What Is the Canadian Revenue Agency?

The CRA is a federal agency that manages the tax laws as well as international trade legislation for the Canadian government, in addition to most provinces and territories. Additionally, the CRA directs various Canadian social and economic charities and incentive programs which are carried out via the Canadian tax system.

What Does the CRA Do?

The CRA collects certain taxes, such as income tax, excise tax, payroll tax, etc. (However, the CRA does not collect provincial taxes or municipal taxes). Social and economic benefits are provided by the CRA on behalf of the federal government. The goal of the CRA is to provide Canadians throughout the country with top-of-the-line service. In addition to taxation services, the CRA also audits small and large businesses and creates and preserves state-of-the-art information technology.

CRA Job Opportunities

The CRA employs approximately 40,000 individuals who each play an important role in Canada’s security and economy. Several career options are available in various fields within the CRA. Such opportunities include:

Audit Executive cadre Finance
Human resources Information technology Management
Data entry/administrative support Science related positions Apprenticeships for students


Preparing for the CRA Situational Judgement Test

Officer positions at the Canada Revenue Agency tend to require candidates to take the SJT. Individuals interested in officer positions at the CRA can learn more about the test here at JobTestPrep.

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