The Ultimate IBEW Aptitude Test Study Guide [2024]

What Does the Ibew Aptitude Test Consist Of?

The IBEW Aptitude Test is a timed, multiple-choice exam that must be taken by anyone who wants to start training as an electrician apprentice and be accepted to the IBEW union apprenticeship

The standardized version of the test is divided into two parts: one covers math (including some mechanical reasoning) and the other is focused on reading comprehension.

IBEW Test Structure and Length

IBEW Aptitude Test by Locals

The IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) aptitude test is mostly the same everywhere, with some small differences

The main parts of the test, covering algebra/functions and reading comprehension, are consistent across all local unions. This consistency helps provide a fair evaluation of candidates for electrical apprenticeships across the country.

While most local unions use the standard IBEW/NJATC aptitude test, a few might add extra sections like the mechanical section. See the following for more information about various IBEW locals.

Is the IBEW Aptitude Test Hard?

The IBEW aptitude test is widely seen as tough, especially the math part. Here’s what makes it challenging:

The math section includes complicated algebra topics like equations, functions, polynomials, and advanced sequences. The level of algebra is tough and goes beyond what is usually taught in high school.

The test is also time-limited: you get only 46 minutes to answer 33 math questions and 51 minutes for 36 reading comprehension questions. This means you have less than 1.5 minutes per question on average.

Calculators are not allowed, so you must do all calculations by hand. This increases the difficulty and highlights the importance of having quick problem-solving skills.

Play How to prepare for the IBEW test
How to prepare for the IBEW test

Boost Your Confidence with Our FREE IBEW Aptitude Practice Test

Start your journey with confidence by mastering the IBEW Aptitude test using our free electrical aptitude test questions and answers.

Our detailed practice exam is designed to mirror the actual test, including key areas like math, reading comprehension, and critical thinking.

IBEW Aptitude Test Preparation Tips

Below you'll find some key tips for tackling the Math, English, and Mechanical sections of the IBEW test.

📌Winning Tips for IBEW Function Formats and Number Series Questions

Here are some useful tips for handling IBEW function format and number series questions:

  1. Carefully review algebraic expressions to understand what they mean and why they are used.
  2. Look for patterns in the expressions to eliminate incorrect answers. For example, if there's a fraction in the expression, the answer won't be a whole number unless the numerator is evenly divisible by the denominator.
  3. Break down complex problems into simpler parts to make them easier to understand.

For number series questions, it's crucial to begin by identifying the pattern. You can do this by examining the differences between consecutive numbers in the series.

  1. Observe how these differences change—whether they consistently increase or decrease by the same amount, or if they alternate between specific values.
  2. When you encounter series with fractions or decimals, converting them to common denominators or whole numbers can simplify the process of finding patterns.

📌Winning Tips for IBEW Reading Comprehension Questions

  1. Make sure to read each passage completely and with attention. Avoid quickly scanning or jumping to conclusions about what's written.
  2. Figure out the main point and important details in the passage before you start answering the questions.

📌Winning Tips for IBEW Mechanical Questions

  1. Learn the fundamental principles of mechanics such as levers, pulleys, and gears, and understand how forces are distributed and balanced.
  2. Improve your spatial reasoning abilities to better visualize how mechanical parts connect and move together in three-dimensional space
  3. Master the essential formulas needed to compute mechanical advantages, load distribution, and the forces at play.

How Do I Study For IBEW Aptitude Test?

Since 2016, JobTestPrep has been analyzing the IBEW Aptitude Test, creating practice tests based on extensive phone interviews, getting feedback from customers, and reviewing the actual exam. Here is an effective practice plan:

Step 1: Start with an IBEW Diagnostic test & initial guide
Begin your preparation with a brief guide and a diagnostic test to assess your overall level. This will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, showing you where to focus for rapid improvement.

Step 2: Engage in targeted IBEW practice tests
Proceed with targeted practice sessions that include interactive study guides. Start with math and mechanical practice to sharpen your numerical skills and prepare for the IBEW's toughest questions. Then, work on Reading Comprehension to quickly master interpreting important information from texts.

Step 3: Check your new skills with IBEW simulation tests
After extensive practice and skill strengthening, take the IBEW simulation tests. This allows you to gauge your improvement compared to your initial diagnostic test.


IBEW Scores

What Score Do You Need to Pass The IBEW Test?

The typical passing score for the IBEW aptitude test is 4/9. Importantly, this score doesn't mean you have answered 45% of the questions correctly. Instead, it indicates that your performance is in the top 4-ninths compared to other test takers.

In highly competitive regions or periods, when more people apply and prepare, reaching this score might be more challenging. To perform well on the test, it's crucial to prepare thoroughly.

What Percentage of People Pass the IBEW Aptitude Test?

Unfortunately, there isn't specific information available, such as a percentage or statistic, on how many people pass the IBEW aptitude test.

What Happens if You Fail The IBEW Aptitude Test?

If you don't pass the IBEW test, you can take it again multiple times. However, you must wait 6 months between each attempt.

Do You Get Penalized for Wrong Answers?

No, you won't be penalized for incorrect answers on the IBEW aptitude test. If you're not sure about an answer, it's better to make a guess and continue with the rest of the test. This helps make sure you have enough time to attempt all the questions.

How Long Is My IBEW Aptitude Test Score Valid For?

Your IBEW Aptitude Test score remains valid for two years from the date you took the test. Within those two years, if an apprenticeship spot becomes available, candidates with the top scores will be given priority for selection.


Can You Use the Calculator on The IBEW Test?

No, a calculator is not allowed during the IBEW aptitude test. You must complete the math section, which includes algebra and functions, without using a calculator.


How Long Is The IBEW Aptitude Test?

The IBEW aptitude test is made up of two parts:

  • Math: You have 46 minutes to answer 33 questions.
  • Reading Comprehension: There are 36 questions, and you get 51 minutes to complete them.

In all, there are 69 questions on the test, and you have about 1.5 hours to finish them. Including the time for instructions and breaks, the whole test process can last up to 3 hours.

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