Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training 5: Accurate Prep

What is the AIT Exam (Cluster 5)

The career-oriented AIT Exam is a 100-question, three-hour test scored exclusively on correct answers; there is no penalty for wrong answers. You will be eligible to begin the technical training phase of an apprenticeship only if you attain a passing score of over 70%.

The AIT Entrance Exam 5 consists of three sections:

  • English and Reading Comprehension Section – 17 multiple choice questions that assess your English skills and reading comprehension abilities by measuring your understanding of given passages. You will have about 31 minutes to complete this section.
  • Mathematics Section – 48 multiple choice questions testing your knowledge of algebra and algebraic equations, fractions, conversions, and geometry as well as your ability to solve word problems. You will have about 86 minutes to complete this section.
  • Science Section – 35 multiple choice questions measuring your understanding of the basics of physical and biological sciences. You will have about 63 minutes to complete this section.

Passing the Trade Entrance 5 Exam will also count as a passing score for Trade Entrance Exams 1, 2, 3, and 4. For more information on the other AIT Entrance Exams, click here

Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Practice Question

Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training sample question
Group A
Both groups are equally good
Impossible to answer
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is Group A.
Despite the elaborate story given, this is a basic work-rate question.
You need to be familiar with the formula: Work-rate = Work/Time.
We need to calculate the work-rate of each group:
Work-rate A = 12 stories/3 weeks = 4 stories/week
Work-rate B = 27 stories/7.5 weeks = 3.6 stories/week
The work-rate of group A is greater than the work-rate of group B, meaning groups A will finish the project first.

Cluster 5 List of Trades 

  • Appliance Service Technician
  • Communication Technician
  • Electrical Motor Systems Technician
  • Electrician
  • Electronic Technician
  • Instrument Technician
  • Power Lineman
  • Power System Electrician
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic
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