NJATC Apprenticeship Aptitude Test Practice

What Is the NJATC Aptitude Test?

The National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (NJATC/JATC) Aptitude Test is a 69-question test divided into two sections:

  • 33 Algebra questions (functions, polynomials, equations, and number series)
  • 36 Reading comprehension questions

The time to finish the test is 96 minutes in total.

Who Administers the Test?

Although the test is commonly referred to as the NJATC Aptitude Test, the official test provider is the Electric Training Alliance, a body formed by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and National Electrical Association (NECA) to ensure the proper training of electrician apprentices.

All the following test names are interchangeable:

  • IBEW Aptitude Test
  • Electrical Training Alliance Aptitude Test
  • Electrical Aptitude Test
  • Electrician Apprentice Test / Electrician Pre-Apprenticeship Test

How Do You Pass the NJATC Aptitude Test?

To pass the Electrical Training Alliance Aptitude Test, you will need to remove the rust from your math and reading comprehension skills and become exceptionally quick and accurate at it.

Some may have the ability to purchase long-term courses with a complete overview of test subjects. Unfortunately, for many, this is hardly an option both in time and money.

So, to get the maximum out of your preparation, you should FOCUS.


The 3 Focus Points for Success on the Electric Training Alliance Aptitude Test

  • Focus on your weakest areas and rehearse them the most.
  • Focus only on questions that are on the actual NJATC Aptitude Test.
  • Focus on time management to deal with the test’s time constraints.

You’re probably all set up for my sales pitch. Good. Skepticism and alertness are key factors in making wise decisions. And I AM going to give you a sales pitch, the most honest one I can give.

Practice for Success on Your NJATC Aptitude Test

The Initial Anxiety

In March of 2020, I received an email from a candidate named Chris. He asked me a very short, straightforward question:

I would like to know how your questions are designed for student success, and if you have any data to provide me that supports this programs efficiency.”

Emails from customers like Chris mean a great deal to me. They allow me to understand how test-takers feel – their hopes and expectations and concerns.

But Chris’s particular email was a wake-up call for me, as it revealed a common concern to many test-takers – trust. Trust in yourself, in your course of study, and in those who claim they can help.


Can They Really Help?

When you are faced with your Electrical Training Alliance Test for the first time, you know very little. That is no coincidence – vague test content is a common tactic of test providers to make sure that those with the skill and grit will come on top.

You don’t know what you should study, how, and when. And EVERYBODY is telling you that they can help you. For a price.

But can we at JobTestPrep really help? Can you put your trust in us, when you know nearly nothing about the task ahead?

That’s what Chris wanted to know. And he has the right to.


What I Told Chris

My email to Chris was pretty long, so I’ll summarize the 3 main points. These relate directly to the three focus points I mentioned above as keys for your success on the NJATC Aptitude Test.

  • You get an Electrical Training Alliance-Style diagnostic test, to focus you on where you, personally, need to practice first.
  • You get practice tests that revolve exclusively around the topics on which you will be tested.
  • You get 3 full-length simulations of the Electric Training Alliance, to learn exactly how to manage your time during the test.

We know our product. That is why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee in case of mismatch between the NJATC Aptitude Test and the content of our PrepPack.

Still not persuaded? Is there any question on your mind about the test or the PrepPack? Contact me at ask_shlomik@jobtsetprep.com, and I will get back to you with my best answer.

Electric Training Alliance Aptitude Test Sample Questions with Explanations

Number Series

Please select the correct answer for the following series:

144 | 73 | 18 | 10 | 520 | ?

A. 76

B. 146

C. 247

D. 261

Answer & Explanation:

144 /2+1 = 73
18 /2+1 = 10
520 /2+1 = 261
Every two terms are a pair. The first number is divided by two and then increased by 1 in order to produce the second term.
Therefore, D is the right answer.

Reading Comprehension

For the past six months, the National Union of Teachers (NUT) has been engaged in action short of striking in protest over workloads, working hours, pay and pensions. They have refused to supervise children in the playground or attend some meetings after school. Teachers have recently called for the time they spend teaching pupils to be capped at 20 hours a week, a drastic reduction in teachers' hours. In the annual NUT conference, teachers have claimed that in the past year, the number of hours they work has risen dramatically as a result of pressure from the government and the school inspectorate.

‘Teachers undermine the respect of the general public by behaving as an old-fashioned trade union and making unrealistic demands. Clearly, teaching depends on good preparation and arduous marking of pupils' work and there needs to be an allowance of time for that, but to attempt to limit the number of teaching hours when there is a great strain on finances is a ridiculous request’.

Spokesman for the Centre for Education and Employment Research (CEER) 

A. Teaching depends on good preparation.

B. Teachers are attempting to limit the number of teaching hours.

C. None of the above 

Answer & Explanation:

When looking for common ground, one should keep in mind that it is not enough to find a sentence that is true for one paragraph/passage but untrue for the other, or that is true for one passage but not mentioned in the other (although it might be inferred). In neither case would the sentence describe the common ground between the passages. Our task is to find a sentence that represents an idea existing in both passages. Distracter A, for example, is true in respect to the CEER spokesman, but the notion is not mentioned in the first paragraph, although it can perhaps be inferred from it. Distracters C and D are both mentioned in the first paragraph but not in the quotation of the CEER spokesman. Distracter B is the correct answer since the idea that ‘Teachers are attempting to limit the number of teaching hours’ appears both in the first passage: ‘Teachers have recently called for the time they spend teaching pupils to be capped at 20 hours a week’, as well as in the second passage: ‘but to attempt to limit the number of teaching hours… is a ridiculous request’.

Understanding Your Trade Apprenticeship Test Score

The test scores will become available to you only 2-4 weeks after completing the test. An independent facility is charged with grading the test, which needs a minimum 4/9 to qualify you.

NJATC Apprenticeship Overview

Considering the wide range of positions in the electrical field, we will try to give the reader a rough estimation of what they can expect to learn throughout the apprenticeship process and the divide between classroom and on job training hours.

Theory – In classroom, textbook training can run between 576 and 1,000 hours, depending on the type of position you are looking to fill.

On the Job – Training on site will usually run between a total of 8,000 and 10,000 hours.

Topics according to positions

  • Inside Wireman – This job could be conducted in a variety of settings, including commercial building. The job is very varied and includes establishing temporary power during construction and more. Knowledge and skills sets include first aid, using electric schematic diagrams, and having a firm grasp of the national electrical code.
  • Outside Wiremen: These are the guys who install and maintain outside powerlines, insulators, transformers, and towers. It is therefore incumbent to have a wide range of skills from working with Delta and Wye Transformer Connections, to tying knots, and understanding and using blue prints and symbols among others.
  • Residential Wiremen: These workers are tasked with a wide range of responsibilities, including running hot checks, installing grounding systems, and planning and initiating projects. Therefore, you will have to know the principles of grounding, understand how to work with dangerous materials, know which wires are appropriate for various situations, and more.
  • Telecommunications Installer: These job includes working with security and access control, computer networks, and other such systems. You will need solid knowledge of (LAN) cabling systems, installing low voltage wiring, and testing and repairing data systems among other projects. You need many skills in your tool box like splicing copper, coaxial and fiber optic cables or troubleshooting through segmentation and isolation to just mention a few.

Panel Interview

You will be interviewed by a panel consisting of the director of the apprenticeship and members of the local union office and NECA.

Be prepared for questions on experience, conflict resolution, how you like to work, and why you have chosen the field at hand.

The JobTestPrep Advantage

In order to pass the Electrical Aptitude Test of the Electrical Training Alliance, JobTestPrep has created an NJATC apprenticeship PrepPack™ complete with a study guide, electrician practice tests and answers, aptitude test samples, and comprehensive testing tips. Prepare now and master the skills needed to pass the NJATC Aptitude Test and become part of the Electrical Training Alliance.


Can I retake the test if I fail?

Yes, you can retake the test, but only after a lapse of 6 months. The Electrical Training Alliance is strict on this point, so if you take the test prior to 6 months passing after the first test, it will be disqualified.

Can I arrive late to the test?

If you come late you will be denied entry and there may be a fee for rescheduling the exam.

What is the hardest part of the test?

While of course, everyone has their strong and weak points, for most people it would be the math segment. JobTestPrep will help you fully prepare by providing you with a comprehensive study guide, practice tests and answers, and testing tips.


Start practicing with JobTestPrep today to ensure that you achieve high test scores, a successful interview, and a promising career!


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