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The Public Service Commission of Canada serves as an umbrella over a wide range of services, from health to national security. The hiring process involves a complex system of job-related tests, many of which are assessments of cognitive abilities needed for effective job performance. JobTestPrep prepares you for the various tests that the PSC provides.
Canada Public Service Exams

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Public Service Commission

The Canadian PSC functions as the foundation of government employment in Canada. The PSC provides job opportunities with the federal public service. In order to apply for a federal public service job you have to go through the PSC job site. You will first have to create an account through their website. After creating an account you may apply and fill out an application for a job. If your application is selected for the job you applied for you will be contacted for assessment. Different assessment tools may be used depending on the job type and level.

PSC Assessment Tests

The Public Service Commission provide assessment tests for governmental jobs. There are various categories in which the tests are categorized. There are tests for administrative support level, officer level, management level and other areas such as Post-Secondary Recruitment.

Administrative Support Level

When applying for an administrative position, you will have to take an assessment test. There are various tests that are offered for an administrative support level job. The following are some of the tests administered by the PSC: Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation Test (GSPT), General Competency Test Level 1 (GCT1) and Office Skills Tests (OST). Preparing for these exams will help you successfully pass the exam.

Officer Level

There are many different officer level tests administered by the PSC. Each test measures different skills. Some of the skills that are measured is reasoning and judgement or general cognitive abilities. Below is a list of some of the officer level tests:

*The SJT has been replaced with the Public Service Entrance Exam - Test of Judgement 375.

Management Level

The tests found on the management level measure skills that are required to be a successful manager. The tests also are geared toward those who are looking for a promotion as a supervisor. These tests include topics such as communication, teamwork, leadership, and thinking skills.

Other Tests through PSC

  • Post-Secondary Recruitment: The Post-Secondary Recruitment (PSR) program launches and furthers careers of university and college graduates by offering a range of jobs within the federal government of Canada. Learn how to prepare for PSR Exams.
  • Graduate Recruitment Test: The Graduate Recruitment Test (GRT) was apart of the PSR program. This exam is still used by some hiring department. Learn how to prepare for the GRT.
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency: The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has a variety of job opportunities dependent upon your academic background or professional interests. You can find career opportunities in policy development, regulatory, science & technology, security, or service delivery. Learn more about the CFIA Exams.
  • Canadian Revenue Agency: The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) is a Public Service employer that comprises over 40,000 professionals in fields ranging from auditing, to information technology, to accounting, to finance. Find out more about the CRA Exams.

Provincial Public Service Employment

If you are interested in local public service careers can find job listings and vacancies on the individual province’s website. Local assessment methods for Canada public service hiring frequently consist of certain public service exams and an interview by a Selection Panel that determines whether the candidate possesses the required skills for the job.

Public Service Commission Exam Preparation

The most essential step to a successful selection process and ultimately a career in Canadian Public Service is to practice and prepare for the exam. JobTestPrep offers you detailed information about the required Canadian public service exams. Fill out a subscription form to let us know which PSC Exams you are interested to we can help you prepare for the exam.

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