

Q: What was the format of the test? Sections, Number of questions, required time.
A: The test was conducted in two sections, each section consisting of a little more than an hour each section, with a 15 or 20 minute break in between. The first section was the math section, and the second was English comprehension. All the questions were multiple-choice, left about four options for each. The math questions were similar to what you have on your practice test at Job test prep, and the reading comprehension involves reading a short story and then answering questions about it. There were about 80 questions in total, split between math and English. You basically had a minute and a half to 2 minutes to complete each question.

Q: What was the format of the questions? Multiple choice, how many options?
A: they were all multiple-choice, with four options each. You were given a sheet of scratch paper and a pen. You are rarely given the option of none of the above. Many of the multiple-choice options are designed to trick you or throw you off.

Finally like I said, I did pass the test and I'd like to thank you guys for offering this course, it surely made the difference between a pass and a fail. 


From the Test to Apprenticeship

The test is needed to for acceptance into a number of fields and will give you the basics you need to pass the numerous courses in your desired apprenticeship. Let’s take a look at what you need to know in each profession.

  • Inside Wiremen– You will learn everything from The National Electrical Code, to Reading a Wire Table, Splicing High Voltage Cables, identifying hazardous material, and much more.
  • Outside Lineman– You will need to know how to use blueprints and understanding its symbols, operating a bucket truck, delta and Wye transformer connections, emergency rescue, and more.
  • Residential Wiremen– This position requires knowledge is using coaxial cables, Aluminum or Copper Cables, twisted pair cables along with a wide range of safety rules for relevant situations, and more.
  • Sound and Communication Technicians– High competency is needed for this position, including a full understanding of LAN, basics of telephony, principles of grounding, structured wiring, video, voice, and data systems, and much more. 

IBEW sample Questions icon

IBEW Sample Questions & Explanations

Number Series

144 | 73 | 18 | 10 | 520 | ?


Every two terms are a pair. The first number is divided by two and then increased by 1 in order to produce the second term.
144/2+1 = 73
18/2+1 = 10
250/2+1 = 261
Therefore, the correct answer is 261.


Consider the following formula: A = B + 3 ( 4 – C )
If B equals 5 and C equals 2, what is the value of A?


Consider the following formula:
y = 3 ( x + 5 ) ( x – 2 )
Which of the following formulas is equivalent to this one?
A. y=3×2+9x-30
B. y=x2+3x-lO
C. y=3×2+3x-lO
D. y=3×2+3x-30
The correct answer is : 1 — y = 3×2 + 9x – 30
Therefore, the correct option is: 11 (B)

Reading Comprehension

Last year, road fatalities decreased by 9%. According to the latest figures published by the Department of Transportation today, this year has seen the lowest number of deaths in road traffic since records began. However, road deaths are only the tip of the iceberg, because for every death on US roads there are 10 serious injuries such as damage to the brain or spinal cord. Country by country statistics shows that the number of road deaths per year still varies greatly across the US with the countries reporting the lowest number of fatalities being the California, Oregon, Washington, Vermont, and Maine, with only 30 deaths per million inhabitants. Vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, and users in certain age groups, notably the elderly, are particularly affected by serious road injuries.

Which of the following statements is correct?


Option D is correct. This is what the text states: "for every death... there are 10 serious injuries".

Algebra - Equation Systems and Inequations

If |3x + 8| > 12, which of the following represents all possible values of x?


If |3x + 8| > 12, then 3x + 8 > 12 and 3x + 8 < -12.
If 3x + 8 > 12 then 3x > 4 and after dividing both sides of the inequality by 3, the result is x > 4/3.
If 3x + 8 < -12 then 3x < -20 and x < -20/3.
Therefore, the correct answer is A.


Panel Interview

You will be interviewed by a panel consisting of the director of the apprenticeship, members of the local union office and NECA.

Be prepared for questions on experience, conflict resolution, how you like to work, and why you have chosen the field at hand.

IBEW test scoring information icon

Understanding the Score

The entire test is scored between 1-9. To be considered for an interview, you must score minimum of 4. But of course, you want to aim higher to edge out the competition.


IBEW Application Requirements

Let’s briefly look at the requirements for applying to the electrical apprenticeship program:

  1. An 18-year age requirement.
  2. One year of passing grades on high school algebra course.
  3. Minimum high school graduate or GED, or two-year Associate Degree or higher.
Note: For those with enough on the job experience at least equaling the apprenticeship work requirements, the requirements above can be waived.

IBEW test tips icon

Tips & FAQs

In order to help you, take a look at the following recommendations:

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of the existing national and local programs on IBEW apprenticeships. You should read our guide to get comprehensive information on the subject.
  • Verify that you do not have any color vision problems, because you could not get accepted into the apprenticeship program in this field with such an issue.
  • Learn the various codes and types of malfunctions you might encounter during your work as a qualified electrician.
  • Familiarize yourself with the various diagnostic tools available to you as a qualified electrician. The complexity of the profession and the pace of its development are very fast nowadays.


How can I decide in advance that I want this type of career path?

If you:

  • find using your head and hands together fulfilling
  • are interested in financial rewards
  • want a diverse work
Does this apprenticeship give me any college credit?

You can earn up to 58 semester hours of college credit by graduating from the commercial/industrial J.A.T.C.

Are there any more advanced related programs I can carry on to after completing this apprenticeship?

There are many options for continuing education courses, through which you can get more knowledge in relevant subjects, as well as learn other specialized skills - all approved and earn Continuing Educational Units (CEU).

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The JobTestPrep Advantages

JobTestPrep can help you prepare with:

  • Up-to-date materials
  • Full-length simulated practice tests
  • Practice within the exams time frame
  • Exclusive access to top study content and practice drills


Start practicing with JobTestPrep today to ensure that you achieve high test scores, a successful interview, and a promising career!


How to Prepare?

  1. Study in advance with JobTestPrep's customized practice pack. That way, you can significantly improve your results in real-time and stand out of the other candidates. Our comprehensive PrepPack™ will help you, with its useful tests and guides.
  2. Practice English grammar, reading comprehension, numerical reasoning, as well as technical questions in electrical concepts and mechanical reasoning. Personality questions, with a breakdown of the ideal technical profile, are also included in the materials.

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