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What's Included

  • 8 Basic numeracy tests
  • 11 Algebra tests
  • 3 Number series tests
  • 10 Reading comprehension tests
  • 8 Study Guides
  • Money back guarantee


The focus of the IBEW aptitude test is on finding applicants whose abilities match apprenticeship requirements. In order to be able to impress your employer with your knowledge, it is best to prepare. You have the affordable opportunity to fully prepare for the IBEW test with JobTestPrep.

IBEW Application Requirements

Let’s briefly look at the requirements for applying to the electrical apprenticeship program before looking at the test itself:

  1. There is an 18 year age requirement.
  2. One year of passing grades on high school algebra course.
  3. Minimum high school graduate or GED or two-year Associate Degree or higher.
  4. It is important to note that for those with enough on the job experience at least equaling the apprenticeship work requirements, the above requirements can be waived.

IBEW Apprenticeship Assessment Test Detail Overview

What will be included on the test? The test will be divided into two sections, including algebra, functions, and reading comprehension.

Math Section

What is on the test? This section of the test will be math questions related to mechanics. For instance, one question might focus on an air born load balance, while another will relate to basic mechanical theory, or other pulleys.

Time and Questions: The math section of the test will last a total of 46 minutes and include 33 questions.

Reading Comprehension Section

What is on the test? On this segment of the test you will be required to read various written passages, draw information and reach the right conclusions. You will be given specific questions relating to each text segment.

Time and Questions: The math section of the test will last a total of 51minutes and include 36 questions.

IBEW Assessment Test Rules

  1. No calculators will be permitted.
  2. You must be on time; If you arrive less than 15 minutes before the start of the test, your entry would be denied.
  3. You must give a valid photo ID (state or federal).
  4. In the event you do not pass the test, you must wait minimum of 6 months to retake the test. A test re-taken prior will not be counted and you might be permanently disqualified from re-taking the test.

Sample Questions with Explanations

Number Series

13 | 45 | 26 | -15 | 52 | 5 | 104 | ?


There are two alternating sequences in this series, each following a different rule:

  1. The odd terms (indicated in red): the numbers double each time.
  2. The even terms: the numbers divide by :(-3).

Therefor, the correct answer is -1 2/3 =>> B

Reading Comprehension

Last year, road fatalities decreased by 9%. According to the latest figures published by the Department of Transportation today, this year has seen the lowest number of deaths in road traffic since records began. However, road deaths are only the tip of the iceberg, because for every death on US roads there are 10 serious injuries such as damage to the brain or spinal cord. Country by country statistics show that the number of road deaths per year still varies greatly across the US with the states reporting the lowest number of fatalities being the California, Oregon, Washington, Vermont, and Maine, with only 30 deaths per million inhabitants. Vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, and users in certain age groups, notably the elderly, are particularly affected by serious road injuries.

What section of the population is more vulnerable to road injuries?


Motorcyclists, as well as bicyclists, are mentioned to be in the vulnerable group.

Therefore, option C is correct.

Understanding Your Trade Apprenticeship Test Score

The entire test is scored between 1-9. To be considered for an interview, you must score minimum of 4. Of course, you want to aim higher to edge out the competition.

IBEW Apprenticeship Overview

Considering the wide range of positions in the electrical field, we will try to give the reader a rough estimation of what they can expect to learn throughout the apprenticeship process and the divide between the classroom and on job training hours.

  • Theory – In classroom, textbook training can run between 576 and 1,000 hours, depending on the type of position you are looking to fill.
  • On the Job – Training on site will usually run between a total of 8,000 and 10,000 hours.

Topics according to positions

  • Inside Wiremen – The course lasts 5 years and includes the study of 83 specific knowledge areas that are critical to daily performance. You will learn everything from The National Electrical Code, to Reading a Wire Table, Splicing High Voltage Cables, or identifying hazardous material, and much more.
  • Outside Lineman – Similarly to the inside wiremen, you will need vast knowledge to get to the job and done and get home safely. The theory and practical training will include at least 77 knowledge areas, including: Using Blueprints and understanding its symbols, Operating a Bucket Truck, delta and Wye Transformer Connections, Emergency Rescue, and more.
  • Residential Wiremen – The position Residential Wiremen requires knowledge in over 85 areas of expertise related to the field. This includes Terminating Coaxial Cables, Aluminum or Copper Cables, Twisted Pair Cables along with a wide range of safety rules for relevant situations, and more.
  • Sound and Communication Technicians – Requiring 124 specific areas of knowledge, there is no doubt that high competency is needed for this position. These include full understanding of LAN, Basics of Telephony, Principles of Grounding, Structured Wiring, Video, Voice, and Data Systems, and much more.

Panel Interview

You will be interviewed by a panel consisting of the director of the apprenticeship and members of the local union office and NECA.

Be prepared for questions on experience, conflict resolution, how you like to work, and why you have chosen the field at hand.

The JobTestPrep Advantages

JobTestPrep can help you prepare for the NECA test and apprenticeship in the following ways:

  • Up-to-date materials
  • Full-length simulated practice tests
  • Practice within the exams time frame
  • Exclusive access to top study content and practice drills


If you:

  • find using your head and hands together fulfilling
  • are interested in financial rewards
  • want a diverse work

You can can earn up to 58 semester hours of college credit by graduating from the commercial/industrial J.A.T.C.

There are many options for continuing education courses, through which you can get more knowledge in relevant subjects, as well as learn other specialized skills -all approved and earn Continuing Educational Units (CEU).


  • Conduct a comprehensive review of the existing national and local programs on IBEW apprenticeships. You should read our guide to get comprehensive information on the subject.
  • Make sure that you do not have color vision problems, there is no way to be accepted into the apprenticeship program in this field with such a problem.
  • Learn the various codes and types of malfunctions you might encounter during your work as a qualified electrician.
  • Familiarize yourself with the various diagnostic tools available to you as a qualified electrician. The complexity of the profession and the pace of its development are very fast, today, more and more it’s possible to find homes with smart systems, electric cars, and the dependence on qualified and good electricians’ growth significantly.


Start practicing with JobTestPrep today to ensure that you achieve high test scores, a successful interview, and a promising career!


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