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The Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT) is designed by Creative Organizational Design. The CAAT is a unique test that measures mathematics, reading, and language. It may be used for apprenticeship, employment, or promotion.

CAAT Format

The CAAT consists of multiple choice questions on English, Mathematics, and Science. The CAAT has four levels of English measuring years of formal education. Below is a table with the name, years of formal education, and time frame for each level.

English Levels Formal Education Time Limit
Level A 1-3 years 2 hours 10 minutes
Level B 4-6 years 3 hours 30 minutes
Level C 7-10 years 4 hours 30 minutes
Level D 11-12+ years 3 hours 30 minutes

CAAT Content

The English skills assessment on the CAAT measures your skill level in reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing.

The Math skills assessment on the CAAT varies according to the type of program you are applying to. The test may include, but is not limited to, multiplication, division, decimals, percentages, word problems, averages, fractions, order or operations, exponents, graphs, trigonometry, angles, and geometry.

TheScience assessment on the CAAT includes basic principles of biology, chemistry, and physics.

Prepare for the CAAT

JobTestPrep provides practice tests, study guides, and answers with full explanations to prepare you for the exam. Becoming familiar with the types of questions on the test will help you achieve a high score so that you can get the position you desire.

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