Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Korn Ferry Leadership Test (2024)
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What Is the Korn Ferry Test (CRA)?

The Korn Ferry CRA Assessment aims to assess whether you've got the personality traits that fit leadership positions in the Canada Revenue Agency. The test, also known as KFALP, is designed to identify candidates with the highest potential for success.

This test highlights cognitive and learning agility as the most significant predictors of leadership performance. Other factors highly rated as necessary in successful leaders include personality motivators, self-awareness, leadership traits and skills, problem-solving skills, the propensity to avoid project derailment, and more. 

Korn Ferry CRA Test Structure & Design

KFALP is an unsupervised internet test you can take from any place you like. The test is not time-limited, although according to official information, it takes around 45 minutes for most of the candidates. 

The test also includes a cognitive section which aims to assess your cognitive and learning skills and includes questions like Raven's Progressive Matrices, and it often contains 23 questions within a 40-minute time limit

The trickiest part about it is that it progressively becomes more difficult - if you choose the correct answer, the next question will be more difficult; if you choose the wrong answer, the next question will remain at the same difficulty.

Korn Ferry CRA Test Sample Questions

We at JobTestPrep know that proper practice and familiarity with the questions can significantly reduce stress and anxiety on test day and increase your chances of success. That's why we have designed a free Korn Ferry sample test specifically for you.

Please note that the sample questions below are only a small representation of all the types of questions you might encounter on the Korn Ferry Leadership Assessment. For more practice, you can explore our Korn Ferry CRA Assessment PrepPack and our Korn Ferry Free Practice Test.

Leadership, Personality, and Behavioral Questions

  • Job Profile Questions:

Korn Ferry CRA Test uses this section to gather information about your current or most recent employment, work experience, and career path.

The Job Profile section consists of three parts: selecting, sorting, and ranking cards that display personality characteristics. 

Let's take a look at a sample question (All of the sample questions here are taken directly from our PrepPack):

kfalp kf4d


Step 1 - Selection: Sort the cards above into one of the 3 categories based on your experience at your current or previous job roles.

How to Solve This Part?

In the Job Profile section, the first section is the most difficult to navigate since it is the first time you will be exposed to the tabs that describe the features you need to sort (In the real test, and in our PrepPack, there will be 30 and not 8). As such, it is recommended that you approach this section with concentration and focus and notice the following tips:  

  1. Read each tab carefully and attempt to characterise its value.
  2. When comparing similar statements, differentiate between personal, social, and professional skills and their importance to your position.
  3. Use the Korn Ferry guide to match the answers with the top values.
  4. At this stage, there is no instruction to keep an equal number of tabs between the categories, but it is recommended that you keep an even number of tabs between them.

Therefore, it is essential to note that you are sorting into all categories, not just one since you will have to balance the tabs between the categories in the next step of the test. 

Step 2 - Sorting & Balancing: Balance the columns so that each has an equal amount of cards.

How to Solve This Part?

An organisation's management qualities depend on its context, industry, and workplace. There are, however, several qualities that are generally regarded as essential for effective management from the cards below:

Influence: Inspiring and motivating your team toward achieving a common goal is one of the most critical skills a manager can possess.

Effective communication: The ability to communicate effectively between managers and their teams is essential for effectively conveying ideas, giving feedback, and providing guidance.

Assures accountability: Managers must organise multiple tasks, deadlines, and priorities.

Step 3 - Ranking: Inside each category, reorder the cards by their rank, from the most to the least.

How to Solve This Part?

After you balance the tabs between the categories, you must rank them.

In this section, the ranking depends entirely on your past experiences, business experience, and who you are. Consequently, there are no unambiguous recommendations concerning the rating of character traits within a category.

A primary aim of this stage is to test your level of decisiveness, judgment, and observation of your character traits.

We recommend replacing 2-4 tabs within each category at this stage.


  • Job Analysis Questions:

This section examines your work experience and the character traits, values, and behaviours you have encountered during your current and past roles. Answer each question by rating, on a scale of 1-9, how much of each characteristic applies to your current job. 

KF4D KFALP 2dfdf
How to Solve This Questions?

Statement 1:

On this scale, the recommended range is 7–9.
Scale Values:
Need for achievement: Motivation by work or activities that allow testing of skills and abilities against an external standard. High scorers appreciate working hard, judge achievement according to the goal, and strive to meet and exceed standards. Low scorers are not motivated externally and tend not to work energetically to exceed expectations.
Persistence: A tendency toward the passionate and steadfast pursuit of personally valued long-term or lifetime goals, despite obstacles, discouragement, or distraction. High scorers are seen to push through obstacles and not give up on complex tasks. Low scorers are more likely to pull back from barriers or lower expectations for their attainment.
The left option presents a person not used to accomplishing and meeting workplace goals and whose motivation and drive could be higher.
The correct option emphasises the value of persistence and the need for achievements central to their values.
Statement 2:
On this scale, the recommended range is 7–9.
Scale Values:
Composure: How people are prone to react in stressful situations. High scorers tend to be calm, poised, and take pressure well. Low scorers are often seen as anxious, unsettled, and reacting negatively to stressful situations.
Focus: Preference for organisation, procedure, and exactitude. High scorers demand structure and tend to be seen as systematic, detail-oriented, and in control. Low scorers dislike detail and design and may be perceived as spontaneous and disorganised.
The left option presents a person who is not used to working under time constraints and who usually performs tasks that do not have to meet a specific deadline.
The correct option emphasises working through stressful situations and paying attention to details central to their values.

Cognitive Questions




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The correct answer is:


Each image in the first two rows is a combination of a circle, a big X, and four corner dots combined with a square, a cross made of ovals, and a cross made of triangles. Thus, the third image in the bottom row must be the combination of the shape missing from the first group and the shape missing from the second group.


Practice Like The Real Assessment

In terms of content and format, the Korn Ferry CRA Leadership Assessment is unique. In contrast to most personality tests, in which the questions are asked on a classic questionnaire, KFLAP  ask you to answer several questions in an interactive environment, making them much more challenging to complete. When preparing for the test, it is important to understand the test format, how the answers are reflected, and what qualities should be stressed. 

Korn Ferry's Leadership CRA Prep Course starts at $59 and mimics the test conditions and platform at the highest level. Practising under similar conditions can help you improve your performance, lower test anxiety, and better showcase your true abilities. Check out our interactive course to see how it works:

korn ferry gif


See What Clients Say About Our Course

Excellent direction and insight to the personality assessment. Korn Ferry assessment was as described by Job test prep and answering advice was sound. Knowing the format of the assessment and what is scored high/low and advice on giving balanced answers helped to go into the assessment without surprise. I was better prepared.


          Sue. D


I’ve worked in sales for 20 years and have never had to do tests like these so wanted to practice. The sample tests were just like the real ones - whilst I never became amazing at the numerical and logical ones I definitely improved with practice. And I got the job so I clearly did ok on the day. I feel like this was money well spent.


          Esther. A


About the Canada Revenue Agency Other Tests

As the Korn Ferry Test is the most common pre-employment test the CRA provides, The other pre-hire tests you'll face during your application process may depend on the position you are applying for. 

  • Accounting Levels 1 and 2 - The level 1 test includes basic principles, practices, and techniques. Those seeking level 2 positions will have to be much more familiar with GAAP and Books of Accounts (the classification of economic activities.)
  • Auditing Levels 1 and 2 - This is an interview process that includes multiple-choice tests on principles and techniques in auditing. Level 2 demands more knowledge and practice dealing with risk assessment, understanding of manuals, and accepted audit standards.
  • Tax Center Clerical - The ability to work in quickly and accurately in a methodological manner is crucial to the success of anyone in a clerical role. This test will focus on basic math, application of information, language and grammar, error checking, coding, personality profiling, and more.
  • Management and Recruitment - The situational Judgment Test (SJT) will slightly differ between management positions and recruitment specialists, as it will emphasize conflict management, work ethics, and client services, but both versions will include the following subjects.
    • Numerical Section: Questions might include, using a bus schedule to calculate the time travel between two points.
    • Logical Section: Questions may come in the form of incomplete pictures, whereby you will be tasked with filling in the missing piece via multiple choice.
    • Cognitive Section: In this segment questions may focus on finding similar meanings embedded within paragraphs.
    • Personality Traits: These questions will delve into your personality to better understand how you will perform. For instance, are you a risk taker or a conservative personality; or perhaps you convince people to believe in your truth?

Aiming for a managerial position? Learn everything you need with our Leadership Assessment Test guide.


JobTestPrep is currently engaged in the process of developing an accurate, reliable, and practical online practice pack for the CRA different positions' pre-employment tests.  If you'd like to hear more about what we have in store, please contact us at
(We usually reply within 24-48 hours).

The Rest of the CRA Hiring Process

The first step in the process is setting up your profile, which has its own time clock of 14 minutes. Once you have created your online profile, you can choose which job you would like to apply for.

After taking the test, you will be invited to an interview, where you will be asked a lot of questions regarding how you plan and implement the project; interaction with supervisors and colleagues; about your other qualifications and how it impacts your future career plans; and more. In the event you are going for an entry position, be prepared to discuss any relevant background you may have.

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