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What's Included

  • More than 850 questions to practice with
  • 15 Reading Comprehension tests
  • 16 Numerical Reasoning tests assessing basic arithmetic, algebra, and number series
  • 6 Study Guides focusing on different math aspect and grammar
  • Detailed score reports and in-depth explanations!
  • Secured payment 
  • Immediate online access, practice 24/7
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep


In order to pass the Electrical Aptitude Test of the Electrical Training Alliance, JobTestPrep, created an NJATC apprenticeship PrepPack™ complete with a study guide, electrician practice tests and answers, aptitude test samples, and comprehensive testing tips. Prepare now and master the skills needed to pass the NJATC Aptitude Test and become part of the Electrical Training Alliance.

NJATC Application Process

A three-step application procedure will greet you when you apply to become an Apprentice Electrician or Energy Technician.

  1. File qualifying Application.
  2. Take NJATC Apprenticeship Test Battery.
  3. In-person interview after passing JATC apprenticeship test.

NJATC Apprenticeship Test Battery

There are two parts to the NJATC test:

  1. Algebra & Functions 
  2. Reading Comprehension

There is no penalty for guessing. Since your score is dependent on correct answers only, it is best to answer all of the questions.

Your test is then scored by an independent facility that sends your results to your training center 2-4 weeks after you took the exam. The training center will mail these results to you.

You have a Qualifying Aptitude Test if you score at least 4 out of a possible 9. In the event that your test does not qualify, a re-application can be filed six months after you took the test.

If your exam does qualify, an interview will be scheduled to take place during the month following the test.

Algebra & Functions Section

This portion of the exam contains 33 questions within a timeframe of 46 minutes. The test is standardized and consists of various algebra topics:

  • Systems of linear equations in two variables – using three methods: graphing, substitution, and addition; along with questions involving the practical application of linear equations.
  • Working with algebraic expressions – monomial addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; and polynomial factoring.
  • Solving quadratic equations – square roots, factoring, quadratic formula, graphing and practical applications of quadratic equations.
  • Relations & Functions – function notation and evaluation.

The JATC Electrical Apprenticeship test involves positive and negative numbers, simplifying expressions and computation in accordance with the order of operations, among many other algebraic functions and calculations.

Reading Comprehension Section

The reading comprehension section is roughly 50 minutes and is composed of 36 questions.

The exam presents rather lengthy informational paragraphs. Following each paragraph, are various questions that require the extrapolation of detailed information and accurate conclusions.

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