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The Alberta Trade Entrance Exam

The AIT Exam consists of three sections: English & Reading Comprehension, Mathematics, and Science.

The career-oriented AIT Exam is a 100-question, three-hour test scored exclusively on correct answers; there is no penalty for wrong answers. You will be eligible to begin the technical training phase of an apprenticeship only if you attain a passing score of over 70%.

Canadian trades are grouped into five clusters. Each cluster includes industries that require similar aptitudes and knowledge before entering a technical training program. Therefore, each has a specialized test assessing specific educational requirements needed for that particular cluster:

Cluster English/Reading Comprehension Mathematics Science
Entrance Exam 1 10 30 60
Entrance Exam 2 22 50 28
Entrance Exam 3 29 36 35
Entrance Exam 4 22 33 45
Entrance Exam 5 17 48 35

Note that passing Entrance Exam 5 also qualifies as a passing mark for Entrance Exams 4, 3, 2, and 1. Passing Entrance Exam 4 qualifies as a passing mark for Entrance Exams 3, 2, and 1. Passing Entrance Exam 3, however, only qualifies as a passing mark for Entrance Exam 1, the same as Entrance Exam 2.

Test Format

The test has three sections whose contents may vary according to the cluster:

  • English and Reading Comprehension Section – This section assesses reading and comprehension of written material. Written in multiple choice format, each question is followed by four answer alternatives.
  • Mathematics Section – This section, also in multiple choice format, assesses many mathematics functions. These include algebra, geometry, word problems, and percentages. The AIT also includes a formula section in the exam booklet.
  • Science Section – Expect to encounter multiple-choice questions measuring your understanding of basic principles of biological and physical sciences as well as your ability to identify fundamental scientific relationships, work on basic equations, and interpret information.

On Test Day

When you arrive at the test site, you will receive a test booklet including examination instructions, the exam, an answer sheet, a green calculation sheet, an eraser, and an HB pencil. Alberta Government Apprenticeship and Industry Training strongly recommend in-depth preparation and practice before taking the entrance exam.

Prepare for the Alberta (AIT) Assessment

You can thoroughly prepare for your exam with each of the four preparation packs offered by JobTestPrep. These packs include practice tests, study guides, detailed explanations, and score analysis to help you master the skills needed to pass the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Assessment.

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